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June 03 2005

Alan Tudyk interview at Nice description of his bio and career. Focuses much more on his movie work, but "Firefly" and "Serenity" get mentioned with love. "A lot of people recognize me from [the short-lived cult TV series] Firefly because it's the one I don't have an accent in; it's my own voice. Also, those fans are very... enthusiastic is the word I would use."

such a great article and a great guy!!! :)
Great interview - thanks for posting it.

Funny about Julliard - all the stuff Alan says sounds similar to the things James Marsters has said so many times.

"enthusiastic" - I like that word for us Firefly/Whedonverse fans. Good word Alan, so much better than obsessive, or crazy.
What a rare and riveting interview -- thank you so much.
What a sweetie.
I love Alan Tudyk. He's just great. And he makes me feel better about dropping out of theatre school.
I'm so glad Hank Azaria is going to step down in October in order to let my Alan shine in "Spamalot", and , of course that I have tickets.... Wheeee!

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