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June 03 2005

Serenity Tickets on sale? It appears to be starting again. Fandango in Houston is selling tickets to a Special Advance Preview on June 23rd at 10:00 p.m. It's been up for almost 10 hours now. Feeling is that they have jumped the gun and others will wait until Monday.

Lots of discussion on the the Serenity Site but with no other cities coming on board yet, and no message from Joss, it looks as though the rest of us have to wait and hope.

Interesting. Keeping my eyes and ears open. :)
"It's been up for almost 10 hours now"

so has it sold out yet?
Is this a confirmed Serenity screening? Did I miss something? Or are people buying tickets and 'hoping' it's Serenity?
TaraLivesOn posted some info on Flicker this morning that includes other cities that are expected to come on board but not when. I was wondering about Monday myself.

It is not clear on the website, but TaraLivesOn indicated she was pretty sure it was Serenity.

Houston does not seem to be sold out...yet.
Rogue Slayer, there's been nothing from Joss or Universal on a June 23rd screening. I wonder if an official announcement will come soon? Because you can't stop the Serenity screening signal - even if this turns out to not be Serenity. Let's hope people who have bought tickets for Houston are really going to be seeing Serenity and not some other film.

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Confirmed, no. But on Fandango, the Special Advance Preview referred to uses the same movie ID number as the prior Serenity screenings.
Bought tickets about 20 minutes ago - hoping against hope it's Serenity, but on the same date and at the same theatre as what the rumours said, I'm thinking it HAS to be... - so no, it isn't sold out yet. I'm definitely hoping it's Serenity! (As are the other four people I'll be seeing it with, I'm sure. :p)
Just got a peek on the art of the comic...Beautiful, exceptthat I think Mal's pants aren't tight enough :)
If only we had a preview in France... Joss... Come here... Pretty please (with a cherry on top)...
Funny thing is, at the 2nd screening I turned to a friend of mine and said, "I feel like I have season tickets to Serenity."
LOL, theonetruebix! Isn't that the truth!
Yeah the date/time screening seems to be more or less confirmed by what people have said on other boards (they spoke to the ticket sales people at the cinemas).

Apparently the following is the list of cinemas/cities (do note I'm not saying it's valid).

Chicago Rivereast AMC
Denver Highland Ranch AMC
San Francisco Van Ness AMC
Dallas Valley View AMC
Kansas City Barywoods AMC
Miami Aventura AMC
Minniapolis Southdale AMC
Philadelphia Neshaminy AMC
Cinncinatti Newport Levee AMC
Columbus Lennox AMC
St. Louis Creve Coeur AMC
Tampa Veterans AMC
Las Vegas Palms Brenden
Portland Eastport Century
Sacramento Roseville Century
Phoenix Arizona Mill Harkins
Boston Common Loews
Seattle Meridian Loews
D.C. Georgetown Loews
Hartford Buckland Hills National Amusements
Providence Providence Place National Amusements
Atlanta Hollywood 24 Regal
Austin Gateway Regal
Norfolk Macarthur Regal
Houston Greenway Plaza Regal

And to emphasise again, this HAS NOT been officially confirmed.
I would be very, very, VERY shocked if it isn't Serenity. "Special Advance Preview" is exactly what the other 2 screenings were called, and the SF theater told me they had "never" done anything like this before.

And honestly - if you wait for an 'official' announcement - all the tix will be sold out. ;)
Gosh, if there was just one theater listed that was within a, say, 100-mile radius of me, I would try to figure out how to make childcare arrangements et al. in order to attend a Thursday 10 p.m. showing . . .

As it is, I shall continue actively to empathize with my Serenity-starved brothers and sisters in the rest of the world . . . and continue to wear blinkers and earplugs for the next 3-4 months so as not to be spoiled too darn much.
Thanks Simon for posting the potential sites.

Still no love for Indianapolis :(
Denver Highlands AMC 24 doesn't have anything listed yet. I talked to a human at the theater and he didn't know either, but said he wouldn't be surprised if there was another showing...
Is there anyone else out there that doesn't want to see the film until it is completely finished, or am I all alone?
I'm ambivalent about seeing the unfinished version, weighing the interest of seeing a work in progress against a fully formed final product. If it were in Indy, I would probably go, but a multi-hour trek, notsomuch.
There apparently rumours of a Can't Stop The Signal screening thingy in the UK (or rather Great Britain as it's sods law that Northern Ireland won't get a look in).
The nearest is still about a 5 hour drive from me ... I can go North to Atlanta or South to Tampa. With the conventions I've already arranged to attend, there will be no road trip for me.
Well, alas, nothing in my neck of the woods...yet again. But I guess once is enough until September...

