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June 03 2005

"Firefly" DVDs at Amazon for $30. "Firefly" DVDs now available at for $29.99.
Stock up folks, there are still friends, family, and passing strangers who need to be sat down and shown this.

Or, you can try to win one for a $5 donation at All proceeds go to getting more Firefly DVDs (along with Buffy and Angel) into public libraries. Yes, shameless plug.
Barnes & Noble has Firefly DVDs on sale right now, three sets for the price of two. These are full priced ($39/each) but with free shipping, so the three sets I bought came to only $26/each. I figure I'll have no trouble finding people to give them to as gifts over the next year.
Which kinda makes you wonder how many people have been buying multiple sets, doesn't it? How often do you see bulk discounts on a TV show DVD?

Hee hee hee...
Damn! I just bought this from Amazon right before the price went down. My copy shipped out on May 31st!
I still need to get this but I currently do not have an available credit card. I wish amazon took Paypal.
Firefly Flanatic, if I were you I would write an e-mail complainting to Amazon (with your order number included), if you get an 'automatic response' then reply to that and complain again. I think you can get a refund for the difference with very little effort. After all, they don't want you taking your future business elsewhere.
And Chris Bridges, I imagine a lot of people have been buying multiple sets, it does make a nice gift for friends and relatives (I gave a number of them as wedding gifts! LOL).
If I remember correctly, Amazon has an option to pay them via check or money order.
The sets have been selling especially well since the release of the trailer and the previews. It has been slowly inching its way back into the top 50, then 40, then 30. Not bad for a release that's a year and a half old!

Thanks to Haken's very nifty real time tracker over at, you can see how it's doing.

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It's now ranked #19 in the Amazon US "DVD bestsellers" list. This is extraordinary for a show that came out a few years ago. To anyone who wouldn't mind spending $30, please buy and share with the uninitiated! We still have four months to spread the word and build up a big, damn audience for Serenity. Oh, and you can help whedonesque in the process by clicking on the Amazon Firefly link in the right hand of the page......

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