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May 31 2005

Jewel Staite discusses the latest preview screenings & comic covers. "I realize that some of you are getting a wee bit nervous that we're doing too many of these things...The people at Universal are professionals, man!"

It's so very nice to hear from this lovely and talented young actress, and a big happy birthday to her this month - "the big 2-3 this year!"

I can't read one of her posts without hearing her voice. Especially when she says something like...

And for all of you naturally skinny people out there, being petite is just as sexy as "meat on the bones". If that's the way you look no matter what you eat, then so be it. You know what they say: closer to the bone, sweeter is the meat! ha ha. That's kind of gross. Sorry.

It certainly was a pleasant surprise to see Jewel in Denver. She's one awesome lady!
Does this mean we will have more screenings? Please please please!
Ha, the marketing trickery of including ticket sales from unfinished screenings when they are doing four-walling (renting the theatres themselves). More creative Hollywood bookeeping, sheesh. Making a good sci-fi movie for "only" $40 million is an impressive feat in itself, why do they have to play games like that?
Can I just say I really, really love her!! I think she has got to be one of the sweetest and most natural acting people I have ever seen. And yes, Craig, I also can't read one of her posts without actually hearing her voice too! She just cracks me up, especially with that quote you used.

And Jewel, I am confident that those who have seen the screening will be interested to come back and see it again (and they would be doing it even if it was the exact same movie without any changes at all!).

Now, I'm getting nervous about all these screenings just for the fact that I haven't seen it yet and I'm worried that the more people who see it the more chances of big plot spoilers getting leaked out and the more chance that I'll accidentally get spoiled. Plus, hello, I'm jealous!! I am kind of starting to resent those of you who not only got to see it once but are getting to see it for a second time - I'm practically turning every shade of green with envy!!

And YAY!! She said that the ticket sales for these screenings will be included in the opening weekend tally! That's great news! So at least in that way I'm happy that a lot of you have already gotten to see it (and in some cases twice) because you are doing a very good deed!!!
I will continue to do that very good deed as often as possible.

And kudos to Jewel for telling all the people who are picking on her for losing a bit of weight (she does not look too thin by any stretch. Just a thin YOUNG girl) to back off. Good for her. I love it that she is so confident in herself.
Oh, now I feel bad for saying that Kaylee looked too skinny on the comic cover. I didn't mean that Jewel is too skinny! I just meant that the drawing didn't look like Kaylee from the show... Jewel looks beautiful under all circumstances, and I'm pretty sure that it's because she's such a wonderful person. Also, I have to admit, that I liked having a slightly larger (And I do mean Slightly) girl represented in the cast, but Kaylee could never be played by anyone not Jewel, so I guess slender is natural for her. And she looks GREAT.
I agree. Can you think of a cooler actor who would write to the fans like this...? I feel like she is my best friend.
Hard to believe Jewel's only 23. Seems like forever ago I was watching her in Space Cases and Flash Forward. Aw. Now I'm all nostalgic for the mid-90s.

* it was actually almost ten years ago, does that count as forever? ;-)
People are calling words like f***, c*** and a****** for bad words, but if you really wanna see a bad word then take a look at . That's what sometimes makes gloriously hilarious people into big bags of boredom. Sure, a little is always good, perhaps even necassary but if you go to far with it you might end up painfully boring. Just wanted to get that out in the open, I'm good now.

Can't help being all worried about things I love. I mean, I really want to have faith in that Serenity will soar through the sky (and up the box office charts) but I just can't. But ok Jewel, I'll give it a go. Operation: "sit idly by and trust the people in charge" is engaged. For how ever long it will last.

I kinda agree that Kaylee on the DRAWING looked SKINNIER than Kaylee on the SHOW. But that just cause Jewel didn't gain those 10 pounds this time around. And I think that's a good call. Cause first of all, doing a Renee Zellwger all the time is not very health. And second, her weight is ultimately not very important to the character, it's her charm that's important. And they succeed with that in the drawing. Even if it's not picture perfect the artist did manage to capture the charm and essence of both Kaylee and Jewel. Even though he managed to draw a Barbie-waist on her it's still just a drawing. I've seen Wonderfalls, "skinny" Jewel Staite looks amazing and she's definately not "too skinny" (and she's really great in that show aswell. I never thought that our sweet Jewel could play such a convincing bitch).