And you barely notice that it's not finished. Just a few touches here and there.
Oh, I'm in Canada. There's virtually no chance of me seeing it before it comes out - except that I happen to be in Houston that day to visit some friends. Even if I weren't keen on seeing an unfinished movie (which isn't true - I don't mind seeing a work in progress) I'd still be taking it as fate that I happen to be there when there's a screening. XD

That said, screenings in Canada would be awesome. :p
I deffinitely had no problem seeing an unfinished version of the film, and would do it again, but I have to disagree about barely noticing that it's not finished. Maybe it's something to do with being the son of a cinematographer, but the non-color timed print looked really rough to me, and was kinda distracting at times (one of the main purposes of timing is to make sure lighting matches from shot to shot within a scene). Timing adds a lot to a film, as does a real score.
Is Anybody here waiting in NY? My theater in Middletown NY is not even aware of the trailer for Serenity. Very sad. help.
Saw it. Want to see it again. And again. And again. Also want a "Can't Stop the Signal" shirt. And Serenity logo buttons to hand out to people on the street. One *might* think I've lost my head over this film. . .
Has anyone seen the trailer for Serenity in a movie theater?
Yeah I saw it before Hitchhiker's Guide. It looked cool. Audience reaction was muted, but they liked the bit at the end with Mal shooting the Operative. It came right after the Star Wars preview, and looked cheaper but better. Now I've seen both films, I can say that appearances were not decieving.
anyone able to get to show the Chicago Screening?
Bonzbob, have faith. These are working copies - I'm fairly certain it'll look a little less cheap when the final reels come out. At least Serenity has, you know, decent dialogue and good acting. :)
I believe that the list of cities came from someone's Live Journal - the page in question is no longer there. I still have hopes for Canada - 25 cities might well be evened out to 30 with the addition of 5 Canadian cities. Question is when? Are they all scrambling to get the others ready or will they wait until whatever date they previously chose comes around?
Kerec, no Chicago yet. Hoping soon, as I have loads of time right now to keep hitting refresh!
I bought my tickets to Houston already. I missed the Austin screenings due to school and I didn't want to be left out yet again. At least Houston is much closer to me. If this isn't really Serenity, all the Browncoats who bought tickets are planning on having a shindig in the theatre.
oy, having a serious case of Serenity guilt. I have to wonder why they're repeating the same cities... still going tho!
Gingeriffic, I'm assuaging my guilt by bringing in some Firefly-ignorant. If I can turn them into Browncoats, it's okay that I'm seeing Serenity again, no? I'm also buying an extra ticket for any fan who can't get one, selling at face-value.
Gah, why did they have to start having showings in Phoenix after I'd already moved out of state? I saw the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy, back-to-back-to-back at AZ Mills, it would have been pretty sweet to see Serenity there, too.

And nothin' for Salt Lake City... Because I'll take the hour and a half drive there, but not the 8 hours to Las Vegas. Though I suspect I'm going to have to drive down to SLC for a good theater to see the finished product in, anyway.
Someone on the Serenity site has posted links for tickets to all the theatres mentioned for June 23rd. Apparently still only Houston showing up.

I won't be driving to Portland this time but I would go to Seattle if there wasn't a Vancouver screening. Given what Chris Buchanan said at the Portland screening ("for more screenings, we are looking at the States, then North America, then international" - not a direct quote, but pretty close), I'm hopeful we will have two or three in Canada, and it may even look hopeful for the UK, Simon. *crosses fingers for all of us*
The prevailing theory is that the majority of tickets won't go on sale till Monday.

However if you go to this thread at and scroll down to Soupcatcher's post, you'll see some very handy direct links to the relevant (alleged) theatres.
I have at least 60 Browncoats here in Toronto (ON) praying we don't get left out again. I hope that list is incomplete.
I bought tickets on faith. I did the same with the May 5th screening, and that turned out well, so I'm hoping this doesn't turn out to be a sneak peek at something else.

To assuage my guilt at seeing it again, I'm taking two people who haven't seen it, although they are already Firefly fans.

