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May 31 2005

Matthew Vaughn off X3, Fox to announce replacement soon. Matthew Vaughn has decided to leave his directorial duties of X-Men 3 for Fox. Word has it Fox is all ready to announce his replacement soon, and it could be someone who had been circling the film before, but wasn't available. [wink wink, nudge nudge]

Oh thank god. I'm not holding my breath that Whedon will be the replacement, but it just really seemed as if Vaughn was the wrong choice for the movie. And his comments in interviews hadn't really convinced me otherwise.
Wow, that was quick.
Hmmm...intriguing news but I hope that it's not Joss. In the recent Dark Horizons interview he seemed very content with the 'no pressure, no hard-and-fast deadline' arrangement with Wonder Woman. I would rather he take the necessary time to finish what needs finishing with Serenity and have the time with the other BDH to promote the heck out of it. He said before that he wasn't asked and even though Avi Avrad (at least I think it was him...) said recently that they'll got Joss signed on for something eventually, this just seems to me like too much, too quickly.

Dong ma? I have the utmost confidence in Joss' abilities, especially when it comes to balancing multiple projects at once, but selfish me wants to see Serenity get as much as his full attention as possible for now.

How could Joss do X3 while he's still working on Serenity, and has to start on WW right after?
Forget Wonderwoman Joss, you did Buffy, you nailed the female superhero, and you did it your way. Now show the world you can do Xmen better then the rest, like your great comics! But if you can't get out of the wonder woman contract, if you signed it, no worries, you would of made a great X3.
EDIT: with more On Topic Comments:

And Joss is still writing Astonishing X-Men, and as some rumors are pointing, maybe even struggling to.

The All the Rage column this week, posted some info that might or might not refer to Joss and his work on AXM. Check it on your own risk, click here and roll to the middle of the column.

Personally I doubt it, cause Joss is very well known for multi-tasking, but he did delay a lot to deliver the final issues of Fray, and I haven't felt a decrease in those issues quality. But maybe, just maybe, I'm a Whedon freak.

I've been running in some most X-Men centric net circles, even before I got into Whedon, and just as a sidenote I've sensed some negativeness towards AXM lately.

I don't think there's enough time for Joss to take over X3. I think he if Joss will ever take an X-Men movie, he'll have to write it himself. And the movie already got writer working on the scripts. What's free is the post for the director, as far as it seems.

Personally, as much as I would love to see Joss take on the X-Men on a more live action approach, I'd love even more to see Joss take on DC Comics character, which is WW case. Ok, call me a selfish fanboy, who'll always prefer DC over marvel, despite my love for the X-Men.

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Well, the thing is that if the script is already finished, and if it's as good as it's hinted in this article, then it's possible Joss could step in as a director only. Or perhaps he could do a quick rewrite to "Whedonize" it first and then direct the movie. The reason why he want time to make Wonder Woman is because he's gonna pen the script himself but if there's already a script for X-Men 3 then he would just have to figure out how he'd want to use the script and I'm sure he could do that in 1-2 months perhaps. Here's hoping atleast! :)

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Well, the time frame is still open ended on Wonder Woman and he has just about finished Serenity, so there is no reason why 'theoretically' he couldn't do X-Men 3.
It would be appreciated if we could keep speculation on the AXM rumours at a non existant level until someone actually says something official about it one way or another.

Selfish fanboy over here too. My love for the Marvel Universe far surpasses that of DC any day, it's just too bad there's been such a bunch of poor decisions on the filmmaking front. DD was so close, I might actually pick up the director's cut to see how different it is.
Forget X-Men. I want to see Joss do a Justice League movie. Seven superheroes in one movie. Now that would be awesome.
You know, I have a feeling that chances are, X3 is gonna suck, what with everyone rushing their deadlines and all. When was the last time a big-budgetted movie that was rushed turned out any good.

I SO do not was Joss associated with this movie.
I seriously doubt Joss will have anything to do with this movie.

