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May 24 2005

Fox's 'The Inside' website gets updated with character bios (who knew Adam Baldwin was an avid golfer?), new pics, message board and an irritating ad on the right hand side. It's also been announced that Robert J. Kral will be providing the musical score for the show and that Amber Benson will be a guest star (via

He occassionally talks about golf on the OB and he participates in many a charity tournament.

I am so excited about this show and can't wait to be put through the wringer by Tim.
Right on! :) I'm also excited about The Inside, I can't wait to see what Tim Minear comes up with. and Adam Baldwin is hot! :D Was just re-watching Firefly the other day, and was drooling the whole way. (hopes that Fox doesn't screw over this series too)
Excitment all around :) I have high hopes for this one, but with Fox... who knows? Tim Minear, Adam Baldwin, now Amber Benson as Guest Star...Must-See-TV!
THAT'S where I recognise Jay Harrington from! He was on the US version of Coupling. I felt bad for him when I watched the first episode because it was almost word for word identical to the British episode, but just didn't work. Jeff, who is pathetic and lovable in the original is just sad and creepy for example.
non sequitur - "Adam Baldwin is hot"
I second that! Jayne is my number one FireFly character, with Mal a close second. I love Nathan but Adam just does "it" for me.

I have high hopes for The Inside. Go Tim!
Thanks for the heads up, Simon. I signed up, parked myself on The Inside board and am anxiously (and impatiently) awaiting the series.
I've been waiting a year for this. Oddly, two more weeks feels like two more decades. Why is it that the closer something is, the further away ot feels?
Amber Benson?????
Great news!
Now Im dying to see the series.

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