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May 24 2005

"Little Britain" Season 1 Coming To Region 1 DVD. The British sketch show features Tony Head as the Prime Minister.

If you have not seen it, do yourself a favor and buy or rent this this. Funny, funny stuff. Along with Spaced and The League of Gentlemen, Little Britain is one of the most inventive & funny shows in years. Hopefully series 2 will be coming out soon.
I've had the region 2 version of Little Britain for months now. The show is at times insanely hilarious and joyfully clever, while some sketches are so utterly surrealist that I have trouble 'getting' the point. I'm not british, so some of the humour might only be understood by other brits.

The Prime Minister-sketches with Anthony Head are some of my favourites. Others are the racist Fat Fighers-lady and Lou & Andy.

"I don't like it!" <-- Great stuff :)
And how can you not love Daffyd, the only gay in the village?
Cant wait for all the fantastic stuff thats gonna be happening next year

Sounds great!

And NOLA64, I love Daffyd to bits, but im afraid nobody beats Vicky Pollard or Bubbles!
it's hi-larious guys, you have to get it!
Tom Baker steals the show for me. His voice over alone justifies the DVDs.
I like the Vicky Pollard and Andy and Lou sketches most.

"I fell."

However, it gets really repetitive after a while, each episode basically has the same character with the same catchphrase in a slightly different situation. I think it can sustain one series, but the second was just boring after a while. I'm not getting too excited about a third because it will be exactly the same again.

Don't get me wrong, it still has some brilliant original moments, but after seeing the first series you've seen pretty much all there is to see. For example, Andy and Lou have two sketches, one about "Helsinki" and the other about "Paris" and they are exactly the same.
It does get repetative, and the most I can stand is two episodes at a time, but it is very funny, mostly because of how ridiculous it is.

In my opinion it isn't as good as Spaced (not much is) or League of Gents, as they managed to remain funny, while not always being the same joke.

Ex-Doctor Who cast members seem to be drawn to it, with Tom Baker narrating, and apparently Colin Baker and Billie Piper set to appear in season 3.
Little Britain makes me smile. And, quite often, wince. But not so much laugh. I too like Vicki Pollard - just because I'm blown away with how many words he can get out in one sentence every time (and also because I swear I knew girls like that in secondary school) - and Andy and Lou. The latter I find to be incredibly poignant, mostly due to David Walliams's portrayal I guess, and for that reason the sketch bears a slight resemblance to Ted and Ralph on The Fast Show.

And, as far as the repetition goes, I rather like reductionist-type comedy (such as, again, The Fast Show), but I find a few of Little Britain's sketch premises to be, well, not that funny. ASH is great because he seems to be perpetually on the verge of cracking up, but Tom Baker (whom I loved as DW)? Feh. Sorry zz9. His voiceovers just bother me.

Still, David Walliams and Matt Lucas are geniuses. And Walliams's guest turn as Vulva on Spaced is a particular fav of mine.
A third series of Little Britain coming? Maybe this time a year or so from now I'll get to see it. Now only if Simon & Jess would get moving on a third series of Spaced.
Ah, a 3rd season of Spaced, that would be fantastic.

Apparently all that exists of the 3rd season so far is the first scene (which they wrote while filming the special edition DVD), also heard it's much more likely that there'll be a special at some point rather than a whole new season.

If you want to see how it all ends, what would probably be the last ever scene of Spaced is at the end of the documentary on the DVD.

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