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May 29 2005

Trailer for Bianca Lawson's new movie "Dead and Breakfast" now available. A Parody/Satire of horror movies, "the U.S. answer to Shaun of the Dead", also stars Jeremy Sisto.

Hmm... I'll wait to see, but with all of the name dropping in the trailer I'm kind of scared. I'm all for Jeremy Sisto, Portia de Rossi, and Bianca Lawson, but we shall see.
I loved Bianca Lawson as Kendra. I also love her because we share the same first name...
Hmmm.... Looks a bit like the type of spoof that just throws everything at the screen and hope some of it sticks, like "Scary Movie" and "Shriek if you know what I did last Friady the thirteenth". The zombies doing a Michael Jackson Thriller dance? That is SO 1980s.

On the other hand, she sounds way better without the Jamican accent.
Hmm... another horror comedy. I'm on dialup and can't download the trailer, but from the sound of it, it sounds like it'll be incredibly dumb, but probably worth watching once. Sort of like Scary Movie 3. It was incredibly stupid, not with the sophisticated Whedon-style humour, but I couldn't stop laughing.
Silly. But I'm so happy to see Bianca Lawson I'll probably go see it.
"It looks like...they're dancing."
I saw the trailer before Malevolence (which is a film I do not recommend). It looked... terrible. Low-rent and chockfull of cheap horror film jokes straight out of Troma (without the Troma style).
Kinda looked like throw it and see what sticks to me as well.
Jeremy Sisto? I love Jeremy Sisto.

(And OT, but MySerenity, I have newfound love for your real name ever since I saw the Wonderfalls ep "Karma Chameleon" a few days ago.)
Speaking of Jeremy Sisto -- not to drag us offtopic, but... -- I just finished watching Six Feet Under Season Three. Good to see him still around. Amazing in the scenes he got as always.
I just finished the third disc of Six Feet Under Season Three. I'm bummed that tomorrow is a mail holiday because that means I have to wait longer for Netflix. I'm very glad to see Sisto again. And am I correct that Michelle Trachtenberg is on this season?
Michelle was in Season Four.
Ah, season four. Well, more to look forward to. I'm trying to be good and not read the synopses on TWOP.
"Jeremy Sisto + Portia de Rossi"

Well that right there is reason enough to give it a rent at the very least, and did I see David Carradine in there as well?

The trailer didn't make me laugh once. However, maybe, against all odds, this is a movie trailer that doesn't give away most of the best laughs/scenes?

Michelle Tractenberg was great in Six Feet Under Season 4...much better than her role as Dawn, IMO (though there were definitely times I liked her Dawn portrayal, just not all the way throughout her three seasons). She was more suited to Celeste.

That reminds me, the fifth and final season of SFU begins a week from tomorrow. !!!
Begins? I don't have a tv so maybe I forgot how seasons work. Does this run in the summer?
HBO kinda does whatever it wants. They usually only air one or two new dramas at a time (usually on Sunday nights, though SFU is moving to Mondays for these last twelve episodes). But they like to always have something going on TV-wise so that subscribers will be lured in by something other than their movie airings (ie, Deadwood Season 2 just finished, so now they've scheduled SFU). I believe seasons of SFU have traditionally begun airing in March (I only started a couple years ago with the Season 3 run, before that I had watched Season 1 on DVD and bought tapes for Season 2). Season 4 and Season 5 have begun in June. Oh just in case you didn't know marmoset, you won't have to wait too long for Season 4 on DVD, it's supposed to be out in August. HBO's getting better at not doing that one-set-per-year crap, especially when a show is ending.

Oh and I shouldn't have implied that it's only HBO who does summer runs, it's not cable-exclusive to air shows during the off-season. A lot of reality TV programs have gotten their start and taken off in the summer. Fox was wildly successful launching The O.C. around the end of July/beginning of August a couple year back, now they're going to try to do the same for Tim Minear's The Inside a week from this Wednesday.

I'll do two months of no off-topicness as pennance.

