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May 23 2005

James Marsters at SFX in Toronto in August. The prices for James's appearances at SFX in Toronto have been released...

The lowest priced ticket is $80 Canadian, and the most expensive is - gulp - $625 Canadian.

Full details (with tip of the hat to RavenU) are as follows:

SILVER TICKET - $80.00 CDN (approx. $60.00 USD)
Limited! Only 500 Available
1. One autograph (not personalized) on an item of your choice
2. Special limited edition 4x6 autographed photo (Canadian Exclusive)
3. Q& A session (60 minutes)

GOLD TICKET - $200 CDN (approx. $150.00 USD)
Limited! Only 500 Available
1. One autograph (not personalized) on an item of your choice
2. Special limited edition 8x10 autographed photo (Canadian Exclusive)
3. Q & A session (60 minutes)
4. Ticket to the photo session with James Marsters (photo included)
5. Acoustic musical set (45 – 60 minutes)

VIP TICKET - $625 CDN (approx. $500.00 USD)
Limited! Only 200 Available
1. A private cocktail party with James in attendance for including Q&A Session (90 minutes)
2. A private acoustic musical set (45 minutes)
3. One personalized autograph on an item of your choice
4. Special limited edition 11x17 autographed photo (Canadian Exclusive)
5. Ticket to the Saturday night acoustic musical set
6. Ticket to the Saturday photo session with James Marsters (photo included)
7. A free copy of his album
8. Complimentary admission to the Canadian National Expo

I want to go! I want to go! I want to go!
Good Lord, those prices are crazy!
Latest word from Mr. Himber (Marsters' manager) is that the VIP ticket covers all events all weekend...
They are crazy. And clearly it is believed that 1200 people want to see him that badly.
But it looks as though we might not be getting any of the Serenity cast as previously promised so I'm betting that some people will just go for broke. (Quite literally!)
Full disclaimer. I've never seen JM. I may well be one of these people.

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I don't see much crazy about the pricing for the silver and gold tickets personally and the VIP one is pretty much on par with other " all in" tickets ( and by the way it does include the SFX pass)

But everyone will make their own choices

In * real money* ( sorry I have to think in my own currency) it's £35,£80 or £290 which since an autograph at Collectormania was £20 and a Q and A £15 seems pretty reasonable to me.

I'm sure some people will want to go for the full kaboodle but I like the fact that there are more affordable options available

sadly the whole "getting to Canada" thing rules it out for me but if it were possible I'd be in line for a silver or a gold.
Mind you this is only to see James, if you want to see Elijah Wood he has a different ticket you have to buy...
BRONZE TICKET $79 (approx. $65 USD)
1. Includes third priority reserved seating
2. 1 Free autographed 8x10" photo, authentically signed by Elijah Wood
SILVER TICKET $119 (approx. $95 USD)
1. Includes second priority reserved seating
2. 1 Free IN-PERSON autograph from Elijah Wood, on an item of your choice.
GOLD TICKET $169 (approx. $135 USD)
1. Includes priority reserved seating
2. Special VIP ELIJAH WOOD Collector's Badge
3. 1 Free autographed 8x10" photo, authentically signed by Elijah Wood
4. 1 Free IN-PERSON autograph from Elijah Wood, on an item of your choice.

Just posted at
Canadian National Expo FAQ:

Can I give James a gift? Yes, you will be able to personally hand James any gifts during the autograph signing sessions
If I buy a James Marsters ticket will I be allowed into the rest of the Expo? The VIP ticket includes access to everything all weekend (Fri, Sat & Sun). If you purchase a Gold or Silver ticket, and you would like to go onto the Expo floor then you will need to buy either a day pass ($20 Canadian) or a weekend pass ($39 Canadian). Children under the age of 12 accompanied by an adult are admitted free of charge – limit 2 children per family.
Will James events be in the same building as the rest of the Expo? Yes, it will just be on the floor below the main Expo showroom
Can I take pictures? Yes, photography will be allowed, HOWEVER, we ask that you refrain from flash photography and ABSOLUTELY NO VIDEO CAMERAS WILL BE ALLOWED
What time does the ticketmaster site open? We have instructed them to start sales at midnight on Tuesday, May 24 going into May 25 (let’s hope that will be the case:-) )
Is it mandatory to buy and Expo ticket? No it is not, but we would certainly encourage you to take advantage of all the great things being offered on the main Expo floor


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When I think 'private', 200 of my closest strangers does not really fit that bill, hehe.