And I'm still gonna see it Sept 30.
Samatwitch, I think Chris was talking about screenings entirely seperate from these ones. I don't think Canada will be included in this batch. But I do hope they start a batch of screenings up there soon. I sympathize with you guys.
Britain! Britain! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! London is only an hour or two driva away from me! OH MY GOD!
Canada please. Specifically: Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Edmonton.

You may be right, esg. His answer to our question of Canadian screenings was general but vaguelly encouraging. We were just starting to be hopeful because of the rumours of 30 screenings and there are only 25 US cities listed. Oh, well, we'll keep trying.

BTW, has anyone noticed that every time you refresh a page on the Serenity board, membership grows? Membership has grown by over 100 since I logged on this morning. More Browncoats - Shiny! And Houston is now showing as being sold out, although they may just have stopped selling the tickets until all the other theatres are online.
4:30 Eastern Standard time, Houston appears to be sold out.

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A word of advice about who to take with you to a screening. Invite 1 person from a couple (if you can manage it in a way that's not socially awkward). If a couple sees it together it's less likely they'll see it together again (it takes just 1 to veto), but if one sees it, there's a pretty good chance that both will go in September (the one who hasn't seen it will be curious).

When I went, I invited 2 guy friends. I believe they're both planning to see it in September with their wives. 4 tickets sold right there to new recruits.
Now I'm upset. I go away from the computer for a couple of hours and this happens.

No listing for it in Bensalem, PA yet. Anyone on the East coast able to find tickets on sale?

Now I can't leave my computer...

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Nebula, I'm going to keep my eye on Bensalem this time. I need to catch it this time, and I'll be heartbroken if I do miss it a second time. I guess you liked it if you're going for a second time.
Apocalypse, where have you seen a London screening?
IMForeman: I loved it last time. I'm trying to bring other people who never saw "Firefly" this time, plus at least one co-worker I just learned is an avid fan of Joss Whedon. (He was thrilled to see me show an episode of "Buffy" in my class the other night, and asked me if I had ever heard of Firefly. When I told him I had seen "Serenity," he was floored and very envious, because he didn't even know there were screenings last week.)

Also, what I'd like to do is buy extras (if I can) and offer them up to people here at face value so fewer people get ripped off on Ebay next time. That's if I can get any at all...

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2005-06-03 23:12 ]
As much as I would love to have another serving of Serenity, I think other Browncoats who haven't had the pleasure for the first time should have a chance to. Ergo, I'll wait til September.

Nebula, I think that's a great idea.
I may have to take you up on that offer, Nebula if you manage it. My work schedule makes it funtastic to try and get any net related things done. I hate my job. >:( It better not keep me from my BDM.
Nebula and IMForeman, I'm right there with you watching for Bensalem. No 6am flight out of LaGuardia to keep me home this time. I really want a ticket!

I was wondering if I should buy an extra ticket or two if I get the chance so other Whedonesquers could see it. If I don't get the chance to buy one I sure would love to be on the list to buy one off someone here.
samatwitch - I've noticed the same thing. I've really noticed in the last couple weeks. It's wild to hit refresh and see 2, 4, 6, 10 new members every single time.
Simon - a UK screening? Any more info? The carrot has been well and truly dangled!
That so many new members are joining the Browncoats every day is fantastic. Wonderful! I'm feeling more and more that Universal's pre-screenings gambit is already paying off. The screenings beget word of mouth, online reviews, the rise in Firefly DVDs back to the 20s list on Amazon....and thus it grows and grows. I wonder if Universal's viral marketing strategy for Serenity will be itself studied and written up? I've never heard of anything like this before. The online trailer didn't hurt, either. Unless someone can give another reason for so many new members besides the pre-screenings?

I really hope that Serenity pre-screens outside the U.S. so that our fellow non-U.S. browncoats get a taste of the action.
Thanks for the hopes, phlebotinin. Although I plan to go several times when it opens for real, there is still nothing like sitting in a theatre full of Browncoats waiting to see the BDM - and listen to Joss's message. And I think the screenings are having an effect. I know just about everyone in my office is now aware of the movie. We have some Browncoats, some pre-Browncoats, some possible Browncoats and maybe a Reaver :)
Anyone else notice June 23 is Joss' birthday? Coincidence?
Anyone else notice June 23 is Joss' birthday?

I realized that immediately when I first read the rumor about these screenings on LJ. It's also my brother's birthday, so I'm trying to get tickets as a b-day present for him. He hasn't seen it yet.

