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May 28 2005

Creating Buzz for Serenity. It may be brief but this article could be the first sign that Universal's screening campaign is creating awareness for the movie in the mainstream media (reg req).

Earlier this week I said:

"Sold out screenings for fans and getting it reported in the likes of is all very well but I want to see it getting mentioned in big regional newspapers. But I have yet to see this happen."

Well it's now starting to get mentioned. Be interesting to see the screenings get mentioned elsewhere.

This link is registration-required. FYI.
I believe the first screening was fairly well covered by the Boston Herald. Too lazy to find link right now though.
Someone on livejournal claims that there will be a new set of screenings on June 23rd, if the newspapers havent picked up anything by then maybe they should look up the term news in a dictionary :)

Dont know if this is true or not though, some confirmation would be nice, although the general rule seems to be that confirmation is only available after the screenings have sold out :)

Livejournal entry

There should be some sort of special recognition or diploma for the fans that have managed to see Serenity three or more times before the official release of the film.

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jpr, if your link is true..

"Cinncinatti Newport Levee AMC"

I used to live near that theather a year ago! Damn it to hell!
So does anyone have access to the brief piece so they can tell us what it says? jpr, I think that in fact there should be a diploma for those who could have seen it 3 or more times but stepped aside so that other fans could see it. There is the problem of scalpers getting the tickets instead of course. No easy answer.
Lioness, is there a problem with the link ?

ETA, Sorry now I understand which piece you mean

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Well I did a search for Whedon on Google News and the Miami Herald link worked fine for me that way and no need to register either.
Reg. req. for me too. 'Bug me not' works, though.
It's a couple of paragraphs that provide a quick recap of the show turning into a movie, and how a theater full of fans in Miami learned that having a network drop the ax on your favorite TV series isn't really a good enough reason to give up on the show.
No reg. req. when using the link via Google News that Simon provides in his post just above. Otherwise, reg. req. for me, too.

It's great, free publicity for Serenity. People reading this paper or site will wonder, huh, what's all this about? Universal may very well know what it's doing with these pre-screenings. Stimulate coverage of this seemingly out of nowhere fan movement via these pre-screenings and then start hitting wider audiences directly with trailers in movie theaters, on TV, etc., and then longer magazine articles about the actors, the movie, etc.
...which he was able to produce only after fans formed a ''Can't stop the signal'' campaign and made the boxed DVD set of all 14 episodes a top seller.

There was a "Can't stop the signal" campaign? I don't even understand what "Can't stop the signal" means. All I know is that it's the movie's tagline.
There was a "Can't stop the signal" campaign?

I think the writer got confused on that aspect. There was no fan campaign called "Can't stop the signal". There is however the Universal screening campaign called "Can't Stop The Signal".
Simon, thanks for the tip with Google News and jpr, wow oh wow do I hope this info is true! Who knows, I suppose anyone can go online and say that he or she works for a company that is somehow involved with some of the screenings but I just can't help but get excited again!

samatwitch from our local Firefly Meetup group was able to attend the Portland screening (with many thanks to electricspacegirl and m'cookies!) and she mentioned on the phone to me the next day this initial rumour of 9 June; I sincerely do hope that it gets moved to 23 June instead so I won't have to choose between a pre-screening and my best friend's bachelour party. 'What kind of friend are you?' many of you must be thinking; fret not, it wouldn't be a choice anyway, I'm definitely going to be there for my buddy, but hey, I'm human and damned if I wouldn't feel just a little resentment knowing I missed out yet again, 'oh' for three.

*Sigh* only 125 days to go; the original release date was exactly 100 days after my birthday, so that was all set to be a fun countdown that I can begin in earnest come *does the math, carries the one*, 22 June?

(ETA: the usual punctuation and grammar corrections, oops)

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*Please* let it be so. My city is on there (for once)!
I hope it's June 23rd also, because that's my brother's birthday and I'd like to get him a ticket. It's also Joss' birthday, so if there is a screening on that day, the fans should yell out "Happy birthday, Joss!" before the movie. Just don't sing it, because that's embarassing.
I think next time there's a screening, we should call our local papers and news stations to tell them about these screenings, how big the fanbase is, and how unprecedented this movie is. Someone on the Serenity board had this to say:

"In order for this BDM to be huge on it's opening weekend, and for weeks to follow, we need to get the press talking about it. Not just the reviews that will come from the press junkets that Universal sets up. We need to create some serious buzz.

Look at Star Wars. I know, it's a well established franchise that really didn't need anyone's help to be huge, but all those TV news camaras and newspaper articles showing the fans lining up didn't hurt. I'm not saying we have to camp out for weeks to get that kind of press. But we, the fans, can help bring out those kind of reporters. Check out this article from Miami:

When the next screening goes up for sale, start calling the local press: newspapers, local TV news stations, free press rags (i.e. LAWeekly) anything you can think of. Does anyone have an "in" over at Entertainment Tonight? How about Access Hollyowood? These type of shows would love to get a little sound bite before the film hits, to say "you saw it here first!" A lot of local TV stations have a hotline you can call if you know of a news worthy story. If anyone has any type of contact names or numbers for whatever kind of press, please post them so we can all write / email / call.

This is doable people. I'm posting this on multiple pages in the forum to get maximum exposure. As of today, there are over 35,000 of us here. That kind of number can make a difference.

I agree with this person. I've been thinking of doing this before, but I'm really shy when it comes to something like this. But to hell with shyness. I'll call up anyone I can think of. I want the media to know about this.

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Does anyone have any idea of this 'seattlegirl's' legitimacy. Working for a theater company doesn't necessarily privy you to that sort of information. It'll be interesting to see if that information turns out to be true.
I assumed she works at the theater and that universal contacted the theater. I wouldn't be surprised if there is another screening. Chris B. said it was possible.
Simon, the link worked just fine. Good publicity for 'Serenity'.
Hmmm, CrazyMutha29 there could be a lot to that rumor if the person is verified somehow as working for a theater company. I used to work at an arena and I know it's not the same, but we knew about events well ahead of general info. to the public. Some were concerts and things to get excited about, but for whatever reason, the public announcment hadn't been made. The college sports schedules were years in advance, and even when the matchups weren't official, there was general agreement in the industry who would play who when. Not the same, but those jobs do get you access to such info.

PS I was on low wage security staff. Sometimes my boss would whisper to me, "Can you keep a secret?" And then he'd tell me which big name singer or band was coming to town.

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