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January 15 2003

(SPOILER) Angel S4x08 "Habeas Corpses" . Stiney's wildfeed summary is up on the Demens board. Only the last 20 minutes, though. Herc at AICN's got a review.

yay, wildfeed! too bad it's only partial, but at least i understand the last line Herc had up. and i liked the spoiler tease at the end of Herc's review too. that might actually get me to watch, rather than just read the feed. well, probably not, but it is a nice teaser.
Wow, leenah. Why would you "read the feed" but not watch the episode? Seems... silly.

It was great, BTW.

[ edited by delavagus on 2003-01-16 06:00 ]
'cause i can read the feed a LOT faster than i can watch the ep. and, honestly, the actual eps just aren't doing it for me. but, on the off chance there's something i want to see, or know, i read the feed.

i gotta say though, i did watch last night. i had time (amazingly). and the connor/cordy action squicked me to no end. i hadn't seen that ep, had only read the feed. but, again, last night's ep didn't grab my attention. it's better than most tv, but didn't hold my interest. i channel surfed while watching.

but give me buffy, even reruns, and i'll watch that happily.

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