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June 01 2005

Gellar signs to United Talent Agency. This might not be enormously exciting news, but SMG has signed to UTA, one of the top four Hollywood agencies, following her recent acrimonious departure from William Morris. Word has it that UTA will assist her to pursue ambitions to produce films.

I must extend a credit to where I first read this news.

Actually, it is good news. That last agency was clearly in spar with Sarah and others. Still not sure of the problem, but judging from the comments of said agency, SMG did the right thing as did the other actors. I hope this new agency will do well. As always, good luck Sarah.
Good for her.
I'll be in the theater at one of her upcoming movies, I'm sure.
You'd think the people writing the article would get the time line right regarding Southland Tales and her new project, also guys..."Buffy" ran for seven years, not six! Oh well, being a bit dorkish I guess...good luck, Sarah, while I'll always love seeing you in front of the camera, with your brains and drive, there's nothing you can't accomplish!
No. It ran for 6 years. 1997 to 2003 is 6 years. She was part of the project for 7 years(1996 to 2003) but the show wasn't on the air that long.

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6.5 years right? So it's approximately 7. She's said she was part of the show for 8 years.
Roger Ebert claimed Sarah could write and direct a better movie than The Grudge all by herself. Perhaps she read his review and took it to heart. I'll be very interested to learn the types of movies she'd like to produce. Do you think she'll avoid or embrace further horror movies?
Looks like she wants to get into producing to have a bit more creative control over her projects. Sounds like a good move. Personally I hope she stays away from horror for a while so she doesn't get typecast.
Best of luck, Sarah. I'll be in the audience!
The full article does make a mistake because it says BtVS ran for 6 seasons.
Um, regardless of whether it was 6... 6.5.. or 7 years, BtVS still ran for SEVEN (7) seasons. Hence the seven DVD boxsets that read "season 1, season 2, etc." on them.
Yes, good for her, just hope she gets to do some interesting films and that her taste in films doesn't diverge to far from mine.

There still seems to be no news on The Grudge 2 and whether she actually gets a producer credit on it, hope she doesn't leave the horror genre behind completely, I'm sure her input could have improved many of the latest crop of horror films.

Very little news regarding the 'untitled' aka 'Revolver', difficult to understand why they still havent announced a new name, doing promotion for 'untitled' can't be much fun.
Maybe one day we'll see a David Boreanaz directed/Sarah Michelle Gellar produced movie.
Simon, that would be great. It could be based on an Amber Benson screenplay starring Emma Caulfield and Tom Lenk as wacky private investigators hired by mysterious, rich industrialist Adam Baldwin to find his wayward daughter, Michelle Trachtenberg, who was last seen engaged in a fake kidnapping plot with Summer Glau and Alexis Denisof, intended to teach Summer's legal guardian, her older sister Charisma Carpenter, a lesson for trying too hard to control her. Or it could be a musical.
I don't think the horror genre is something that she has a particular interest in remaining involved in. I think she was just intelligent enough to know that she needed to be in a successful film, and as she's said many times, horror is a genre which does lend itself to female lead characters who are the focal point of the story. Now that she's been in The Grudge and it's been a success, I don't see her participating in that genre again for quite a few years (with the possible exception of the sequel). I know that "Revolver" has been described as a horror film in some articles, but I wouldn't class it as belonging in that genre from anything I've read. Supernatural thriller certainly, but that's very different in my eyes.
Janelovesvera - I'd watch that show is a second!

Best of luck top SMG, I'm confident she is going to continue on with more success.
Regarding genres, none of her next three confirmed projects are 'horror' films (that is, the untitled film commonly referred to as 'Revolver', 'Southland Tales' and 'The Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing'). Four, if you count the animated 'Happily N'Ever After'.

How many horror films has she actually appeared in? I make it three in the last eight or nine years - 'I Know What You Did Last Summer', a small role in 'Scream 2', and 'The Grudge'. I think there is a tendency to assume every film she has ever made is in the horror genre when that is actually not the case.
dbp, you are right of course, what I intended to say was that since my personal preference leans towards genre and horror those are the kind of projects I'd like to see her involved in, while I may catch a romcom or drama by accident it will never be appointment films like sci-fi/fantasy or horror for me (like a romzomcom for example, we need more of those),but that's just my taste, it will be interesting to see what kind of projects she chooses in the future.

