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May 29 2005

(SPOILER) Serenity: You can't stop the signal. "This is an unfinished, rough cut of the little show that couldn't."

"Serenity appeals to a broader audience, but the broader audience must know about it. So here's where you come in. Tell your friends. Tell your AIM buddies and your blog commentors and your message board friends. Tell your brothers and sisters and mom's and dad's and college buddies and bridge partners and mechanics and grocers. Tell everyone you can think of that this is the movie to see this summer."
I didn't think it actually contained spoilers but the author of the piece says it does.

Didn't see any spoilers either. Nice writeup.
A thought just occured to me: telling your friends to see a movie may be important, but maybe not as important as HOW you tell them.

I think, in order to make the word-of-mouth campaign successful, that the Flan Community™ may need to tone down our religious fervor just a bit. Fanatics can be scary to the uninitiated; that's why we Mac users have such a damn hard time getting people to believe that our machines are better than theirs. I' going to practice a more sutble sales pitch:

Me: "Have you seen Serenity yet?"
Them: "No. What's that?"
Me: "This amazing little sci-fi movie. I couldn't believe how great it was. Can't believe more people haven't heard about it."
Them: "Huh. What's it about?"
Me: "This crew of smugglers on a rinky-dink space's kind of hard to explain but it was just so wonderful."
Them: "Sounds weird."
Me: "Yeah, I was kinda skeptical at first too. You know, after those last 2 STAR WARS movies didn't live up to my expectations, I was ready to give up on sci-fi altogether...."

Remember how people sold their friends on My Big Fat Greek Wedding? By telling them how good it was and how surprised they were at how good it was. We can do that too, can't we?
Good points, Wren, I will avoid your mac/pc religious discussion bait, however ;)
Whenever I engage in Buffyvangelism, I preface my pitch by saying that I was initially dismissive and derisive, but gradually came around.

My tactic with Serenity will be to say that I expected a lot, got it and more--a particular (unnamed) aspect of the show that always seemed just a bit peculiar and difficult to explain is in fact explained, and brilliantly. Shockingly, and brilliantly. And just leave it at that.
I think THIS reviewer GETS IT--maybe just show them this review.

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Guess I should take off the Captain Tightpants uniform, unstrap the Serenity replica off of my car, and stop singing "The Hero of Canton" at the top of my lungs every 5 minutes. Gotta remember that what I consider beautiful devotion others look at as scary obsession! Been fantasizing since seeing the screening about doing things like skywriting "Serenity" above the skies of Washington,DC or spelling out "Firefly" with flares in 25ft characters in the middle of the National Mall......Perhaps I'll try Wren's suggestions first.
Sky writing! I always thought that the Save Angel campaign needed a blimp. Now I think Serenity needs a blimp. But I guess blimps are too expensive. Oh, and too fanatical.

Right there with you, fastestbarista.

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So maybe I'm overdoing it with my spam campaign:

W/tch S e r e n i t y N0W

I was talking to you on last night and i recommend th e new S e r e n i t y movie for sci fi fun!!! I had a friend who watched S e r e n i t y and mollusks were mollified by th e film!!!
Maybe you can stop the signal afterall - by shutting down the site - anyone else having issues with getting on the boards at the Universal site?
RavenU -- Having trouble getting to at all. Just plain is reachable, however.
That's kinda good to hear - at least it's not just me. :)
Now that you mention it, RavenU, yes, I am also having problems reaching the OB. too, no go. Wonder what's up...
Perhaps they are redesigning the site to let us know that those of us who have not been able to see the preview, now can and there will be a guaranteed BDH or Joss or Chris at each showing.
What? I'm a Whedonesquer. I can't believe in fantasy?
Same here, RavenU. No luck linking with the site. Who knows? I like Lioness' view.
Nice writeup. I'm getting anxious to see non-Firefly fan writeups, though.

Hmmm. I'm having no trouble connecting to the browncoats site. Still, I hope that Lioness is onto something....

I like your skywriting idea, fastestbarista. Kinda seriously, I like it. Okay, okay, I get the "scary fanatic" argument made by many. Agreed. But just getting the title "Serenity" into people's brains, the sooner the better, can't hurt. Not lengthy rants about how great Firefly/Serenity is - that's the fastest way to seeing eyes glaze over and/or downright fear. But planting the title here and there? It's a time-honored advertising trick. Bumper stickers, t-shirts, that kind of thing. Then when people finally see trailers for it they'll have an almost subconscious flicker of recognition. They'll mark it more in their heads. Hosting Firefly viewings or giving Firefly as a gift or loan to friends and family is a great thing to do, too. No need to get ultra-ranty in these situations, either. It's all in the presentation. Yet how can a soft humming of "Hero of Canton" hurt? Heh.

Apropos of not much of anything, has anyone seen Firefly previews on the SciFi channel? I wonder when they're going to start advertising it.
Wonderful, phlebotinin. Perhaps you could share that site....
Very nice piece. Very...crisp, and to the point. And nice to point out what I've been saying too in reaction to the few negative reviews that complain it was 'confusing': it really isn't. Especially not if you know, pay attention to what is being said in the movie. And shown. I know, a lot to ask these days, but really, it's all up there.

And yeah we've been trying to convert friends and family with varying degrees of success. (my family: mostly converted. wife's family: anything with the word 'spaceship' in it will be instantly shut down with that little word 'oh...') I have to say that the much used description of 'it's like a western in space' doesn't really work on people in my experience. You just get weird looks and the words 'Sci Fi Channel' come flying out, and not in a good way.

The words 'canceled TV show' are usually not helpful in that case either. Although that can be helped a bit with 'got a big following after cancellation' and 'huge DVD sales and now it's a movie. That's never happens!' That usually at least gets some hint of curiosity in their eyes.

And as many others have said 'I was skeptical too at first' is a must. I personally also point out how damn funny it is and to people who don't like SF, that it has no aliens and doesn't really focus on the SF aspects that much. Toss in the word 'original' a couple of times. But not too much. Can scare them off too even though they don't want to admit that.
I find the word "intelligent" works for some people. And yes, funny.

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