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May 24 2005

James Marsters - Words and Music. James will be showcasing his latest songs and presenting an exclusive one-man theatre piece in London in October.

Ooooh, maybe some Macbeth?!

I guess we cultural heathens in America will probably never get a show like this.

Sounds very nice, though, and something different. He gets to showcase two of his passions-music and theater.
killinj I've added the city and date to your subject line.
Who else thinks James should play support on Billy Idol's US tour? :)
I've been wondering when he was going to put together a one man show...

Not that I can go, it being in England and all, but anyone know the price of tickets?
It does sound nice and different. I think it would be cool to see him perform ANY Shakespeare.

I hope people don't scarf up tickets to BOTH shows right away so it's simply the same audience twice for him. (I always wonder when he looks out and sees recognizable faces each time, does he wonder how devoted his audience is or wonder just how SMALL it might be?!)

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I wonder how one could go about politely suggesting that James do something similar in the United States. Perhaps some lovely lady could bat their eyes at him at the Sacramento Con or the Toronto Con and ask him? I'm feeling jealous of my neighbors across the pond.
Well I love living in London, so many things happen here, I feel lucky. Maybe they should film the Spike series with BBC. :D

The one man show seems interesting.
As per Steve Himber:

Nothing planned as of yet for this type of show in the US. We'll keep everyone posted if that should change.

*sob* :(
I'm feeling jealous of my neighbors across the pond.

I've been feeling that for a while now! They're getting all the good events!
Don't you lot remember Spike in Becoming part 2, he mentioned Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square, and how he would miss it if Angelus turned the world into dog meat? Well I think Marsters is like Spike a bit, he likes London.

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The phone lines were jammed at 9.26 this morning. £75 (irrc)for 'prime' seats and £52.50 for 'ordinary' seats. But my friend has just called me squeeing, she has 2nd row middle for the evening perf. Lucky girl

I wonder if it sells out in a day they will do more performances?
killinj I'm feeling jealous of my neighbors across the pond.

BTW the prices for the tickets are 52 and 77 GBP. Seems a tad bit high for a 2 hour performance.

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Where does it say it's a two hour performance?
James Marsters should release a DVD of the performance so the rest of us can see it. I know I'd buy a copy!
ďLimited premium tickets are available for each performance for front and central seats and also entitle theatre-goers to a special signed gift from James. Lower-priced tickets are available for the rest of the auditorium.Ē

Am I interpreting that incorrectly or does it mean the more expensive ticket holders get a little something extra and the cheap(er) seats get squat? Iím one of those would desperately love to see Mr Marsters perform a theatrical piece even more than the music, but I certainly canít swing a trip to expensive London. I do hope he realizes that the people who buy premium tickets to his appearances arenít necessarily more devoted or loyal than us poor folks, they just have the money to satisfy their desire. I know Iím sounding really bitter and peevish now, but this is the third one of a kind event heís done across the pond. Oh, well. I hope everythingís a success and Iím quite happy for him that heíll be getting to stretch his theater muscles again.
Premium seats are now sold out for the evening event others are going fast ... I gather that the poor box office have had rather a frantic day :) I can't attend myself ( clashes with a family wedding) but I booked for a couple of friends and the nice lady on the phone said that it's been insanely busy but she was great about finding me the best available seats out of those remaining for the evening.

hope everyone who can attend has a great time.
I emailed Himber this morning and asked why so much in London and nothing here in Los Angeles and very little in the US at all. This is the repsonse I got:

"Unfortunately no matter where we are able to schedule appearances for James we somehow don't please everyone. This year James will appear geographically on the west coast, the north east (Toronto) and of course Detroit. He has already appeared in Houston. The only geographical area we've not hit would be the southwest area. Too many factors go into the why this place and not some other place but we do try our best. As for the Halloween event, that is becoming somewhat of a tradition for James in London and one that he enjoys - and there really is no other depth to it. Sorry if none of the locations have worked out for you, but hopefully the fan base will remain strong and there will be other opportunities in the future."
James enjoys London, does he? Well, it looks like London enjoys him.

I looked into the time length of the show and nobody seems to know how long it would be - well, actually, LOTS of people claim to know but since they are all saying different things (one hour, two hours, more...) I'm taking it with a pinch of salt till I hear it from Himber or JML. Similarly, I've heard that the theatrical thing is The Rape Of Lucrece, a reading, talking between songs, Macbeth... the best was someone who said we should think of it like a Christmas present, we won't know what it is till we open it. Probably that's the true one, though I hope I don't have to pay for my own Christmas presents...
I think James has done an adequate number of appearances on the this side of the pond, but James seems to reserve the special treats like this stage performance for the UK. Poor Steve, I imagine he must be inudated with emails. I also find it hard to feel sorry for the people who live in Los Angeles who've had more opportunities to see him over the years than any of us. Not to mention that Sacramento is not that far away compared to how far most of us have to travel. Oh well, you never know what the future holds.

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