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May 28 2005

James Marsters concert in Detroit on June 2nd now open to the public. You can purchase tickets in advance from the MCB website for $25 (by May 31st) or at the door for $50, to see James Marsters acoustical performance of songs from his new album 'Civilized Man'.

As much as I love James, I'd have to seriously think about spending that much on a concert for anyone. I don't think I've even paid that much for the three times I've seen my favorite band, combined. close, but icafreak has a point. It's a lot of money that I don't have to spend on a single concert.
Hmmm, I wonder why it's so much. Maybe my memory's failing me, but I don't remember the concerts in England costing that much. (Although it could just be my mentally converting £-$ that's failing me!)
Oooh that is a lot. I paid around AU$33 for his upcoming July concert here in Melbourne (now sold out) which works out at about $25 US. I'm really looking forward to it but not sure I'd have paid twice as much.
Really? There's been lots of concerts I haven't attended because they cost way more, especially if you want a seat where you don't require binocolars to see the band.
Tickets here were £15 or less - that's about $28ish? And that was with quite a good supporting act too.
They're only $25 if you buy them in advance (I just bought 2). Go to TICKETS, down to the bottom. PAYPAL charged me $25, plus 1$ shipping & handling.

See you there!
I thought that was meant to be just the price for people who are already attending the Con.

Or is it a loophole? It's certainly not advertised.
I spoke to the promoter and have amended the headline to reflect the vagueness of what was originally published. They had not posted about being able to by them in advance for the convention goers price.

However to state for the record the advance tickets are the cheapest prices to see James in the US. In Houston the price was $40, just for him and only for people with weekend passes. Later this year in Sacremento he will be performing with CoRo for $40, but then again (at this time) you must purchase a weekend pass in order to buy a concert ticket.

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Yes. $25 in advance - at the site (pick the tickets link)

I had emailed saying "Paypal is only charging $25 dollars for tickets now.. there isn't a pick for Non-Convention tickets"

The response was:
Prepays are only $25--at the door will be $50.
Robbie Adams
Crystal Ball Entertainment

Hope this helps!
another James Marsters concert on my birthday (well lat year, it was GotR and it was the third, but still...). such a tease, there's always next year though
I already have the reservations for the hotel and the concert. I talked my husband into going, seeing it's our 16th anniversary and all. I've never been to a Buffy convention before, so this ought to be enlightening.
See you there!
Not being able to afford a convention ticket, and therefore not being eligible to buy a concert ticket, I was comforting myself by listening to ďCivilized ManĒ pretty much nonstop.
But now, IíM GOING!
Iíll be the oldest fan there, but IíM GOING!
I can die happy, Ďcuz IíM GOING!

After the concert, Iíll be in my bunk...
Wow, that is high. I'd probably pay it though, because I've never heard of him playing in small Southern cities. I'd kill if he came around here.
I love music - almost all music - so I think $25 for a concert by a multitalented musician is an incredible buy. And $25 for a James Marsters concert is an out-and-out steal.
So why are these so cheap and the one in Toronto hundreds of Dollars ($600 Cdn)?

The price difference reflects different events. His concert this Thursday before The Motor City Buffy Convention is a concert only - he isnít appearing at the convention. Heís a guest speaker/performer at the convention in Toronto, so itís a completely different set up. The ticket pricing is $60 (US), $150 (US), and $500 (US). Each ticket provides different levels of attendance. The most expensive one includes a cocktail party with James, a private musical set, a public musical set, a personalized autograph, an 8X10 autographed photo, a photo session with James, a copy of ďCivilized ManĒ, and admission to the rest of the convention. The least expensive ticket includes a non-personalized autograph, a 4X6 autographed photo, and admission to a Q & A session with James. So, as you can see, the most expensive tickets will provide 200 lucky people with some up-close and personal time with James, whereas the less expensive tickets will provide 1000 people with fun, memorable, but not personal time with James.

Oh. the pain of a slim wallet!
I just checked ticketmaster for the cost of tickets to concerts in my area and the cheapest was $39.50, so I sure wish I knew what concerts my fellow Whedonesquers have been attending where they would think $50 was way out of the norm. Now that the price is actually $25, it seems like an absolute bargain to me. I'm not attending this one because I'll be going to some other conventions, but if you have the chance to go see James for this price go for it!
My sentiments, exactly, killinj!

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