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May 30 2005

An Evening at the Bronze with CoRo and Marsters opens to the public in Sacramento, CA on July 8th, tickets are $40 dollars in advance. Alternate Universe Presents is now also offering Day Passes for $60 a day to their convention.

Guest at their event include: Adam Baldwin, Nathan Fillion, James Marsters (Sat only at convention), Adam Busch, Tom Lenk, David Fury, Jonathan Woodward, Matt Van Dyne, and Shirley Lipscomb.

Gah. Jealous. *turns a nefarious shade of green*

Adam Baldwin, Common Rotation, James Marsters and Reverend Jonathan M. Woodward all in one place.

*Goes Hulk*
Hey, you forgot the very lovely Mr. Fillion! All very pretty men folk.

If any Browncoats are interested, I'm making a Firefly version of the mahjongg game for Alternate Universe. Should be available soon, just check back at the site. If I can't be there, at least I can look at them for unseemly lengths of time and *ahem* play with them ;).
No I didn't Mr Fillion's name is right between Mr. Baldwin and Mr. Marsters.
Sorry, RavenU, I meant Bad Kitty.
I think James with his "new sound" or "own sound" or maybe it's just his "solo self," whichever, James and CoRo should compliment each other quite nicely, it should make for a very nice show.

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