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May 24 2005

Alan Tudyk replaces Hank Azaria in 'Spamalot'. Tudyk joins the hit musical, based on the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail, sometime during the week of June 6 in New York.

I believe this was reported here by tuneman570 on May 18th.
True, it has been reported already. Still, now we have a date. And this time, the source mentions AT's role in Firefly. Huzzah!
CrazyMutha29 your link actually points to THIS thread! LOL! However I found the one you're talking about here and apologize for the duplication.
I want to go. I would want to just for Alan, but I've been wanting to see Spamalot anyway. Too bad I'm in NEW Orleans not NEW York.

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Now I'm going to have to see the show again?

This is all part of Eric Idle's subtle conspiracy against my finances.
I didn't know Alan was a song and dance man. Let's hope he does well
I almost wish my tickets had been later than this month.

Because it's not as if I'm going to get me another pair anytime soon.
Yeah, I knew I had read the news before. Just thought I'd let you know. Obviously, I had so many windows open when I was posting the message I cut and pasted the wrong link!! HAHAHA. Oh well... Wish I was in NY to go see it!!!
I wonder if Joss could make it across the country to see his beloved castmember in the musical -- after all, isn't he a pretty big Monty Python fan?
Cool. Go Alan. Love ya man. *smooches invisible Alan Tudyk for luck*

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