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May 24 2005

Joss discusses the future of 'Buffy' and 'Angel' in the second part of the Darkworlds interview. If you missed part one, you can read it here.

"In my entire career as a storyteller, what am I most proud of… I’m most proud of the fact that I was part of the wave of making the female hero something more than a footnote, or a heroine in disguise, or sort of a hapless person with martial arts skills, and for examining that character."

Well I'm glad to see he hasn't given up on the Buffyverse. And I wonder how long the breather will be? Four, five years?
I'm glad too. And relieved. Finally, someone gets the answer out of him. It isn't debatable anymore, Joss is not done with the Buffyverse.

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Hope! Hehe!

Sorry. I'm just going to do a little exaulting. I just knew it wasn't dead. There's too many groovy characters around with tales to tell (even if most of my favourite's are dead).
Nobody directed the characters like Joss. Not many of the characters were unlikeable when he was directing them. Look at Chosen for instance. Kennedy bugged me that entire year and I wanted her to turn out to be a villain. But when Joss is there she's actually tolerable and I 'get' why Willow could actually be interested in her.

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electricspacegirl, due to the importance of the interview, I've kinda swapped your sentences around as I want our RSS subscribers to see the news about the Buffyverse.
No problem, Simon. Have at it.
I like the fact that not only is he not done with the Buffyverse, but that he's not done with the actors (except Sarah and David), I wouldn't mind a show that focused on new characters in the verse, but what I really want is to see the old ones again.
So everything is still possible for Spike and Faith, The Ripper! Hope keeps us going. :D
"that he's not done with the actors (except Sarah and David)"

Maybe I'm getting a meaning out of his words that are not there but I got the impression from his comments about DB and SMG that he would use them if they wanted to be involved in any project but he believes at the moment they are not interested.
David has said he'll be up for a Angel film, maybe the film is a long shot for now, and tv is the verse's best hope. But maybe what happenes with Senerity could change that, who knows.
It can't be too long cause he's talking about using the actors who actually played the characters in the first place.
Cool interview piece. Of course I love the news that the Verse is something Joss would revisit. I would love to see a Spike and Faith based continuation, with Andrew of course.

I never knew the reason for the Pylea arc at the end of season two was because of the unavailabilty of Kane and Benz. What a great way to get around that problem!
Great read. I loved the "big moments"/"little moments" discussion of the work he did on Buffy versus Angel. Interesting. I think he did both kinds of moments exceedingly well. (Ditto with Firefly, where he did both.) Although in "A Hole in the World" there were some pretty big damn moments.

He's not done with that universe? He still finds excitement and inspiration in it? He may return to it after taking a breather? I knew it! It's sweet vindication for those of us who've read the little signs here and there and said in the face of the naysayers - they are legion - that it looked like Joss wasn't completely done with it.
Ah, so that's the reason they "went to Oz"? And they brought Fred back from there! *joy*
Great to see that Joss hasn't left Slayerverse completely, that's all I wanted to hear. It's less important when that actually will happen, cause I know that when he does he'll bring us something great!
Personally, I hope he takes a good long time. He's a hot property and has a lot on his plate right now. And if he does return to the Buffyverse, I'd much rther he take his time and do it right, because I would rather have it 'right' than 'fast.'
I am so relieved! I've been telling people not to give up hope because Joss will return to the Buffyverse. Now, I have a recent quote from the man himself!!! Thank-you Joss!
I always thought that the reason they went to Pylea was to get Angel out of this universe so he couldn't save Buffy. I guess that was just a nice coincidence.

I'm thrilled that Joss is still interested in the 'verse. Just have to keep telling myself to be patient.
I would love, more than anything (if we aren't to get Buffy and Angel, themselves), to see more Wesley. I know the man died, but Joss could raise him, like Lazurus, from the grave. (Yes- there is indeed a 'Joss as deity' theme there. :-P)
I love Joss. But he is mistaken here. Both Smg and DB have said they would be interested in the universe again given A. the script was good and B. it was on the big screen. And both actors have said this fairly recently in the press.

Most of the characters people loved so much are dead now. And if you keep raising the dead, you lose the impact of their death and sacrifice. Ripper is fairly unlikely, as ASH said it would have to be filmed in the UK. And Joss may want to do it, but no one(network or Fox, who owns Buffy) still seems too interested in doing it on the small screen with the characters remaining. In my opinion, there are only two characters who have a chance of gaining enough of an audience. That is Faith and Spike. And the more time, the less of a fanbase.

I look forward more to his big screen ideas and perhaps seeing them all on it, uniting both casts,with a huge budget. It could happen. But if both of his current movies do well, sequels would be in the works almost immediately. Sigh.

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I have lurked here for about as long as this site has been up. This is my very first posting to this site.

Hope springs eternal. I never realized just how bad I wanted to hear this from Joss. Sure, I had hope that something from the Buffyverse would come along, if not made by Joss it would be made by one of his minions, but this news is uber-great!
This makes my day.
DB said he was off to make movies, which didn't turn out so well, I guess, since he now seems to be in a Fox series where he is sort of a sidekick. I hope he's more than that - a little early to tell. Point being, he might be more open to a Buffyverse movie than some people, including Joss, think. While I can surely get excited over a Spike movie, or better yet, a Spike series, I would sure like to see Angel in there also.

My problem with a Faith spin-off, is that she went where no character should be able to go and come back - at least on a full-time basis. She murdered poor Lester in cold blood. What happened with the deputy mayor was an accident, pure and simple. The other was not. For crimes like that, people are supposed to pay - for a long time. In spite of that, I always liked Faith, which is more than I can say for Xander and Dawn, both of whom I thought were whiney babies who lied whenever it suited their needs. Yes, they came through sometimes, but it didn't make up for the many times I wanted to slap them both. I guess that was their purpose.
That's great, but not really unexpected news. It's nice to see it reconfirmed though. I really hope on a Willow movie. Or the long awaited Ripper spin-off.

