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May 26 2005

Another comic looks forward to Serenity. A Nerdy librarian reluctantly goes out on a date to see Star Wars. Only to be surprised by his date. The creators are long time Firefly fans.

*wonders if this will happen to her on Saturday when she goes to see Star Wars*

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that is just adorable *and* hi-larious.
That's my dream date. It's like the creators were reading my mind.
You've got to be kidding me! So, they're saying that I should prepare myself to be randomly made-out with at tonight's screening by a male fan?!? Just because I'm a woman attending a Sci-Fi movie, I have to submit to being pawed at and groped?!? How appalling! *checks breath in hand...applies tasty lip sheen...blinks coquettishly* Just appalling... >;)
Woohoo!! I mean, I'm appalled, I mean, hey there's a topic to get back on. Great comic :) It's great to see this kind of buzz and I am getting more and more excited for release (of the movie, you pervs!). That and getting to subject a bunch of friends to the BDM tonight :P
I just caught this on electricspacegirl's lj. I think it's awesome. Completely awesome.
Us library types love these guys.

A snip from the blog on the website:

...And Firefly fans from across the net seem to have discovered us through this strip, so welcome one and all. This week's sequence starts here (link to Monday), though it has been building for almost two years...

They also list Whedonesque as one of their "Text We Read" links!

BTW: To really get the whole effect - do start with Monday's strip.

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Yep, I dropped them a line that I was going to be linking their comic. It is a great comic generally. There is a lot of Joss love going on there. and yeah, library stuff!
Hooray for the Joss love! If only everyone were as enlighted.
lol, on it's own that was good but reading from monday it actually made me laugh out loud :)

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