One: He didn't write it or do the casting.
Two: Two other director's have bailed.
Three: The schedule is stupid.

I really hope Joss doesn't go anywhere near this time bomb.
I'm a little let down. I watched Matthew Vaughn's movie, Layer Cake over the weekend and thought he did an excellent job of balancing a film made up of strong & distinct personalities. I was looking forward to him having a go at X-Men and I've also been impressed with his casting choices. Kelsey Grammer voicing Hank McCoy?...perfect. That said, I can't imagine Moriarty dropping that big a hint unless he knew something. Throw into the mix that Fox & Marvel have got to want to cut off the bad press of Vaughn leaving as quickly as possible, so a high profile, geek-friendly announcement like Joss Whedon makes a lot of sense. I guess we'll all see soon enough.

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:::crosses fingers until they break off that Whedon is on board:::
My interest in a Joss film that he didn't write? Especially if he's playing around in a franchise that another director has already left a distinctive mark on? ... meh ... I'd watch it I guess. The idea that Joss would step in now seems incredibly unlikely to me. But then, I thought Wonder Woman was unlikely too, so ...

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X-men have always been my favorite superhero comics and comic-based movies (lifelong Marvel fan), and since Serenity is over and WonderWoman has a Flexy schedule, I REALLY want this to happen. I don't think it will... but I can hope. Having seen a Serenity prescreening, I can say that Joss is a capable feature director (although I still prefer his writing). And he was a script doctor before Buffy (and got quite a reputation for being a good one), so I can't imagine it'd take him too long to make this one his own. And I don't care how the latest AXM has been recieved, he gets the characters. I do however want to make sure there are no nervous breakdowns in the works, since we require Whedon productivity for years to come. So take whatever breaks you need to Joss, we'll be here waiting.

In summary, Oh God, Please let this happen. I don't think I can take it anymore. Stop the Rumour Mill, I want to get off...
Remember that Joss has _never_ directed something he didn't write, and I think that's how he likes it. So ___IF___ he was gonna direct X3, I think he'd have to rewrite it (or write it from scratch). Add to that finishing Serenity, writing Astonishing X-Men, and oh yeah, making Wonder Woman. I just don't see any time for Joss to do it. It ain't gonna happen.

X3 is in trouble already. What I hope is that Joss writes and directs X4 a couple years from now.
That's a shame about Vaughn, I was really warming to him directing the movie. As for Joss directing it, I just can't see it happening. He'll be very pushed for time and I would imagine Warner Bros would prefer to see a Wonder Woman script sooner rather than later.
jam2, I believe Joss did direct something he didn't write. I think it was an episode of Angel, but I can't remember which one.
Mere Smith's first episode 2x04 Untouched
This is turning into quite the director's chair dance and that's rarely a good sign for a movie. I sincerely doubt this makes a whit of difference where Joss' involvement is concerned. Finishing Serenity, still writing AXM, starting on WW....Sure technically he can always tell Joel Silver he's out of Wonder Woman since nothing's been signed or anything, but I doubt it.

The X-men movies are an established movie franchise with a certain style in how they're made already. I think Joss would only be interested if he could really and fully do his own view on them and they won't let him do that I think. And besides, start in 9 weeks with a script he didn't write? No way in hell.

Wasn't familiar with Vaughn so I can't mourn him leaving. In his interviews I heard both things that made me hopeful and that made me scratch my head. I do think Kelsey Grammer is a good choice for Hank McCoy though. Is that out now as well? Who knows. (btw, the Angel playing a major part in X3? Ugh. Plenty of good characters that already got the shaft people. No need to bring in more second-stringers.)