TexLuvAngel, I guess you hate most of the main characters then. Most of them have lied, you know. And Faith went evil. So what? It was a cool and interesting arcline. Every character in the show has something really not good, that's why the show stood out.
Didn't turn out so well, tex? He filmed 3 independant movies which is alot more than the rest of the cast has got. And having a co-starring role on a major broadcast network is nothing to sneeze at.

And Angel killed people too. Lawyer buffet, anyone?

My dream cast at the moment for a new spin off (of characters not dead *sniff*) would be Faith, Spike, Willow, Illyria, Vi, and so that its not mostly women, Andrew.

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Tex - can we tone down the character hatred just a little, please? That seems a little harsh, and aimed at raising hackles.
This is like a shiny reward from Joss himself, so if he does read these comment, just want to say thanks, because all I've been wanting to hear for a long while, are those words. Also, Eliza Dushku asking me to marry her, but thats not likely to happen. But i can still hope

TexLuvsAngel, my only problem with the Faith Series is that its hasnt happened yet! I think hearing news that she was getting her own series would be like........hmmmm i dunno, Firefly getting its own movie spin-off. Although THATS not exactly likely to happen!
Faith also went too jail. She has started on her redemption. But this is tv and if every character on tv paid the real life way, we would have nothing to watch. Given that she is a Joss character, you can do anything with her story. She was like Spike, Angel, Buffy, Anya, Giles, Wes, and Andrew, able to succesfully come back from her horrible deed with sincere remorse and still be a great character to watch. In my opinion, one of the only reasons to watch season 4 of Angel. The fact she swallowed her pride and went to help Buffy even though she knew it would not be easy, was a huge step in her development. Obviously, Joss and co thought Faith's story was intresting enough and her redemption gripping enough to bring in fans for a series once. To bad ED turned it down. Though Tru was good and getting better.

As for DB, I don't see three movies, indies or not, as a failed movie career. He said he was taking a break from tv, not gone for good when he left. I bet he does both. And he recently said a month ago he still was only up for a big screen reunion.

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Lawyer buffy still remains by favorite Angel scene :) That was really awesome! Then I again, I love the darker side of Angel the best.

I don't think DB got what he had aimed for, a big theatrical hit. But, that's really hard to get. But, hey, why not with a big Buffyverse theartrical movie with the entire cast combined? Why wouldn't that be possible?
I wonder if Joss called Eliza today and offered her a Faith series, would she pass it up again? God forbid. I felt back then that she did Tru Calling because she didn't want to be in Sarah/Buffy's shadow but enough time has passed now that it would get looked at on its own merits.(rather than whether it was as good as Buffy.)
Most of the characters people loved so much are dead now.

Angel, Spike, Illyria/Fred, Faith, Xander, Willow, Oz, Buffy, Andrew, Lorne, Conner, Drusilla and Giles are all still very much alive as are many others.

Tara, Anya, Lindsey, Lilah, Wesley, Gunn and Darla are the only main beloved characters I can think of that are dead.
Bite your tongue. Gunn isn't dead! 10 minutes is alot of time for a dues ex machina to give Illyria healing powers.

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Despite my gripe about dead characters (namely Wes and Fred...), I could follow a new group. Or an old group.

I just have a hankerin' for more Illyria, is all. 7 episodes wasn't enough.
Lilah can still get her own spin-off! She can, she can she can! *rocking back and forth gently*
Think then about the actors and or actresses who have moved on. JM is the only actor who has expressed any immediate interest. Amy, Nicky, and Aly cannot as long their shows are on the screen, nor do I see them making any sounds to play them again. They keep doing and looking at other projects. Ash said no unless filmed in the UK. DB said no unless big screen. Seth and Joss have less than a friendly relationship. Lorne, Andrew and Connor, while interesting characters, are not enough for a movie rating-wise. Nor would Lorne, who killed Lindsey in cold blood, make any sense coming back. Connor with Angel would be worthless. And I doubt too many care about Andrew. ED seems to keep turning Faith down to do other things.

Dru only works off of Spike and the actress is always so very busy. But again the main thing is network or studio interest in the franchise, which is not happening. Joss has never not said he did not want to return or that there were not stories that had not yet been told. This is not new. The problem is convincing TPTB and making them listen. One fanbase alone will not do it. It will take joint love and a united fanbase before they even listen.

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I don't know; maybe it's just wishful thinking, that I'm reading too much into it, but I get the distinct feeling Joss is talking about something with Spike. I sure hope it can get worked out.
"Angel, Spike, Illyria/Fred, Faith, Xander, Willow, Oz, Buffy, Andrew, Lorne, Conner, Drusilla and Giles are all still very much alive as are many others."

And I'm still interested in finding out what happened to Groo, who showed more depth by leaving than by staying...and Phantom Dennis, too!
Dude, Gunn is so dead. Happy dead even. But wait is he dead like Lilah dead? And if so would that make Wes like that? I hope not. That is very ,very sad. Ans means they would be with the baddies forever. Unless W&H blowing up released them.

If the could not get the actress who plays Lilah back for the fifth season, I doubt they could get her back for a tv movie.
Eliza's turned down Faith once, and that was to try something new. If Joss had network backing and offered her a show, perhaps with Spike, I'm sure she'd seriously consider it. I'd definitely watch a show with the two of them.