Edit: So far the pre screenings have brought the opening box office to $60000... Hmmmm... I don't think the screenings will make very much difference in the long run. Or atleast I really hope not.

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"There will be some changes. Not a lot, but some. I'm hoping these audiences are interested in seeing the changes, or just really liked the movie the first time around and want to see it again."

First, I hope for a few somewhat significant changes...
And, yes, I will see it, multiple times, in the movie theater. With many people in tow.

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Chris inVirgina, I've edited your post as you had a spoiler in it.
Hard to believe Jewel's only 23. Seems like forever ago I was watching her in Space Cases and Flash Forward. Aw. Now I'm all nostalgic for the mid-90s.

^^I watched those shows as a kid! She had a rainbow wig in Space Cases...I always knew she was destined to be in space :)
I watched Space Cases too. I was totally wigged out when she dissapeared in the 2nd season and stopped watching the show.

Happy Birthday Jewel! I think she looks awesome petite or otherwise.
The drawing of Kaylee didn't look exactly like the Kaylee I know...
But Jewel looks AWESOME and HOT all the time! We all know that.
And 23? Sheesh. I feel ancient.
What a sweetie, as always.
PS Thanks for catching that spoiler Simon. I'm sure it was unintended, of course.
D'oh! Sorry, Simon...won't happen again!

/head hanging in shame.
And I love it that she didn't mention the Inara cover. She is always positive, and doesn't like to gripe, but her omission speaks volumes. The Inara cover is dreadful! Out of context it might be OK, not interesting, but not terrible. But does it look like Morena, Inara, any BDH? No. Morena is far prettier and more elegant. (Sorry if this subject was done to death in another thread I missed.)

I, too hear Jewel's voice in my head.

Edit: typo

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But she didn't mention the Jayne cover either which I thought was terrific.
Ah, it always puts a smile on my face when I see a Jewel post. Such a lovely person and talented actress.

Actually, I'm getting a warm fuzzy from the screenings. The reactions have been very positive and it shows that Universal cares enough to get the audience's thoughts before finalizing the movie. The only hazard I have is the same as Firefly Flanatic's. Surfing the 'net the next four months peeking through my fingers for spoilers. Sadly, I'm already avoiding several favorite sites due to spoiler hounds. Thank goodness for Whedonesque.
Ha :) Jewel always makes me laugh, and its true that you can't help but read her posts in her 'voice'. As for Serenity Kaylee vs. Firefly Kaylee, she is adorable either way. Its not like she went out and lost the weight to please Hollywood, she lost the weight because it was weight Joss asked her to gain for the series and didn't make her gain back for the show. Big 2-3 *shakes head*, okay, now *I* feel old :P Thanks Jewel, and Happy Birthday!

I was thinking about the screenings as I had been slightly worried also, but, really, it comes down to like 9,000 people so far if every seat was filled by someone who hadn't seen it -- which we all know is not the case. I'm looking at you zeitgeist(!). However, given that, I did bring people who hadn't seen it this time and there are many reports from folks I know that went of virgins being converted, so I have faith that the word is continuing to get out.

Plus I went to help a friend get a couple boxes to give as gifts and we could only find one box in our travels yesterday, the other stores visited having recently sold out (again!). I myself ended up grabbing two boxes to evangelize with (and getting the third free) on Barnes & Noble .com. $71 plus sales tax isn't bad for three copies of the box set.

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2005-06-01 20:18 ]
That's good to know zeitgeist. I'm evangelising with my two sets, and was less than pleased over the weekend when I finished Buffy S7. (Wow - Totally different on DVD. But that's another discussion.) I was ready for some Firefly and selfishly felt like telling my potential converts to gimme one of my sets back. I didn't, of course, but I thought about it.
Man, Jewel's such a major cutie. . . and hottie. When we went to the screening, I was beginning to think my husband was going to leave me for her. . .


And so sweet. . . man is she sweet.
She is great. I love her message. It hits close to home.

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