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January 15 2003

(SPOILER) Future of Buffy and Angel discussed. Different viewpoints from Nick Brendon, Chris Buchanan (president of M.E.), WB's Levin and UPN's Moonves.

Some of this is old news but there's some very interesting quotes from Chris Buchanan about Joss Whedon and BtVS and from Levin and Moonves regarding Angel.

It's a shame that there's a spoiler in the middle of the article.

I wonder if these actors will get anything as good as BtVS when the series ends. SMG and AH have some sort of a film career going. ASH is thriving. But the rest?

They're pushing JM lately, with all the press coverage, but apparently the man doesn't even have an agent, or didn't have one until recently... he'd probably be happy going back to theatre. There's been very little promotion for MT. I am not surprised NB wants the series to continue.
And seeing as Nick's last movie went straight to DVD (just about), I'm not suprised either.
"We don't comment on other people's shows, but we do want 'West Wing' on UPN," Moonves said.

I don't gossip about fellow Whedonesque posters, but I heard Simon & Prolific are secretly aliens from outer space.

Someone just shoot me.

I see NBC are willing to pay between $5 and $7 million per episode for another 3 seasons of West Wing.

I hear UPN also want more viewers as well. Maybe they should make a reality TV show, that could be a new concept for network TV.
Eww, the dry sarcasm in this thread is palpable. =)
I sure doubt Nick Brendon will have much going for him after Buffy. I haven't seen Demon Island, but Psycho Beach Party (2000) was pretty bad. If I were him, I'd be begging for an 8th season, cause this might be the last show that he's a No. 2 man; his stock goes down from here.
If it's true, as Chris Buchanan thinks, that in Joss' mind, from a writer's standpoint, Buffy is over after this season, then I think it absolutely needs to be over. I'm spoiler-free, but I suspect that they're going to be writing themselves into a respectable corner by season's end, and I'd rather not see some half-assed, quickly-planned arcs for an eighth season just because they can do it. Of course, I could be proven wrong, but my gut says that this should be it.

However, barring some sort of disaster in the handling of the renegotiations, I don't see Angel going anywhere. The WB seems pretty happy with them, although the time slot change means that they have to sort of prove themselves again. I think they've got one more season in them, which could be peppered with good guest spots with Buffy actors if they're no longer tied to UPN next year.

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