I'm not sure if Lilah was ever actually supposed to be in season 5, but it just felt like Eve started off as a poorly recast version of her. I think the actress had a movie or something that stopped her from being in it too. And I think it would be a lot easier to get someone for a TV movie than a whole season, takes less time, probably a bigger budget.

Joss has always said that if he made Ripper it would be in England, and for the BBC, so it's not really something stopping the show from being made, it's just Joss needs enough spare time to spend a few months in England. Everytime it's mentioned by any of them (Joss, the BBC or Tony) they always say they're still interested.

Seth and Joss have a less then friendly relationship? I'd never heard that, I'd heard Joss wanted Seth back for season 6 of Angel.

Joss is very busy at the moment, so we can't expect much to actually happen for the next year or two, but hearing that he still wants it to is good enough.

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I guess the zeppo didn't ask, but I'd still like to know if Joss is interested in doing a follow up story for Fray.

Or even bringing Fray to the live action screen.
He might be talking about JM and Spike, But unless some studio gets with it and he actually pitches the idea, nothing will happen. And he did say characters did he not, which means more then Spike.

Someone so needs to get to ED. I so miss Faith. I know ED has two years remaining on a contract with Fox. ED has said while she loved playing Faith, there are other things out there to do. But up to Feb of this year, Joss was still talking about doing and wanting to do a Faith movie/series.

I hear there is a Faith-centric novel coming out next year. So maybe while Fox and/or any network is not interested now, they are moving on the only way the can with the characters. Comics and books. Which while not canon, are fun to read. But nothing like seeing them on the screen, any screen.

Lilah was supposed to be in it, but the actress turned them down. She wanted to go back to modeling I heard.

Ripper has been talked about for many,many years. And I truly doubt anything will ever come from it. I think Fray is the way to go.

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"Amy, Nicky, and Aly can not as long thier shows are on the screen, nor do I see them making any sounds to play them again."

Havent Amy and Nick always been especially enthuasiastic about returning to their characters?

I dunno, i think Aly and Nick would be able to return at a bit of a stretch. Aly's sitcom is only half and hour, and is just that: a sitcom. These would probably take two or three days at most to film, leaving her time to be able to do other stuff. Nick's is also only a half an hour show, so there could possibly more time off for him then there was in Buffy

"Someone so needs to get to ED. I so miss Faith. I know ED has two years remaining on a contract with Fox."

Totally. Totally. Totally agree with you
Numfar PTB, if Joss continues Fray, I'm soooo there! I would love a Fray movie or series.
Anyone know if there's going to be a Part 3 of this interview?
As long as they have other shows, they would not be allowed to appear as the Buffy characters, I believe. Contracts and all. As soon as filming starts, I don't think they can go to other networks.

Nor except for being fond of Joss himself, have I heard either ever talk about reprising their roles. There has been plenty of time before their current roles and yet both did other things. I think both's talents lie in comedy.

I think that there will only ever be one tv movie, if ever and to make it successful they will have to get as many characters into it. I think the whole thing of muti- movies based one one character is not realistic from a network and tv point of view. Certainly not from a making money point of view.
Numfar and looking: yes, I would also certainly enjoy some Fray stuff (more than a Willow or Xander spinoff).

However, I really doubt that it has some future on TV: if a network is to propose to continue some buffyverse, I think they would insist on using a "known" figure of the 'verse (and Fray is not half as known as any character that has already been on TV before).
I have heard the name before, but I don't really know who Fray is. Is she from one Joss' novels?
Its a 3 part interview, bookrats.

FalenAnjl, I think they would be allowed to do a buffy telemovie instead of a tv series. The actor who plays Sayiid on Lost is going to be in a tv movie/miniseries filming this summer about Moses. So it has happened.

Koos. A few years ago, Joss did a comic book series about a slayer in the future named Fray. The scythe from the end of Buffy is actually the weapon Fray obtains in the books.

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Koos, Melaka Fray is a character from Joss' comics/graphic novel, Fray. The story is set in the future, in a very different world. Melaka is a vampire slayer. More than that would be giving away the fun. You can purchase the graphic novel on Amazon.
I dont think while they are trying to launch their own new shows on new networks that they will be allowed to go and take up well known other characters.

That would not be good for the fans of their new shows, and the new networks would not gain any money or publicity. Nor would they be able to become their new characters if they went back and played their old, more established roles again so soon into the new run.

Playing a genric character that an actess has never played before is alot different then going back and playing something you have played for over 8 years, while trying be another character on a new show. It would not gel.

And if I remember right, it is often not allowed, per contracts.

Wendy Mallack on the Wb was not able to go to a new show and play it's character while her old show Jake was picked up, for that very reason. So they had to recast her in the new show.
Ah. Thanks.

Still, I rather see the entire main cast of both shows in a series of movies. He should write script for nine movies. Making six of them, start with the fourth part and end with the third. I have been told that that has been succesfull before.
But a telemovie is different than a actual tv series. One is long-term the other is mere days.
But the characters are still established and well known. Also on differnt networks. It is all about rights, money and networks. But if I remember right as long as they are playing these characters on a different network, they can not play their old ones on the WB. Big screen all bets are off, I think. But maybe not.

I'm enjoying this interview - great questions and great answers. Joss' comments about writing his episodes including moments which define who his characters are - and his intention to "fall in love with every character again" are very illuminating. I love the marvellous character moments that a Joss penned episode always gives us.
I'm glad to hear that Joss still thinks there are stories to tell in the Buffyverse and Angelverse. I'd love to see Spike, Illyria/Fred, Giles, Willow, 'alive-again Wes' and all my other favourites back again.

