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May 24 2005

First two issues of Serenity comic available for pre-order. is offering all 3 covers of the first two issues for a special pre-sale price of 10% off.

Also, all in-stock Jossverse comics and magazines on sale for up to 75% off. Astonishing X-Men included.

---shameless plug.

Just wanted to give all the Browncoats a heads up that we will be selling issue #1 of Serenity (all 3 covers) at our fan tables at ComicCon. You won't have to pay shipping, you'll have it handy for any BDH emergency autograph scenarios, and your purchase helps us cover the cost of running the Serenity fan tables (flyers, supplies, yadda, yadda). Browncoats supporting Browncoats... and enjoying one hell of a cool comic!

---we now return you to your regularly scheduled thread.
Wow, great idea, miyu. Wish I was going.
Now that miyu has raised the issue, anyone have any inside info as to who, if anyone, of our 'verse people will represent at ComicCon this year (which, BTW, will be July 14-17)? The official site just lists the usual comic-book suspects.
>Wish I was going.<


>Wow, great idea, miyu<

well, someone else thought of it, but the timing is PERFECT. The first issue is released *just* in time for it to ship to ComicCon for us. And can I say the folks at Dark Horse are the *sweetest*!
>who, if anyone, of our 'verse people will represent at ComicCon this year<

no idea. :( I know the offical word won't be released till late in the game, so if anyone has any hints... fire away!

I'm so happy for Alan doing Spamalot, but I have to admit that the second thought in my mind was "crap! how can he do any more cons??!?!?!" :(
360 Comics has them for $1.94 each (search for serenity to see them all)

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