I'm not much for remakes but one remake I'd actually like to see is for someone to try and update the old classic 'Arsenic and old lace' farce with SMG in the Cary Grant role of trying to keep her life on track with bodies in the basement, crazy relatives killing people out of kindness and a clueless boyfriend trying to propose, that I'd pay money to watch.
jpr, I think that's a terrific idea, so long as they didn't mess with the tone of the film. Any Whedonesquers who haven't seen the original are missing a complete laugh riot.
I read a couple of articles that Sony was leaning towards casting new lead actors in Grudge 2. 'Course, nothing is written in stone as of yet, but I've the feeling SMG won't be a part of it. In yet another article covering an interview with SMG, she mentioned she would be interested in replaying the role if Sony asked, but I kinda' got the feeling it wasn't something she was pursuing. Just my take on the articles.

In the same interview with SMG (Entertainment Weekly a few months ago), she also said she would like to try different acting roles other than horror and genre if possible. However, if she found herself 'locked' in those roles, she would be OK with it and would press on. I read this as Sarah really wants to spread her wings and challenge her acting talents in everything. A very healthy attitude for a young actress, I think she'll do very well.

Simon, that was an interesting thought about David Boreanaz filling a director's chair some day. I thought he did a remarkable job in directing 'Soul Purpose'.
What do romcom and romzomcom mean? Somebody help out the clueless.

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I can confirm that 'romcom' is Romantic Comedy, as in 'Simply Irresistible', a film many people would say is neither romantic or very funny. I like it, but I am a complete sap for such things.

As to 'romzomcom', I can only guess that it's that little known genre Romantic Zombie Comedy, something that jpr undoubtedly has high hopes will catch on in the fullness of time!
Quite right, dashboardprophet - "romzomcom" is the heading that the English film, Shaun of the Dead, trailed under. It was about zombies taking over part of North London, but nobody actually noticed. Extremely funny, definitely worth getting the DVD (and incidentally, a film that Joss himself rated very highly).
From what I've heard, Sony credit Sarah greatly when it comes to the success of the first film. I think she'll be in it if she wants to be in it. For some reason I don't think she'll want to be though, unless it was some kind of cool cameo.
Yep, romzomcom (as far as I know it is a genre of one film) was intended to be a reference to 'Shaun of the Dead' and I do believe many romantic comedies would be vastly improved by adding zombies to the mix.

Impossible, I understand what you are saying and based on the relative failures of some of the latest sequels incl. 'The Ring 2' for SMG staying away might be the smart thing to do but there is still demand for 'good' horror and with a quality script TG2 could do quite well.

An argument can be made that what the horror audience is looking for is the next new idea, sequels frequently looks like what they are namely people trying to cash in on the same idea twice ( or more, sometimes much more ), based on that horror sequels should probably be shunned unless the writers can add something entirely new to the recipe, in effect making it a 'new' film with some known characters instead of a true sequel.

I have high hopes for 'Southland Tales' though, the descriptions sounds quirky enough for my taste.
The truth comes out. She wants more creative control. She probably told William Morris that and their response was to laugh in her face, so she left (arguably the most powerful agency in the business) and found an agency that promises to serve her needs as an actress.


It doesn't matter how powerful your agent is, if they're not using that power for you. We'll either see a lot more of SMG in the next two years, or she'll effectively cease to exist in the business. The ball's in UTA's court.
"Roger Ebert claimed Sarah could write and direct a better movie than The Grudge all by herself. Perhaps she read his review and took it to heart."

Roger Ebert among others. Writers, directors and actors have noticed that she really seems to know how the entire movie-making process works. They've mentioned that she always hits her mark and even knows where everyone else's mark is. Good stuff. Congrats to Sarah for signing with UTA and congrats to them for snatching up such a great client.

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