[ edited by Kris on 2005-05-30 02:33 ]
Yes, I have to mind my p's and q's too. I already got in trouble once today ;) But thanks for the info!
Actually I took us offtopic not realizing that MT was in SFU s4 so you guys brought it back on track, really :)
It's not terrible. But the "US answer to Shaun of the Dead" bit is brand-new marketing hype for a film that IIRC predates Shaun...
Not just that, but Shaun wasn't really a comedy; or at least, it was not a comedy in the "dancing zombies" sense.
Well, it was supposed to be a comedy.
Shaun is one of my all time favorite movies. It's very much a comedy/parody. Or RomZomCom (romantic/zombie/comedy) as Wright and Pegg describe it. I seriously doubt that anything that advertises itself as the "US answer to Shaun of the Dead" would be funny at all. Fact, SotD is a classic.
They almost had dancing zombies if you consider the 'Whitelines' singalong part.

[ edited by nixygirl on 2005-05-30 10:24 ]
Sean is a zombie movie. But funny.

I'm not sure I'd classify it as a parody at all... I mean, it's obviously inspired by the zombie flicks of yore, but if there were any direct nods of the head, I missed them. (Doesn't help that I've never seen most of those movies... but years of copious Simpsons fandom has honed my 'picking up on parody' power to a fine, deadly point. Rawr.)

I mean, Sean is played... fairly straight. Dry, even. But it's hysterical in a way that no simple-braindead-reference-stuffed Scary-Movie-esque comedy will ever be.

I like SOTD a lot. Can't you tell?
I think it looks hysterical, however, I am a weenie, and can't stomach even the tiniest bit of gore. Alas.
Can you guys tell me more about "Shaun", they released direct to dvd here in Brazil, and haven't seen much info about it. I 've a heard a a few good comments about it, but that was it, not very through.
Numfar PTB - I've not seen it but it's Joss' favourite among recent films. There are a number of posts about it in this thread .
SlackJawedVampireHunter I'm not aware if you are in the US or England. Our Aussie DVD doesn't have all the extras, neither does the US one. However the English DVD has a Homage-O-Meter in the subtitles section which basically flashes a subtitle for every parody that is done.

Starting with the opening credits being the music from the original Dawn of the Dead movie, some more are Shaun works for Foree Electric--Ken Foree was one of the original stars of "Dawn of the Dead" and he even reappeared in the theatrical rerelease. The fish restaurant is "Fulci's", based on Lucio Fulci, one of George Romero's inevitable decendants.

There's even a "We're coming to get you, Barbara" sequence at the thirty seven minute sequence, at the end of the film, as Shaun flicks through TV channels, a voice can be heard saying that claims that the epidemic was due to rage infected monkeys have now been dismissed as b.. Liz turns off before the voice can finish the sentence, the voice is referencing 28 Days Later (the movie).
The TV news reports Shaun and Ed watch feature an anchorman who utters the exact same phrases as the TV reporter in Night of the Living Dead, when Shaun comes into work, one of his co-workers mentions something about someone named Ash calling out from work, of course Ash is the name of Bruce Campbell's character in The Evil Dead, The pizza company that is seen on and off throughout the film (take-away place next to the corner shop, the pizza box sitting in the lounge and the various delivery men) is called Bub's Pizzas, a reference to Day of the Dead and the smarter-than-average zombie, Bub.

OK that's just a very few, from a film which is absolutely chock full of movie references and parodys.
I love this movie too, obviously! I'm such a snotty nerd aren't I ;)
Fine. But I maintain that it's a different calibre of parody than this "Dead and Breakfast" thing will be...

Yes, I'm a Brit film snob(Despite my unfortunate handicap of being Australian...). Sue me.
Agreed, SJVH. While there were a number of homages in Shaun, most of the humor was situational, character-based. "Dead and Breakfast" looks to be a lot of gore gags.
Yea, there is a definate difference to film reference/homage as opposed to the piss-take. I'm a bit of an Aussie Brit film snob too SJVH.

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