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Actors do guest spots on other tv shows (even other networks) all the time. They also do made for tv movies, films, stage productions. I don't believe there's anything preventing them from reprising their roles as long as it doesn't conflict with their schedule.
ED has always said that she loved Faith, but that she did Tru Calling because she decided it was time to do something different and because, as far as I know, there hadn't been any real moves towards a Faith spinoff. Regardless, she's always expressed interest in playing the character in the future.

Amy Acker and Nick Brendon have both expressed fondness for the universe, their characters and Joss, and have both suggested that they'd be up for reprising them in the future should it be possible, and the right time for it.

ASH, Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof are all good friends of Whedon's, and all have expresed a love for the characters and the universe. ASH, especially, has always said he'd be up for reprising Giles in a series about Ripper, set in the UK. And, as far as I know, that's the closest we've gotten to an actual new show being made.

I don't think it's unlikely that any of these, or many of the other, actors and actresses would want to come back and play their roles some more. Obviously everyone has moved on and now isn't the time, but never say never.

And I'm still totally down for Ripper, with Giles, Andrew and some other new characters from the brain of Joss. All set in the UK, damnit.
Well established characters with famous roles is different then a normal run of the mill tv movie. Yes they can do film and stage, that has nothign to do with tv ratings or advertisers.

There were no-cross overs allowed with the WB and upn because neither wanted the other to have the rights, money, publicity or ratings. The same would go here. I doubt Fox or CBS will be gernerous since both shows are have high hopes.

All these actors/ess are trying to move on with their careers. Past Buffy to other work. Big screen would not be a factor. I bet everyone would be in then , The stakes on everything much higher. I only doubt they could film their shows and Buffy the big screen at the same time.

The Faith spin-off had been given a go by the networks. ED killed it. But it would have made it to a first season. She has always did she loved Faith. We know she loved Db, calling him" her brother from another mother".

But it is not up to Joss , the fans or the actors. Only the networks. And we all know how stupid,pig-headed and completely unreasonable they can be. Unfortunatly The ripper talk has been around since season three and no one made any moves but talk. They still can not even find a home for the animated series.

I think the buffyverse is like the Star trek universe. Time to rest and come back another day.

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Yay for Fray!

Fray on the big screen would get a lot of River comparisons. Aside from that, I'm all about anything Fray-related. Want to see Ripper, and all the other gang members in some form. Doesn't matter, I'll consume it.
I've heard buzz about various actors and wanting to see their roles reprised. I think it just depends on what boards you frequent.

As for The WB & UPN, that was a special circumstance.
Sorry, FalenAnjl...but yes they have. At conventions, in print interviews, most notably: Buffy magazine... several of the cast has said they would always and definitely be interested in revisiting their Whedonverse personas, if the timing was right.
This hasn't made my day, it's made my week. So good hearing that Joss has more of the 'verse' left in him.
The special circumstances were what? That upn and the WB were having a big who has bigger stones fight.. How is that unusual in this day of TV?

No network is going to allow another actor to go to another rivel to do something that could bring that network ratings while this person is trying lauch a very talked about new show. Especailly is this tv movie were to be during sweeps. Which is the only time to really have them if you want money and ratings.

Right time. So how is that any diffent then what SMG who said it had to be a great script or Db who wanted the stakes risen? I mean if we are going say they have moved on from those comments, then other actors who say they would be intrested if it was the right timing should also have be said as not being intrested or moved on.

Besides JM, ASH, or Eliza no one has expressed real intrest( not just maybe one day talk) or been contacted or even talked about. If they have please direct me to those comments. I would love to read them and be happy
FalenAnjil, perhaps I'm misreading this, but you seem to be bordering on anger in your responses. You seem to have a vested interest in convincing everyone that JM is the only viable character for a movie. I'm not trying to be rude, just calling it as I see it.
Yep, FalenAnjil, your posts are bordering a little on the obsessive. There's really no need to respond to every single comment made by others. Let's refocus on the great interview, only one question from which was about the future of the Buffyverse.

And, BTW, thanks so much to Jesse for getting such great responses from Joss.
There's plenty of actors who have said that they would be willing to reprise their roles: James Marsters, Nick Brendan, Anthony Head, Alexis Denisof, etc... And wouldn't you know, all those actors play my favorite characters :) In no particular order, of course. :)
I'd love to see THE ADVENTURES OF DARLA AND DRUSILLA or something:)

Also, anything involving Illyria would be cool. who am i kidding? i'd take any Buffy-verse i can get right now.
Spike is definitely NOT the only character out there. There is Faith.There is Giles. But the fanbases are fractured. What one fanbase will watch another will not.

I liked Illyria, but not as lead of her own show. I don't think there is enough of a fanbase. Nor for Andrew, or Conner or Lorne. Not even Xander and Willow by themselves, not really, not anymore. And I don't see either coming back to be the sidekicks to a tv movie.

The whole group together? YOu bet. On the big screen. Even better.

On the small screen there are to many factors. Money, ratings, advertising, rights. And all that leads us to is what we have now. Talk.

Joss has never said he was not intrested in revisiting the universe. But as long as Fox who owns Buffy or any other network does not bite, everything is no go. The more time, that goes by, the more actors drift. Eliza has said she was interested, But then why has no one contacted her. Joss said he was intrested in her only in February but there is absolutely no talk from him or her since.

I bet if they added Faith to a Spike movie to get the networks attention seeing as they were interested in that combo once, it could work but no one is moving or doing anything BUT talk.

