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June 01 2005

(SPOILER) Preview of Tim Minear's The Inside. Brief clip from, presumably, the first episode at Fox's homepage.

That clip was about thirty seconds. I'm suprised Fox hasn't cancelled the series yet...
Nice Silent Hill type end credit music, couldn't really get a feel for the show from the clip.
Looked good. Carter seemed to much like Gunn to me in that little clip... (style and humor wise)
She looks more like she's 16 than a special FBI agent.
Kinda the point there, Zamm.
She looks more like she's 16 than a special FBI agent.

Kinda the point there, Zamm.

Why would anyone take the character seriously then? No, I felt the first time I saw this actress in this role(in promos) that it wouldn't be a good fit. She seems very bland, and yeah, too young. I hope to be surprised and blown away by her acting, but I don't have high hopes.
I'd actually managed to not hear about this until one of the promo clips ran on FX during The Shield.

I'll give it a try, but only because of Tim, Adam and Katie.

Personally if I were Tim, I'd have gotten out from under Fox's thumb, they've cancelled how many of his shows now?
wait I just realized Peter Coyote is a cast member. Isn't he doing The 4400 how does that work out?
You take the character seriously if you want to take her seriously. If you don't want to, there's no point in trying.

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The point is to have a young female lead who doesn't look like a FBI agent, someone whos fresh out of the academy. I don't know much about this actress but I trust Tim and Brian Grazer. I just hope she is not stiff and can keep up with the likes of Adam, Katie and Peter. Nothing worse then a lead of a show who can't hold her own with her costars.
sTalking Goat - I believe Peter Coyote was replaced in The 4400 because he was cast in The Inside.

As for the girl - she was the only cast member kept after Tim took over what was the initial "21 Jump Street meets the X-Files (or whatever)" premise. No surprise she's young looking, since she was supposed to be working undercover in a high school. I agree with what Gunn 2 says. I have faith in Tim.
zz9, I'm with you. I once screamed at my TV during a baseball game and the execs called and said "You're fired."
This show is giving me Point Pleasant vibes.

And by that, I mean it seems like it should be great show considering all the people involved, but everything I've seen of it looks dull and laughable.
I can't comprehend people not watching an episode or four before denouncing somthing with this many great writers and actors.

Pessimist much? Condemned on the basis of one 30 second clip? I'm reminded of people who quickly dismissed Buffy/Angel/Firefly without giving them a chance. It seems to me if one approaches something expecting to dislike it, one ususally does dislike it.
I'm going to watch it, I'm just getting not great vibes off of it.
That's too bad. I think it looks amazing. I bet Adam and Katie get all the best lines and that Coyote gives off the coolest creepy vibe. Tim will be in his element getting to kill off new and interesting people every week. Great fun!
Hey. I'm new and interesting. I wonder if he'll kill me.
If you ask nicely and bake him cookies, he might.
I think pot roast will go over better.
I bet he likes it rare. Allyson, did Tim write AND direct the first ep?
Yes and yes. I wish he'd been able to direct them all, but then there's that whole writing thing.
I fully expect this show to be the best thing on TV. Much Minear love here. All my favorite Angel eps sprang from that brain.
I have high hopes that Tim and the gang will pull this off. Can't wait!
Sorry, I'm removing all the stupids rants I've made, ever.

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Can you look at two Buffy/Angel writers side by side, Tim Minear and Marti Noxon, and honestly tell me that Marti is even in the same league as Tim?

Well, I guess it's a fair question, if somewhat provocatively worded . . . and I can honestly hold my hand up and say that I've enjoyed, and rewatch, Marti Noxon-scripted episodes more than Tim Minear-scripted episodes.

I'm not qualified to comment on writing ability, craftsmanship, or the like; all I can say is that Marti's Buffy episodes, in general, have made a greater, and more lasting, impact on me than Tim's Angel (or Wonderfalls, which I do love) episodes. (One exception might be (Firefly's) Out of Gas, which is just incredible, and bears endless rewatching.) Of course, it's very debatable whether my preference just expresses my greater love for BtVS versus the other shows, rather than actually signifying something about the relative writing acumen of the two.

In any case, I think both Tim and Marti are fabulously creative, and I would hate to think that we have to pit one against the other for the sake of making a really tangential point about the merits of The Inside. Which, naturally, everyone should be tuning in to when it debuts.
Very well said, SoddingNancyTribe. Very, very well said.
As much as I would love for Tim to succeed, the betting has already started on how soon FOX will cancel the show. Any science fiction or fantasy show already knows on that network, its WHEN not IF it will be canceled.
It's not a science fiction or fantasy show.

How do those bettors explain House?

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