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May 25 2005

Penny Arcade to view Serenity. I assume they will be at the Seattle screening.

p.s. This is my first attempt at posting a story, hope I did it right.

Tycho at PA is an excellent wordsmith and I'm excited to hear his thoughts on the movie. However, not nearly as excited as I am to see the movie myself tomorrow night!
Yay, ringworm! Is it your first time seeing it? Who else is going, and will this be your first time?

Oh, my god, it's tomorrow! *faints*
Yup, first time, will be taking my brother and a friend...both not only Firefly converts, but Joss Whedon converts due to Firefly. It will be excellent.
Phlebotinin and I picked up our paper tickets this morning for the DC screening tomorrow...unbelievably excited!
Me, my husband and 2 friends of ours will also be going to the DC screening tomorrow night! I'm too excited for words. *giddy*
Yeah there will be a couple of threads at Whedonesque tomorrow/Friday morning so people can post their thoughts. Constructive criticism and thoughtful praise welcome.
yay tomorrow! I can't believe its almost here :)
Chris InVirginia, is it required that we pick up paper tickets before tomorrow? I'm going to the DC show as well, and if the answer is yes, then I need to figure out a way to get over there soon...eek!
you shouldn't hafta get your paper tickets until you get to the theater to actually go IN.

but, i like having the paper in advance, it just feels more real to me.
Thanks leenah! I would love to have them in advance, but I doubt there's any way I can get over to the theater tonight. Darn.
Aw Simon, what's wrong with thoughtless praise? I'm the king of mindless excitement!

Simon ROCKS because... he does!
What we did was take our print out with the barcode to the ticket person at the entry of the theater...she scanned the paper, and then I had to swipe the credit card I bought the tickets with, and a few seconds later the paper tickets printed out...I'm like leenah, it just feels more real to have five individual tickets from the theater itself rather than one piece of paper printed out from the Internet!
Are all of these screenings pre-sweetened?
I live way out on the rim and will likely have to wait for the official release. Still I enjoy hearing the reports of the fortunate early few. Even out here we are gathering for mulitple viewings.
Thanks for the info Chris! :) Man, I'm so excited.
i bought the tickets from, but i don't have a piece of paper with the!
MySerenity -- you dont NEED the barcode printout thingy, just the card that was used to purchase which will be swiped at willcall or in the ABO unit (automated box office that is).
thanks zeitgeist :) I'm kind of a spaz sometimes
I went to the theatre in Bensalem, PA last week, and that was all I had to do - present the card I used to pay for the tickets online. I have my tickets in hand.

Is anyone else here going to be at this showing?

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2005-05-26 06:10 ]
I've been reading PA for years, and these guys rarely talk about television. The only shows I can remember reading about there are Buffy, Firefly, and Lost. I knew that Firefly was a high quality show when I read their praise.

PA is a popular webcomic. I remember reading that they were the largest webcomic, so their posts and (hopefully) comics about Serenity can only help.

It's great that so many people here managed to get tickets to a Serenity screening near them... now if you don't mind, I'll be pouting in a very mature, and adult-like manner, in the corner.
The PA guys got a Blockbuster ad campaign killed. They wield significant power for good or evil. Go them...
What was the ad campaign, pixxelpuss?
Nebula1400, I wish I was going to that screening. I live in Levittown, and work in Bensalem. Just didn't see Joss's announcement about it in time.
I belive the ad campaign showed an eXtreme skater type dude as a hardcore gamer. It was extremely lame. It's kinda like the Poochie character on Itchy and Scratchy, designed by a group of suits to be 'cool'.

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