I am not angry. I would prefer a Faith movie. But I get the feeling I will have to settle with the Faith novel coming out to get her story. As I will have to with Angel, Spike and Illyria via the comics. With the only talk in the community about Spike, no matter how many other fanbased campaigns out there, it is hard to think that any network will notice the others if they are passing on Spike now.

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FalenAnjl, with all due respect, everything you've said is merely your opinion and frankly you seem a little too determined to convince fans that the Buffyverse is unlikely to come back. We know that the chances are slim. We don't need it pounded into our heads. We're just trying to enjoy our shared dreams of what could be.
Joss: but I think the universe is very rich,

Im SOOOO happy to hear Joss say this! I cant wait to see what the future holds!
Joss has surprised me so many times. It's always the out-of-left-field, I-can't-believe-I-didn't-see-that-coming moments I love. I imagine that when Joss revisits the verse it will be in some surprising, absolutely perfect yet unexpected way.

And on the eight day, Joss created a future for the verse. And it was good.
looking - I am there with you. Lovin' the eighth day!

I am pretty sure I will watch anything the big man does - even a "Slayer - the next generation" It certainly worked for Star Trek and I think Joss could make it work too. So I am not worried about who will be in the shows if they do come up again. We have seen time and again, Joss pulls the absolute best from the people he works with.
I really don't see why the verse can't return. On the big screen I mean. It's not only about the characters, it's about the story and the verse itself just as much. And Joss has it all in Buffyworld. If Joss has ideas and can turn it into a great story, than I don't see why it wouldn't be successful. There is a void at this moment, both in quality movies as in genre stuff.
As far as I know, there's nothing preventing Aly, Nick, or anyone else from returning to an old verse or doing something new in addition to their shows. Jennifer Garner, anyone? Sydney Bristow and Elektra seems like a pretty prime example, to me.

And eep. A Faith and Illyria spin-off would rock my world. As long as Andrew and Spike were there, too. But I could see that as a winning cast easy!
Oooh! Faith and Illyria! That would be fascinating.
I think there's a limit to how much actors are allowed to do elsewhere if they're a regular on another show, sure I remember hearing something like that in relation to Armin Shimerman, who was on both Buffy and DS9 for 3 seasons.
Big screen is definitely where the verse belongs. Can you imagine the budget, the music, hell the fight scenes. I am thinking if Joss can get the first female comic flix to do well(wondy). The Buffy verse with Buffy leading the way on to the the big screen can not be far behind.

Hell imagine Buffy kicking ass and getting names later in a crowded theater. Or the special magic effects on a better budget with Wilow. Or seeing Vamp face from both Angel and Spike again. Maybe get Xander a real eye like Gordi got on TNG. Think of the cool local shots. Maybe in the UK. Joss seems very interested in staying in movies.

Sci-fi,genre stuff always goes in ebbs and tides. It is ebbing now and hopefully will tide soon.

Tv to big screen movie is one thing. Tv to tv another.

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FalenAnjil, my last post was a friendly rebuke. This isn't. Discussion boards work best with a symphony of different voices, not an individual banging away again and again like a drum. Please don't post any more on this subject. If you'd like to pursue this further, feel free to e-mail me (look on my profile). Thank you.
Good interview, still dont think it is likely that we will see a new tv show or film set in the Buffyverse within the foreseeable future, for all the well known reasons.

Maybe its a personality thing but some people like myself feel better being 'realistic' about a return to the Buffyverse, knowing that the chances are low to zero that a new show or film actually will happen, being a pessimist helps me avoid disappointments :)

As was discussed in an earlier thread I still believe that the best way to continue telling stories in the Buffyverse is to start fresh with an all new cast, maybe in the Fray timeline, basically the availability of 'known' actors should never get in the way of a new tv show or film.
However much I liked Buffy, Willow, Angel, Spike, Faith, Lilah etc., I have full confidence that Joss can create a new set of characters with new interesting stories and relationships to think about and enjoy.
If Joss writes it, I'll be there. I don't care if it has none of the characters that we all love or if it is all new people. That said, I would never rule out anything in regards to who would be available or not. We don't know what Joss has ideas for. If he's talking tv, then it is a good chance that SMG wouldn't be available because her movie career is taking off. David may be interested in a tv movie (yes, I know, in the past he has said he wouldn't be but he's had time away from the role now) or a guest appearance (and SMG may be willing to do that too). But I highly doubt either one of them would want to take on the role full time. It's not because they hate or despise their characters it's just that they both had played those roles for years and as the main character had the longest hours.

As for the other stars, yes, it would be difficult to be on two series at once (that is if the series they are currently going to be doing last past their pilot seasons) but it is doable. Heather Locklear many years ago was both on Dynasty and a cop show (I think with William Shatner - name escapes me - TJ Hooker?). She was on both these shows at the same time and was a main character.

Now, if I had my dream cast it would be Illyria as the lead with Wesley, Spike, and Andrew. I would want it to be the Illyria like we heard rumors of - a mix of Fred and Illyria. I would love to see Illyria playing off of Andrew! I would love frequent guest appearances by other verse characters like Willow, Giles and Xander.

I think Illyria was such an exciting character and they only touched the surface with where they were going with her.

But, anything Joss choses to do I will definitely be there. I think it is sad that some people wouldn't tune in if the lead character isn't one of their favorites. Since when has a Joss Whedon show truly been about one character? Yes Buffy and Angel were the main characters but the other characters added so much to the storylines and arcs that I can't imagine a show that had just focused mainly on those two characters.
I'm glad Joss has made a concrete statement but I always knew that he was going to return to the Buffy-verse when he had a good idea and all the important factors fell into place, so I'm not surprised.

