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May 21 2005

Adam Baldwin and Juliet Landau starring in tonight's Justice League Unlimited at 9pm EST on the Cartoon Network. Click here to watch a clip of the episode.

And thanks to IMForeman for the heads up.

I think it's at 9:30 PM, actually. I don't usually watch this - I've only seen one episode before - but I'll probably watch it tonight.
It is starting a 8pm Central time, in just ten minutes, so thank you Simon for the heads-up! I'll be sure to tape this on my Whedonesque actors in other projects tape (right after 'Robot Chicken' and the last aired 'Tru Calling').
Actually, I've seen this show a few times and at least one episode was an extraordinarily good adaptation of an Alan Moore story. Kind of embarrassingly moving. (Not too much more disconcerting than someone walking in on all you all teary eyed while watching a cartoon about Superman!)

Hope tonight's show is half that good.
Jusr watched the second episode featuring Amy Acker as Huntress. She's great as Huntress.
Great episode, kicking the final arc for the end of this season, which attempts to feature a lot of things from the whole series.
I think Adam is voicing the main villain in the episode right now.
Wow, a compelling animated series that makes you cry? Will they release DVDs?
There's also an episode coming in the next few weeks that features Gina Torres as Vixen, and Nathan Fillion as Vigilante (a cowboy in a space mission... who'da thunk it!).
I'm all for supporting our 'verse actors, but am I the only one who can't get into the 'voice work' jobs?

I'm really unlikely to tune in to a program that only has someone's voice. I did for James M. when he did Spider-Man (animated) on MTV, and was pleasantly surprised, but it was because of the show itself, not JM's voice-over work.

I guess it harkens back to when I went to see Ralph Bakshi's "Wizards" in the theater, because I was so enamored of Mark Hamill from Star Wars. I ended up just being disappointed because he wasn't in it more, and they had used his popularity to promote that movie relentlessly (I subsequently became a fan of Wizards on its own merit. I don't care what anyone says, I liked the heavy handedness of the metaphors, and it was funny).
I'm not watching a toon for the voice work, I'm watching it for the animation. Which from what I've seen in the past Justice League is good at.(unlike a rancid Teen Titans show) The only voice actor I've REALLY been impressed with is Mark Hamill as The Joker. Because of his voice in the Batman toons I totally associate his performance with The Joker forever.
You must be really young.

Mark Hamill is Luke Skywalker. For-evah.
Willowy, have you seen a Batman episode with the Hammill-voiced Joker? It's so entirely different from Luke Skywalker, that you probably wouldn't even recognize his voice (I know I didn't). He's so brilliant as the Joker now whenever I read a comic book that the character is in, I immediately hear Hammil's rendition in my head when I read the Joker's dialogue.

Tonight's episode was pretty good, although it was a tad ridiculous they couldn't just call them Suicide Squad, instead of Task Force X.
Oh, it has Michael Rosenbaum in it too, I adore him. I would love to see him work with Joss someday (wishful thinking!). Rosenbaum is *so* talented and he has that special onscreen quality that just sparks. He made me LOVE Lex Luthor.

Great to have so many favourites rolled into one episode of JLU!
Rosenbaum IS very talented. Lex was the only reason I watched Smallville (I still keep up on DVDs). I don't care that Lex goes evil, I'm Lex's girlfriend all the way! And that's saying a lot, since I have a thing for guys with long hair. Heh.

I'd love to see him work with Joss too. Ok, add that to my list of people Joss needs to hire. Kristen Bell. Check. Michael Rosenbaum. Check.

Wish I could watch the wonderful cable shows with you guys. I'm jealous.
WindtheFrog, no, sorry... no Batman here. The most animation I watch these days is Spongebob and Fairly Oddparents (who have the BEST theme song of all cartoons right now! All ba-da-BAH with the 40's swing...) just because, well, I gotta. My nine-year-old and baby girl get some tv time while I'm on the computer.

And esg, I sympathize. You would just die for Deadwood. Kid you not.
Well, I'm old, and as fun as Luke Skywalker is, Hamill's Joker is unbelievable. The best work of his career, IMO. And if you want to see great animation but writing and voice acting (all the voice acting) that will knock you out every time, pick up the old Batman: the Animated Series on DVD. If you put aside Whedon shows, there are only a couple of other series of any genre that I put in the same category as BtAS. For drama and humor as well as adventure and action.

The animation may seem a little "slow," though, because a lot of the same producers and artists are doing the current bleeding edge, like JLU, The Batman, and Teen Titans, and they continue to hone their techniques.

The best writer from BtAS, Paul Dini, is still doing some animated series, but I miss him being more of a force there. Recently he's written for a little show called "Lost." Ooh, if he keeps hanging around with Mutant Enemy alums, maybe he'll hook up with Joss on a future series! Anyway, I'm still looking for a super well-written current animated series, but I watched my first JLU (didn't recognize Adam, so I'll have to go back and listen) today and it has possibilities.
Is JLU available on DVD (any of it) ? Also, is it in the same universe/continuity as the `90s Batman: The Animated Series, Superman, and Batman Beyond? Or is it a different take?
I think fans consider Batman:the animated series,superman the animated series, adventures of batman & robin, Batman Beyond,Batman/Superman Adventures, Static Shock(he's a teen DC character and Batman and Robin help him out sometimes. He also met Terry from Beyond in a time travel story), and Justice League all in the same continuity. I don't think Teen Titans is included.

I don't think they have season sets of JL yet. They're still going through the other shows in order. But they have individual discs out. Click here.
*Bad Kitty aroused*

Did somebody mention Michael Rosenbaum? *becomes instantly moist*

I really do not like 'Smallville' (at all), but I willingly suffer it for my Lexy-poo, my baldie-bear.

He's just a big soon-to-be-evil ball of shiny-headed, Clark-lusting, suit-wearing, father-issues-having, smirky SEX.

*dreamy sigh*

I luff him. I want to be his evil bimbo.

[ edited by Bad Kitty on 2005-05-22 17:58 ]
(Sorry, that veered rather sharply off topic, didn't it?)

*post post sheepishness*
I think Nathan Fillion is in tonight's episode as Vigilante as well. He's not credited, but he is Vigilante's voice actor in other episodes. Or at least in his other episode, I should say.

More useless facts: Mark Hammil not only does an excellent job as the Joker in countless animated DC shows, he's also Solomon Grundy in Justice League. And Michael Rosenbaum is also the voice of the Flash, not that you would know from watching this season of Justice League. And I think we've already discussed it, but Morean Baccarin voices Black Canary in both of her appearances this season, costarring in one episode with Amy Acker, who voices the Huntress.
Why wouldn't "Teen Titans" fit the continuity of the other WB/DC-comics derived shows? I'm sure that wouldn't be just because it's anime-style.

BTW, IMO, gotta disagreew with Eddy -- "Teen Titans" has the best animation work of just about any of these series and great characters (especially Beast Boy, Starfire, and that female Dr. Strange-type who's name I can't's about time we had a goth chick superhero!). Admittedly, a lot of the earlier scripts were moderately weak, but the last few episodes I've seen have been a whole lot better with jokes that actually made me laugh.

On the other hand, the new "The Batman" doesn't seem to work for me.
I agree with you, bobster. From my post above you can tell I love the original BtAS, but there is some creative continuity with "The Batman." It's the writing (and some aspects of the premise) that keep it from being even close.
The reason I feel its not in continuity besides the animation is because all signs point to this Robin being Dick Grayson but the Dick Grayson of Batman The Animated Series was alot older.

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