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May 24 2005

(SPOILER) Alyson Hannigan's "How I met your Mother", gets yet another positive review, this time by Kristen of E!Online, who offers her opinions on the show in a short section. "The only laugh-tracked series I've seen and liked in nearly five years." Spoilers for other shows.

Laugh track? Damn I was hoping there wouldn't be.

Oh and I just saw this question "Do you have any ideas about how we can survive the summer? Please tell me there is something worth watching this summer!"

Is there any way we can get Kristen to pimp the Firefly re-runs on Sci-Fi channel?

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I never really realized how unnecessary laugh tracks were (different from canned laughter added to a show which had no studio audience, which is always rubbish) until I watched shows like Arrested Development, Scrubs and The Office, if the show is funny you don't need to be told where to laugh. I still watch and enjoy shows with laugh tracks, but they're not needed.

Whoah, there's some big spoilers in that link, I haven't seen the most recent 2 episodes of Lost yet (4 hours on Friday!) so I had to look away while scrolling down that page.

And it was a love interest at Veronica's door, so that cuts it down to Duncan or Logan. And a better cliffhanger than last year's Alias from the sound of it.
Ugh, Kristen bugs me. I never feel that any of her enthusiasm is genuine. She's use exclamation marks for anything.
syd, do you watch E! News Live? They show her interviewing people on that news show and she's always so cheerful and sugary and gushing over the actors. She bugs me too but mostly for her foilers.

I remember one time she was on the set of Angel while they were filming "Lineage" and she was all over James Marsters and he did his best to shield her so as not to put the spotlight on himself only.

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I enjoy reading Kristen, but you must take her spoilers with a large grain of salt. She's only on the mark about 50% of the time.

I hope she's wrong about the use of laugh tracks on Aly's new show. I usually don't watch sitcoms to begin with, but 'canned laughs' or laughs from a live audience will send me into channel search mode in a hurry.
And it was a love interest at Veronica's door, so that cuts it down to Duncan or Logan.

Or Leo.

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