Well, the seat is empty

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Sure Joss is a good director, but he's an excellent writer. I would much rather see him wait and direct another film he has written, and make use of his strongest talent, than jump into one he didn't script.
This is an excerpt from the relevant Variety article:

“Shortly before location scouting was to have begun on "X3," helmer Matthew Vaughn has ankled the pic, citing family reasons. In a statement, the studio said the London-based Vaughn had planned to travel between his home and the film's Vancouver locations, but "as the shooting schedule evolved, he realized he would have to move to Los Angeles and Vancouver for at least a year. Not wishing to uproot his family for an extended period, Vaughn opted to depart the production." "We understand Matthew's reasons for leaving, as nothing is more important than family," said Hutch Parker, president of 20th Century Fox. “

Frankly sounds a bit odd to me, isn’t this kind of demanding schedule normal for a film of this size with a well known early release date? However let’s assume this is the real reason and not some other underlying differences. Given the already tight schedule and that the article also says they are still planning on releasing the film in May 2006, I don’t see how Joss could do this and promote Serenity properly (possibly involving some travelling for interviews etc) and he has a family too after all.
Joss! If you sign on, you can stop all this weird 'Maggie Grace as Shadowcat' nonsense and make Jewel Staite Kitty! You know you want to! Doooo it! :)
There are several reasons that show the unlikeness of Joss taking over the director's seat.

For starter's the Serenity schedule won't allow it,IMHO, cause it's not as loose as it seems.

Yes it's seem that the techinical work over in Serenity it's quite over, if he hasn't finished yet as we're speaking, I guess he'll be done by this month. As people who went to the last two screenings pointed, there's little work to be done, it's doubtful that he'll make big changes on the movie.

But there's another part that I think Joss will get more involved, once the movie is 100% finished, it's how to promote and sell Serenity to the market. Yes, we already have Universal professional people thinking about it for a while. Yes, we can rest assured that Chris Buchanan is involved. But Serenity's it's still Joss baby, he'll be involved in it's promotion, maybe not so much at the making strategies part, but he'll be at the actual promotion of the movie: interviews, travel.

FOx wants X3 to start principal shoot in 9 weeks? Men, that's early august, and Serenity comes out September 30. And it opens in other coutries in several different days, through the following 2 -3 monts or so. X3 will be a movie with a very intensive shooting schedule, if they really want to release it in the next memorial day. With it's scope (they've making it clear that it'll be bigger than the previous movies), they'll have to end it by the end of the year, so they'll have some decent post production time, until May, 2006.

Joss been doing Serenity post production for a long time already, hasn't he? Polishing, and polishing. Oh there's of course promotion for the DVD, which may come out late this year (please come out in time for Christmas) or early next year.

On the WW side of things, despite the fact that it's only schedules to come out in 2007, I thinks it's another case of the schedule being tighter than it seems. I think that Joss need to have the script ready by early 2006, so pre-production can work on finding locations, preping several things, and they'll start the casting process, so they can shoot some time in the middle of 2006. It's another movie that will require some generous time for post production, if they plan to deliver it right, with no rush.

Taking over X3 now, would mean less time to dedicate it to Serenity, he'll get less time to start writing WW, which I believe he won't drop (or Joel Silver won't let Joss give up so easily, after the fuss that was made about him writing and directing the movie). And I'm not even couting the fact that he didn't write the movie. Joss is not a known yet as being a Movie Director, he's still known as a writer creator first, then a director. We did see him directing other people episodes in Angel, but I think for his love for the X-Men, he'll want to write it himself if he's to do it.

As several people already pointed, with Serenity, WW and AXM, plus X3 chaotic scheduling it just makes Joss taking over very unlikely. However, we know he is a master of multitasking, so who knows what will happen. If you also read the OMWF Soundtrack booklet, you know the men doesn't stop, and he he's a dad now.

Thus, I just think that Joss doing X-Men, should be done properly in a decent schedule, not in this 9 week to start, 10 month to release rush.
I want Joss to do this. I want him to put the schedule back, write the script and direct the movie. I want. I want. I want Joss Whedon words to come out of Patrick Stewarts mouth. 'Cos that'd be cool.

