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May 21 2005

Inkworks to release "Buffy and the Men of Sunnydale" in July '05. With the popularity of the Buffy: Women of Sunnydale release, Inkworks is planning a release with a new twist - focusing on the hunky, sometimes scary, Men of Sunnydale! This handsome 81-card series features the main men of Sunnydale: Giles, Xander, Angel, Oz, Riley, Spike, and the women they love.

With their shirts off? Heh.
Rawr! Tee hee.
I'm still waiting for all the women to demand a very hunky pic of Clem!
When I think of the men of Sunnydale, I sure wouldn't put Xander in front, even though I realize he is the one actually from Sunnydale. If you're going to attract buyers with male pulchritude and effulgence, you would need Angel and Spike in front - not an annoying, obnoxious, man-boy.

And Chris inVirginia, I hope you are not holding your breath!
Giles is featured on the UK promo card, clever.

[ edited by Jademaliburoad on 2005-05-22 18:52 ]
male pulchritude: Xander in his speedos in Go Fish or him wearing his suit in Lessons.
effulgence: Xander's Seven Years speech in Potential. For my money, that was the best piece of male dialogue in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Oh my favorite speeches by Xander were when Riley left (S5 - 'Into the Woods'), Xander gave a talk to Buffy about love and commitment, and then went home to tell Anya how much she meant to him. I love watching this episode just to hear Nick Brendon deliver these speeches; so full of truth and emotion.
One of my favorite Xander moments was a pretty simple one, when he and Riley were wrestling on the floor. I think it was either toward the end of Season 4 or at the beginning of Season 5. Either way, it was after Riley was off his 'roids and it was to demonstrate how less super-soldiery he'd become. And to show the two being cute and playfighting. And to provide for the slash writers. But my point is, there wasn't nearly enough male bonding on the show between the few guy friends.

Xander not a sex symbol? I know a number of fangirls who, especially in the earlier seasons, preferred Xander over both Angel and Oz. Personally I think they're all uniquely hot/cute in their own ways, same with the women of Sunnydale.

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