I know whatever it is will be brilliant, and he can take as long as he wants, because in the meantime I will be enjoying Serenity and its possible sequels. Really I will be happy with any Joss project as long as we do see more of the Buffy-verse in some incarnation at some point.

I'm not going to speculate on specific characters or premises because I think there are so many possibilities for TV series or big screen movies or whatever. And it will be fantastic.
Wonderful interview, so happy now. With Serenity Thursday and my Whedonesque meet up group on Saturday, this week has turned into someting pretty fantastic.

Since we're playing "it would be so great if...", I would love to see Spike, Faith, Illyria, and Andrew together again plus several newbies!!! Of course at this point in time I would settle for "The Life and Times of Olaf"...if Joss is there, I'm there.

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bl, I agree with you and others that Illyria would be great, but I can't see her suffering Andrew at all! She'd smite him before he could whine his second syllable! :D
What Firefly Flanatic said.
Yes, it would be quite funny with Andrew approaching Illyria and going off on one of his long, funny, drawn out statements and Illyria cocking her head and saying this one's brain and mouth do not seem to be connected, and as she lifts her arm to fling him across the room we have Wesley or Spike quickly stepping in to distract her. Of course, Andrew, oblivious to it all, will continue to follow her and try and talk to her. This could also be the scenario if Joss decided to make a series revolving around Dana the Pshyco Slayer (not that she only slays psychos, just that she is one!).
Heh heh...imagine him bringing up the fact that she'd be a great action figure! Heeee!
Ah, this is the best news I've heard in awhile. And straight from the man himself. Life still flows in the Buffyverse. I'm also thinking 5-6 years before we see anything. I'm OK with any of the characters returning or even new faces. I just want a weekly Jossverse story to enjoy.
Great interview. The news warms my heart. It's great to see Joss enthused about the verse.

I could easily see a Spike/Illyria pairing with Andrew as sidekick. I'd also love Faith in the mix too and possibly Connor. I liked season 5 Connor.

Just to know that both Joss and James, and possibly other alumni, are still interested gives one hope.
As much as I'd love to see the Slayerverse back the last thing I want to do is push Joss into it. The best stories are told by those who have a passion for telling them. In my little fantasy land Joss is giving each veteran of Angel and Buffy a thirteen episode arc on HBO, wrapping up stories and setting up one 22 episode series. I'd love to see Xander being haunted (figurativley) by Anyas ghost. Illyria/Fred struggling to come to terms with Wes's death, Wes' soul trying to steal/cheat/fight his way out of deaths hands, Spike taking desperate measures trying to figure out what his role is...etc.

I digress.

Anything story Joss has a hankering to tell is far better then my ideas. I'm just glad he's not shutting the door on the 'verse.
JOSS IS BOSS! Woo! If Jane had her way, we'd have Jonathan The Series.
Hmmm, good news! Hopefully the wait won't be too long! I'm ready for my next slayer fix!
Anything, and I truly mean ANYTHING that Joss does, is okey-dokey with me. Everything that Joss has ever done has been stellar- according to me.
He's never going to please everybody all the time. I would hazard a guess that he would never even try. He has always had a vision about his stories, and he pretty much stays true to himself. If he pleases himself, he has done what he's set out to do. THAT my friends, is his secret formula to making the greatest stories ever told. JMO
Great news. Hopefully we'll get a Spike movie and a Ripper movie, and Illyria is a fascinating character at the very beginning of her journey so it would be great to see her too.
Don't forget that tomorrow we should hopefully read what the WB president said to TV Guide's Ausiello about the Spike TV movie. I'm not expecting anything of note but it'll be an interesting indicator of the network's current thinking regarding the Buffyverse.
I'm still hanging on to my Spangel in Space dream- The boys meet up aboard Serenity. I'd love to see what Jayne would have to say about it all. Hehehehehe.
It is just so nice to hear Joss talk about the Buffyverse again. I love Firefly, am sure I will love Serenity but I miss the 'verse and Joss talking about it.
I could see something some years down the road taking place in the verse - maybe that ballet;-) he keeps talking about. It could take place in the past or the future. It may involve none of the characters we have grown to love (or hate). It all depends on what inspires him. I'll wait. Just as I'm waiting for that novel he is going to write some day in his spare time.
ok. That last bit was just me dreaming.
Don't forget that tomorrow we should hopefully read what the WB president said to TV Guide's Ausiello about the Spike TV movie. I'm not expecting anything of note but it'll be an interesting indicator of the network's current thinking regarding the Buffyverse.

That will be interesting. Although you're right in that it will probably be nothing of note in actual content. These people have a knack for speaking in vague cryptic, non-committal political speak...

On Joss: I'm not surprised to see him say he's not done with the Buffyverse. He grew up on things like X-Men, with characters that changed and grew, a rich universe of backstory, ongoing storylines and major arcs while still doing's the type of stories he likes.

Obviously he's very smitten with the Firefly/Serenity verse and the whole experience of directing big movies, but that doesn't mean the Buffyverse characters are over for him. I've always had the feeling that in his mind, characters like Faith or Giles or Spike still had plenty of potential left in them. And frankly, how Buffy's ending left it all, there's plenty ground for new material.

I think at the very least he'll do comics when and where he can (he won't be doing X-Men forever) and even though I'm a comic fan, I too would prefer TV or movie, but I prefer he'd wait until the time was right rather than have it fail in the wrong climate. The reality tv storm finally appears to be dying down a little and scripted TV has started a comeback. But what's called 'genre' is kinda dead all over the place right now. I think Faith's show would've failed, even though I would've loved to've seen it.

And I doubt any studio would put money on a Buffyverse movie right now. Maybe if Joss' career as a movie director really takes off, and genre makes a bit of a comeback....