I'm new here by the way, cheers for having me.
This could be good news, I wasn't too keen on some of the casting decisions, Kelsey Grammar could be good for Beast (the voice is perfect), but Vinnie Jones as Juggernaut, and Maggie Grace as Kitty Pride. It's probably too late to change, but I just don't think they're right for the parts.

And I've really got to start double checking the front page before posting stuff thats already up.
As others have said, I can't really see Joss directing somebody else's script, even if he's done some script doctoring on it. It sounds like the X3 production is either going to be an insane bumble or turn into the Superman sitch of endless revolving door directors.

Would 'Serenity' benefit from the X3 publicity if Joss did take the job? Yeah, how could it not? X3 is huge and its mainstream popularity is bigger than its comic fandom roots. And it wouldn't be the first time that Joss has taken on absurd amounts of work, but BtVS/AtS/Firefly were all his babies.

If Matthew Vaughn is jumping ship for his family's sake, it's hard to imagine Joss jumping in and setting himself (and his family) up for not one but two years of grueling movie work and travel (add in WW). Nor can I see Joel Silver sitting on his hands and allowing X3 to delay WW.

I guess we'll see! Exciting times in the Jossverse!
I rather see Joss pick up the phone and cal The WB's Janollari and land the Spike tele-movie....and hand it over to David Greewalt or such.

Then he can take on X3 or Wonder Woman.
The only reason I would want Joss to try and do X3 would be because he could finally write Rogue as the Rogue character all the comic fans love. Hell even just directing and giving some minor tweaks could turn her from the whiney, non-character to the Rogue of the X-men.

But honestly I don't see it. Wondy, while not on a tight schedule yet, while be soon. And alot rides on this for the female comic industry. If JW can not make WW work, then no other female hero afterward stands a chance.
I for one hope they give him a go a rewriting the script. I still think he is the perfect director for this film. Blundar Woman is just a disaster waiting to happen in my opnion. That movie is going to come off ultra camp or just plain bad. I know it probably won't happen but a person can hope.
In an ideal world, without toe tapping executives, I'd say that it doesn't matter that it's the third movie; I'm sure Joss could raise the bar again. Down on earth, chances are slim, but Joss taking over Xmen 3 would be simply awesome.
If anyone can make WW the well made movie it should be it is Joss. Frankly, I can't see anyone else who could do it justice.

I don't see WW has a disaster waiting to happen, because they are taking their time, they hired a writer who already KNOWS her history, and really the sky with it is unlimited.
I stand corrected about Joss directing but not writing Untouched, good call.
There is One thing about Wonder Woman that I'm looking forward to here, and that's Joss directing a smaller cast. I mean, I love ensemble casts, and I love his work with them. But having seen Serenity (and this isn't really a spoiler- really) I found that he had some trouble getting some characters the screentime they deserved. Maybe that kind of balance will come with a bit more experience in the film medium.

I know that X3 isn't going to happen- There are too many obstacles, and that it probably shouldn't- It sounds a bit like a gong show. By the time they find a director all of the actors will have left. Poor Alan Cummings... having his schedule jerked around like this.

Anyway, my point being that I WANT it to because Joss can do incredible things with these characters. He'll make me love them even more. Then he'll probably kill them just to break my heart. So, I liked the X4 idea. He has PLENTY of time to write and direct that, doesn't he?

I'd like to see him do only his own work. Let's face it, Joss is the newest auteur on the scene. And he's doing great things.
Three: The schedule is stupid.

I really hope Joss doesn't go anywhere near this time bomb.

Agreed -- trying to get this thing out before summer of next year is basically the Big Director's Chair of Death. Yikes!

Doesn't bode well for the movie.

"We understand Matthew's reasons for leaving, as nothing is more important than family," said Hutch Parker, president of 20th Century Fox."

Hee hee hee! Oh, those Fox executives. The things they can say with a straight face...
"We understand Matthew's reasons for leaving, as nothing is more important than family," said Hutch Parker, president of 20th Century Fox."

