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June 02 2005

Second Angel comic book mini-series planned for the end of the year. And we're assured that it will feature "the whole cast of characters from the television show". Will it be post Not Fade Away? Who knows.

Well, this will be the first comic that I've ever ordered and bought straight after release! So, I'm looking forward to it.

It appears that "The Curse" is post NFA, whilst Spike's story, or at least some of it, is not. I would presume that the Second Series will be post NFA, with Angel finding the rest of the team at the end of the first?

*sits and ponders*
Does "The Curse" make any reference to the post-apocalyptic LA that we should have seen in the 6th season?
The Spike One-Shot is not post NFA.I believe it was established on PAD'S blog the two comic's are not connected and independant of each other.PD has made several comments to suggest this would take place sometime in late 6 or early 7.

They said In the first comic series, Angel will see the the others through flashbacks. Since everyone is dead except possibly three others, I don't think he will be finding the others at the end, nor would that feature a broad cast of characters.

I have high doubt until the the tv movie question is answered with any degree of certainty, that this second one will be post NFA. More likley somewhere, where they can have Cordy maybe alive, and Wes as well. I would love some Conner.

Plus if the Spike one does well there will be more one shot's for other character's. Perhaps they will try and answer where Dru is in early or mid season 5.

I don't know if it refrences it, but since this is Jeff's own story and has nothing to do with anything in L.A, I would kinda doubt it.

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The second mini is set post-NFA. I remember reading in an interview of Mariotte or something that the flashbacks explaining what happened in the alley would run through the first two mini series.
Through the first series, Mariotte had said. He had said that would be the way they would show the others in this first series. Flashbacks.

This new interview makes it seem the time period is up in the air. Alot of the character's everyone loves or what to see, such as Lindsey, Cordy, Wes, Fred, Lilah and so on,are dead post NFA. To be able to use the broadest of base it might be set somewhere in in late 4 or early to mid-five, IMO.

Jeff Mariotte said he was trying real hard to get permission to use Dru, so to use her in Angel's story or universe. That is why I think she may be a big part of whatever the second series is. You would need to have Spike for that.

Here is is his blog.

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Spike doesn't have to be part of a Dru-featuring Angel mini-series. She was fine on her own in Angel Season 2, re-siring Darla and all. I'm not sure Spike-with-a-soul is all that relevant to whatever Dru could offer the storyline at this point anyway. She kinda just needs to be staked, yeah?

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Kris, but Drusilla still has the Shanshu prophecy to fulfill. She can't die yet.

Kidding or not, they should totally have that happen. Might be funny. It'd piss off so many people (within the story and the fandom).
She's the most likely candidate aside from Angel and Spike. The Powers had a hand in that bloodline, and since Darla is dead, Angel signed his Shanshu away, and Spike...well, Spike has a whole different prophecy to fulfill, I suspect. Dru, with her visions, could be a useful champion for the Powers. Probably won't happen, but I'm just saying.

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