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May 25 2005

Michelle Trachtenberg and Sean Maher in lifetime movie together. In more ways than one. "The Dive From Clausen's Pier" premieres Monday, July 25 at 9PM.

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I find this......disturbing. Isn't Simon Tam supposed to be brotherly with very young, troubled women? What's he doing pawing at Buffy's sixteen year old sister?

Wires are getting crossed in my little old brain and it's just, well, ew. :)

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Have you seen Eurotrip? Or her appearance on that chat show where Andy Garcia was drooling over her? She's not Dawnie any more...

He's thirty, she's ninteen, hardly a vast age difference compared to say, Cruise and Holmes.

And it's a "grown up" role, helping her make the transition from child actor to actor that has destroyed many careers.
Um....I wasn't being serious.
We soooo need that sarcasm font....
I actually want to see this. I love Sean Maher. He needs to call me.

[ edited by electricspacegirl on 2005-05-25 18:45 ]
Phleb, I got the sarcasm - no need for the purple sarcasm font (besides people may have confused you with SNT if they saw that color).
SNT is purple? He's always bright blue on my computers.

Anyway, this movie sounds pretty lame and cheezy but I'm intrigued by the dynamic. It sounds like more of a character switch for Maher than Trachtenberg to me. But I've never seen him in anything but Firefly.
Well, I am, like, sarcastic all the time so I guess that fits.

Sean Maher as an "intoxicating older man?" Still trying to work out which part of that description sounds so . . . odd.
Just going to comment that yes, he is blue but that the purple might just get people confused but he nicely commented on his own!
Well, the older bit for one thing. But I guess he is older than her. Still, it connotes something a bit different.
Still, it connotes something a bit different.

Indeed. An "older man," to me at least, is not one who is almost of the same generation. 19 < 30 is a span to be sure, but an "older man" conjures up a 50-year old. Or maybe that's just in Italian flicks.

Still working on the "intoxicating" part.

(ETA: Now I see from bogu_salias's amusing post below that it's the affair that is described as "intoxicating," whereas Sean's character is merely "intriguing." My bad.)
Well, I certianly think Sean is intoxicating, but maybe that's just me. intoxicating affair with an intriguing older man...

I have often thought how fun one of these would be. Of course, I'd be in the IOM role. I have no data on how young women feel about the opportunity.

"What's that, dear? Oh, just typing at Whedonesque. Yes, dear. Right away, dear."
I think they just meant he is an older man to *her* (not in the elderly sense). They could have phrased it better, but ah well.

I love them both, so i will definately be catching this one. Simon is my favourite Firefly character! Hooray!
If there's a chance for shirtless!sean, I'm there... Too bad I don't have cable so I'll have to make sure my sister tapes it for me.

[ edited by vampirefan on 2005-05-25 22:54 ]
electricspacegirl, you aren't the only one to find Sean "intoxicating". I will refrain from describing what I would like to do to that man - just to keep this thread PG and all.
OK, I think in this movie Michelle is doing, she is actually playing older than she is. The main character is 23, while Michelle is 20 (I think). So, if Sean's character is also 30, that's a little better. Maybe his chracter will be what Simon Tam could have been if River hadn't been sent away. Well, it'll be interesting how this movie works out, since the story is much more complicated than the usual movie on Lifetime.

[ edited by impalergeneral on 2005-05-26 01:52 ]
Right there with you, Aurra.
As long as there's wild monkey sex and some rocket launchers I'll watch it.
Aurra - Sec. On. Ded.

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