Bookrats, I too read this as "We fired his ass and had him escorted from the studio."
I seriously doubt Fox will even consider offering the director's chair, much less that Joss would be willing to accept it, all for the same reasons. Time restraints and commitments to other projects. I seem to recall that Joss mentioned he was somewhat hesitant to accept the WW film until he learned they were open with the time schedule. That leads me to believe he's a very busy man at the moment. Fox wants their film production in motion in the next couple of months. I'm sure they're aware that Joss' plate is full and he isn't likely to break a commitment to take on the high pressure director job they have in mind.

Been seeing mixed reactions on several boards whether Joss can pull off a successful WW movie. I can understand the doubts for I'm also not a huge fan of WW and this will be a tough movie to take on. However, I firmly believe Joss will pull it off and make an excellent film. Kinda' learned my lesson back in 1997 when I rolled my eyes upon reading a little article about a mid-season replacement series called BtVS. Didn't think it stood a chance, but the Whedon name caught my eye as a good writer so I decided to give it a watch. Guess we know how that turned out ;)
Well zz9 there were rumors a few weeks ago that Vaughn was seen often walking off pre-production meetings.

If he was fired they'd just say he left over creative differences. Not personal reasons.

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:O :O :O
Plese, get Joss for the job! He´s perfect!
But i´m afraid of the delays.
I agree with those who said Joss should do X4. There's a nice compromise. And WW WILL be good. What did my 15 year old self say when I first heard the words "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"? Both times, even! I actually said "stupid." Besides, I had WW Underoos.

Not to stray too far off topic but it's related:

"When was the last time a big-budgetted movie that was rushed turned out any good."

NickSeng, I really agree with you there. I went to see Ep III today (won't drag it out, the balanced reviews are right) and I saw trailers for War of the Worlds, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Fantastic Four, and... can't remember now. So I have a Julian McMahon fetish but the FF trailer didn't pull me in... and all I can think of is poor Jennifer Anniston every time I hear about the Smiths... but War of the Worlds looked pretty darn good. Love that little Dakota.
So why didn't FF pull me in? I'm still trying to figure that out. It makes me want to read up on it, so I'll get to that. A rush to finish X3 will ruin it. I'm wondering if that's what happened with FF.

And hey Simon! I picked up The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Teams 2005 today, because I left the theater wanting something better written to sink my teeth into. I'm gonna sort those guys out once and for all. Got Rogue and Wolverine: Origin, too. And one I'd never heard of called Nyx, simply 'coz she looked like a bada.. I mean, very cool.

And oh oh, guess what else? The shop guy said "Thanks for the email! I ordered all the Serenity figures!" I wrote to him one day when I figured out why Mal doesn't look like Mal -- he's looking up at the sky, end of opening scene of Serenity. Apparently he's got another Serenity lover (male) hounding him also.
So back OT, I hope Joss stays out of X3, and signs on for X4. Everybody wins.

PS How to maximize your Ep III experience, because GL delivers and actually does deserve your pennies: Just repeat this to yourself over and over: "The story is great, the script isn't, the story is great, the script isn't" It works. Killer FX and he wraps it up very nicely. The actors did great considering the scripts they had to work with, especially young Anakin. I was pleasantly surprised.

ETA: I think I meant to say hey herb! about the Marvel drivel.

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>Besides, I had WW Underoos.<

me too!!!! :)
Eh. Fantastic Four has had more time to shoot than War Of THe Worlds. FF started shooting back in like May of last year. WOTW much later. Rushed shooting doesn't always make a bad movie, it depends on whether the director can handle it. The 2nd X-Men movie was very rushed for instance but it turned out better than the first.\

And there isn't going to be a X4. Avi Arad has pretty much admitted this is the last. Without most of the actors(well..Hugh Jackman rather.) then the studio wouldn't want to do another one.

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Thanks eddy. Okay... how 'bout a Rogue movie, Joss???? :)

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