Ah, if I had the money and lived in Canada...maybe a gold one. Mainly because I'm really curious about the new acoustic stuff. But as it is, I'll sit on my hands and wait for him to do an LA gig. I know it's coming. Someday... Maybe... James?? You do remember you live here, right??
I've seen people pay a lot more just to see this one man, as usual the prices are subjective, too much for me isn't too much for someone else. I myself, did once pay more than the Gold price to see him, to basically get the same stuff only I had to pay MORE for the concert ticket and it was GOTR. Not him solo, which is what I WOULD really like to see. For me, it's worth the price for a once or twice deal, but not something I'd do repeatedly, as many do. It all depends on your own tastes and pocket book! Since I've already done my "once or twice" AND I'll be in Toronto two weeks PRIOR to this I won't be doing this one. From here on out, I think the only time you'll see me at a Con he's at is if, by some miracle, D.C./Baltimore ever puts anything decent on.

A tidbit for those looking to go to Toronto, what we're doing when we go to TO is flying Independence Air - you may want to check them out, they fly the continental US - but flying only to Buffalo and driving the rest of the way. Who'd of thought 2 hours distance would make such a HUGE difference in airfare?! I lived in Buffalo for years and we used to go up to TO all the time, so it makes sense for us to do it this way since we know where we're going...

I think it's pretty cool it IS in Canada, gives some different folks a chance to see him. I also like how they've posted some FAQs right on his own site, I'd already seen most of those questions floating around the boards - so I'm glad they're being answered straight from the horse's (Himber's) mouth! I've no doubt they'll sell all the tickets, especially as it's being coordinated by 'themselves' (James and Steve Himber), the hands on approach seems to work fairly well. I know he's doing less cons than he has in the past and it looks like they're being a little more particular, or at least trying some he hasn't done in the past (or at least not recently).

I think it's an interesting concept, pay for the ticket that gets you the guest you want, IF I was going I wouldn't necessarily be going to see both Marsters & Wood so that idea works for me.

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Here is a quote from an email someone received from Steve Himber before the prices where posted.

The top priced ticket will be for Friday night and all day Saturday and will literally include everything: (On Friday - a cocktail party w/a private musical set and Q&A, a personalized autograph - item of guests choice, a special limited edition pre-signed photo 11x17 (200 only worldwide), a ticket to the Saturday night concert, a photo session on Saturday, a free copy of "Civilized Man" and free entrance to the Expo on Saturday)

The next priced ticket will be for Saturday only and will include: an autograph session and simutaneously a photo with James, a different special limited edition pre-signed photo 8x10 (600 only worldwide), a Q&A session and entrance to the Saturday night concert

The least expensive ticket will be for Sunday only and will include: an autograph session, a Q&A and a 4x6 pre-signed limited edition photo

Because James and I are producing everything he is doing, we are working very hard to offer something special for each grouping and enough time for everyone to get attention and have a great time!

Steve Himber

I just received an email from Himber to clarify a few points;

Everything posted on is the most up to date accurate information.

VIP tickets cover the entire weekend's activities for James plus Expo admission.

Gold tickets cover all day Saturday only with James - autograph, photo session, Q&A, and Saturday night concert.

Silver tickets cover all day Sunday only with James - autograph, Q&A.

Expo admission tickets depend if you buy a day pass or a weekend pass (VIP ticketholders do not need to buy Expo admission)

HOLY CRAP! James Marsters is coming to Canada! Personally, I think it's all pretty steep. I'm freaking still in high school!!! *sigh* At least I live in Toronto... small mercy. Who does he think he is anyway? The King of England! I can't believe that he's asking for that much, and I can't believe that I'll be paying it!

I LOVE YOU JAMES! Wouldn't miss seeing you for the world! (but that doesn't mean that I can't be bitter about it... LOL)
He may not be the future King of England but then, I hear James gives better hug ;~)
If you start adding up what each individual item usually costs, the VIP tickets are not a bad deal. Of course, that doesn't mean it isn't a hell of a lot of money.

As far as who he thinks he is, I think he thinks he is an actor who has to make the most of what he currently has before it disappears, while trying to keep his fans happy, getting a fair price for his time and talents, and promoting his career. Tough line to walk, but he seems to be doing a pretty good job. ;-)
I had ask for some more clarification on some points.

Are the seats reserved in anyway (such as section, row, or seat)?
open seating.

Will there be a ticketmaster charge on top of the ticket price?
yes, ticketmaster will add an additional fee.

Thanks for all the additional info, folks. Guess I'm staying up late tonight....
And eating mac and cheese for the next 2 months. (AKA "Kraft dinner")

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