Right now, I'll just take anything I can get. Even Wonder Woman;-)

Oh and I heard before that Pylea came to be because of Christian and Julie's unavailability. And since we still had plenty of both of them in future seasons, I'm kinda glad. I know some people hated it, but I just enjoyed that arc. The humor of it, the change of pace, the sense of adventures in the unknown... It almost reminded me a tad of the early Claremont/Davis days on 'Excalibur'. And hey, it got us Fred.
And on the eight day, Joss created a future for the verse. And it was good.

Amen, glory hallelujah! It only seems appropriate that eight's always been my favorite number :)

AFA Joss re: the Buffy/Angel-verse goes, I guess I must be some species of eternal optimist deep down because I've never doubted he'd want to come back to those characters eventually. There's so much there that remains to be explored. Confirmation, though, is sweet. I believe DB when he says he wants to stick primarily to movies, but I also believe that if Joss wrote a kickass script with Angel in it that was suitable for film, or TV, he'd take a look. I don't absolutely have to have Angel in a Joss film to make me happy, but I'd sure love it. Any of the 'verse characters would be welcome in my home at any time, but I'm really expecting that any activity on that front will come in the form of a theatrical release involving all the major players in an action/ adventure plot (precipitated by, if all goes well as we hope, the success of the BDM in September and WW in the next year or so).

That said, I'm open to anything Joss wants to do. ANY. THING. It's all good. Old or new Buffy and Angel, both, neither. Honestly, after Serenity I'm ready to see Fray on the big screen. I can't imagine who he'd pick to play Melaka Fray (Kristen Bell!), it would have to be somebody affordable, with a rising profile (Kristen Bell!), young, cute but tough (Kristen Bell!) and potentially athletic, with a sassy mouth and the ability to play punk-as-heck, in-yo-face intense (Kristen Bell!). I know she's got to be out there somewhere...
If Jessica Alba hadn't been in that awful "Dark Angel" show, I'd go with her as Melaka.

Or maybe it's because she WAS in that futuristic show that I think she should play Melaka...whatever.
Did Fray have any supporting characters? Did Joss even finsh Fray. I had the first couple, but then lost intrest as it was to long between each one. But seeing the scythe again would be cool. And maybe a relative to one of the scoobies down the line, xander or wills.

Maybe Fray and the new Star wars tv show can come out the same year. Talk about jumpstart to the whole new universes huh!

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Thanks for the reminder, Simon. Looking forward to it. Kinda' expecting the same rehash from the WB though. Hope I'm proven wrong.

Hey Lioness, I feel the same. Joss had been so vague as of late with the 'verse, I was starting to worry the story was over. But the end comment to this article said otherwise. Who knows what path the story may take. Fray on HBO? Spike and Faith setting up shop in Cleveland? The possiblies are endless here.

Again, we must be patient. Joss didn't leave televison, it left him (and us). As several have pointed out, the reality craze is finally on the decline. By the same token, the genre series were largely overlooked as well in this upcoming TV season. 'Lost' did make an impact and, hopefully, Tim's 'The Inside' will follow suit. But judging from the pilots that were picked up this year, genre TV is still taking a beating in ratings and I doubt a network will risk it. I think things will change in a few years. Sorry for pulling on the ears with the ramble :)
Zeppo/Jesse, Really good interview. I'm looking forward to the third part.

I'm surprised Sci Fi didn't want it. Seems strange.

If I remember correctly you said there was more that you did not post that was somehow off-topic. (Nothing is off topic in a Joss interview as far as I'm concerned, but that is just me.) Any chance you will be using that some time in the future somewhere?
Honestly, after Serenity I'm ready to see Fray on the big screen. I can't imagine who he'd pick to play Melaka Fray (Kristen Bell!), it would have to be somebody affordable, with a rising profile (Kristen Bell!), young, cute but tough (Kristen Bell!) and potentially athletic, with a sassy mouth and the ability to play punk-as-heck, in-yo-face intense (Kristen Bell!). I know she's got to be out there somewhere...

Exactly what I've been saying. Fray Movie starring Kristen Bell. I love Rob Thomas and Veronica Mars, but I'd also love to see what she could do with a Joss script. Someone should really ask Joss about Fray.
Well Madhatter, every network except UPN picked up at least 1 genre show for next season. The jury is out on whether any of them are good.
"A Faith and Illyria spin-off would rock my world. As long as Andrew and Spike were there, too."

Daromarius, now there's a cast I'd like to see!
Since it seems tv shows might create casting conflicts, darn. Guess they'll have to do it on the big screen. *sigh* ;)
TV networks should be begging for Joss Whedon shows, if I become a billionaire, I'll pay Joss well and fund his shows. And Boreanaz would come back if I paid him better then WB did for Angel, to do tv movies LOL, it's all about money, and Fox should realise how much Buffy and Angel will make them through dvds in the future, and it's smart to maximise this buffyverse fanchise and let Joss roam in it while he feels he can, good for him, good for the fans, and good business wise. I wish I could of grown up to become a tv executive and save all the good shows LOL. Rant over.

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We've discussed this before on this site but wouldn't it be great if Joss owned his own network?!!
We've discussed this before on this site but wouldn't it be great if Joss owned his own network?!!

Like I always say; in a perfect world, 'WB' would stand for 'Whedon Broadcasting'.....;-)
Hee, Ed and bl...I can hear it now... "All Joss, All the Time!"
I want my - I want my - I want my JossTV!
May so, eddy. As always, we'll have to wait and see.

On a side note, Willowy and Firefly Flanatic are cracking me up. Stop it you two, you'll going to make me smile! :)

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It is quite clear that we all need a Scooby Gang, Fang Gang,Vampire, and loose-skinned demon fix.
Ah yes, good-old Clem. Those were the days.
Kitten poker and Knight Rider marathons.
Don't worry guys, the 'verse will be back
very soon.
Wiseblood, I'm with you. Anything Joss does I'll watch. I have complete faith in his vision. I'd love to see Illyria/Fred, Spike and Connor together, with visits from other characters. And I think Fray would make a great new series - or a big screen movie. I could see Kristen Bell as the lead.
Joss TV. Now, that's my idea of heaven. On cable, baby. All Joss All the Time. I love that catch-phrase.
Don't do it, Madhatter. Once you start you'll never stop. ;)

esg, yep. Cable it must be. That's the next logical step, isn't it?
Personally, I'd rather not see any form of a Buffyverse telemovie. It would simply be a season 8 of Buffy/ or season 6 of Angel and seeing as how I loathed those last two seasons (of Buffy) and rolled my eyes through most of the last season of Angel, the idea is not too appealing to me.

If anything, I'd prefer Joss let the verse rest for some time, then when he's rested and is able to give all his attention to it, do his best to write a kick ass script and get Universal or another to buy it. Eh, I would love if we got the cast of the TV series to revise their roles, but if not, I'd be more than happy to settle with a brand new spanking cast. Change can be good, except of course when your BtVS season 6 abd 7 that is.
On the other hand, nychick, Joss could have several Buffyverse stories in his head right now just screaming to get out. We don't know his process, couldn't even guess at it. Maybe he's had all the break he needs from that particular world.

I tend to agree that it might be a couple of years until we see something new, but that doesn't mean the tales aren't all stored in those big squishy frontal lobes of his, or that he's not anxious to see them become flesh. Only Joss knows, not you, me, or any of us.

And I loved seasons 6 and 7.
Who I'd like seeing playing Mel Fray? Either Kristen Bell or Olivia Wilde. I could see both of them stepping up for the role. Ican see either one of them carrying the scythe. Shiny!

My dream sequence for something on the 'verse, it would be seeing the aftercome of Not Fade Away battle. I just love the final scene, but I'd just love to see how I imagine it happening. I know it will never, happen, it better not happen, but it will never be able to satisfy everyone of us, cause each one of us portray as happening in some different way.

We're all very attached to the characters that Joss created, we know that there are still a lot of story possibilities for the characters that are already out there. I still wish to see something new, either in the 'verse or something else entirely new. I just need to have something new from Joss, on a weekly basis.
There is no issue for me about any future series and who is in it. Only one person has to be there - Joss. This is not Gellaresque, Boreanazesque, Ackeresque or even Marstersesque (as much as I like all of the afore-mentioned) but Whedonesque. That's who I am a fan of - as Joss goes, so goes my nation (to paraphrase a laconic lycanthrope!)
I really like Kristen Bell, and she definitely has the moxie to play Melaka (anyone see her 'Flora' on Deadwood?). Its just that, well, isn't she (and I'm turning into a network executive as I say this) too old?

Melaka's a rangy, gangly teen. Isn't she 15? Think Dawnie. Kristen Bell is just too old to play Dawn, or Melaka, for that matter.

*racking my brain to think of a suitable youngster*
Willowy, Fray was in her early 20's I think. Or she as at least 19. She was found late by her watcher. That's mentioned in the story.

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Ok, thanks, esg. Been a while since I've read my six. On loan to my convert right now too, so I can't go check. :)
Well, we should know one thing about Joss...he doesen't necessarily give us what we want, but gives us what we need! mmmmm, that's the good stuff.
After the breather, I wouldn't mind another 8 years if they're even half as good as the first 8 were! But I'll take whatever comes, agreeing with point A, B, C, and D. I wonder if they'll keep it in Cali or move the verse elsewhere. Done Sunnydale now demolished. Done L.A. (I'm assuming demoloshed post NFA and that huge battle we saw the eve of), so what's next? San Diego? San Francisco? One of the city's of spanish saint hood? I'm getting prematurely excited the more I think about it. As the 120+ posts show, this is a great comment, very well done electricspacegirl!
All Joss--All the Time. I would go there!

And Looking--Spangel in Space? Now that's just...neat!
I have a dream. It's Angel and Spike, in the 'future', arguing about who loved Buffy more. They're in the graveyard(cut to big Vamp fight)and then more absolutely fantastic, riveting 'Joss-talk'. Then I wake up.Where do we go from heeeere?
I know it's too late for this Serenity movie but if there is a sequel or two it would be fun to just have Angel and Spike sitting in the background somewhere at a bar where Mal and company goes into. Or even them just walking by in a scene!
I'm all for the Fray love. On the Big Screen.

ESG (and Willowy) Fray is 19 as you said. It's in the second issue after Fray's sister appears.

That's all I want to give away to non-readers (who must quickly turn the tide of lassitude and embrace the Slayer of the Future!).

I offer for your consideration: It has to be said that time is marching on and the current cast will be a little too old to be Scoobies five or six years from now. One way to go might be a Fray movie that will make everyone forget the Blade trilogy.

Joss could supply the story for a wonderful blend of SF and Fantasy, and CGI could supply some of the hard goods for Fray's future city (warning, disrespect of latest SW-RotS approaching -- in proper measure, proportion and taste, with a nimble foot covering the brakes).

This would produce something never seen before: a movie with heart and soul about a hero kick-ass, smart girl set in the future who doesn't have to wear cheek- and breast-exposing clothes to achieve her goals (or get through a movie shoot). And, it might even be entertaining.

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