I don't have a card, so I'm depending on the kindness of others to help me out. I have a $30 money order in my possesion, which I'll give to the person who can purchase 3 Portland tickets for me. m'cookies said she would try, but she is away from her computer during the day. I'm hoping I can get lucky one more time.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Canadians, samatwich. Heck, shouldn't it be a law that Serenity pre-screen there since two of the BDHs are Canadian?

I suspect I know a closet Reaver or two. I try to stay away from them as much as possible.
I'd love to go, but none of my Browncoat friends can go with me. Anybody in the Springfield, IL area who would want to carpool?
I know just about everyone in my office is now aware of the movie. We have some Browncoats, some pre-Browncoats, some possible Browncoats and maybe a Reaver :)

I think I work with nothing but Reavers, particularly stupid ones who say stuff like "I like Kelly Clarkson's new rocker-chick vibe, especially 'cos it's not hardcore like Joan Jett." I have to vomit now :-P
Boy oh boy, hopefully round 3 is right around the corner! I absolutely *cannot* miss it this time! Like samatwitch said, I am definitely willing to head south to Seattle if VanCity, home of the lovely and talented Jewel Staite, doesn't get a preview screening. I'm pretty sure I can get the time off, but if not then I think June 23-24 may be the perfect time to contract that 48-hour avian flu that's going around ;-)
If this really does go down and I can score tickets, I'll definitely buy extra, if I can go or if I can't, and my fellow Browncoats in my local Firefly Meetup group and here at Whedonesque get first crack at them. Spreadin' the word, spreadin' the love!
Since tickets are being sold to screenings now as opposed to them being free previews or whatever, does anyone know if the ticket sales will count towards any kind of box office for the movie?
As far as Canada is concerned, I doubt Ottawa will get a screening. They'd opt for Montreal seeing as it's the second largest city in the country, and since Ottawa is between Montreal and Toronto? No screening, I bet. I figured they'd go Vancouver, Edmonton (or Calgary...?), Winnipeg, Montreal, Toronto. I guess there's the possibility they'd forgo Winnipeg in favour of somewhere down east, but I doubt it. Winnipeg is a more sure bet than, say, Halifax.

I WISH there'd be a screening in Ottawa, seeing as that's where I live, but I doubt it. :p Though we DID get an advance screening of Sin City, so you never know.

Impossible: There were some threads before about the screenings counting towards the first weekend gross or something. It's on Jewel Staite's blog, I know.
If this is for real, looks like I'm packing up and heading to Chi town again. Maybe we'll get another BDH! Not getting tickets until it's confirmed though.
I could see Winnipeg being given up for Ottawa. That's the way most tours seem to go. It's assumed that if us 'peggers really want to see something, we'll just drive to Fargo or Minneapolis. Which, you know, is why I'm trying to find a car (and crossing my fingers that I can wrangle the time off work) to drive the six hours to the Minneapolis viewing instead of hoping that it will show here.
abbylee: Really? I'm almost always at a loss because the organizers for things have gone for Montreal and Toronto and figured that anyone from Ottawa who really wants to see something will drive the two hours to Montreal for it. XP I'll admit I don't know anything about Winnipeg, I just assumed since that'd leave a HUGE gap between Alberta and Ontario that they'd go for it. Who knows? Maybe Ottawa would get one by virtue of being the national capital! ...but we don't really have a large enough population to justify it, so I'm not sure. Maybe, maybe not. On an unrelated note, I had no idea that Winnipeg was so close to Minneapolis. o.O (And if you're thinking of driving six hours, by that token they could assume anyone from Ottawa who wants to see it bad enough will drive the seven hours to Boston...)
Now I'm all worried about posting this, thinking that someone with decision making in mind will use my arguments against me. Damn me and my need to share facts!

The thing is, while skipping us does leave that huge gap between Alberta and Ontario, our population is often considered just not big enough. Ottawa with 1.14 million people has a population just smaller than all of Manitoba with 1.17 million.

So, yeah, it's not unusual for us to be skipped. However, you're also right that with the short drive / easy train ride to the next big metropolitan, Ottawa often gets the short end. Which is why those who live in Toronto and Vancouver get to think they live in the better cities ;)

I definitely am thinking of driving. But I'd really have to go with someone who would make a weekend out of it, so it's not like it's even 90% decided. I'm sort of at 60/40. Plus, I'm speaking as someone who drives two hours each way, each weekend, to the lake during the summer, who has extended family in Minneapolis so I do that drive every couple of years, and who has driven from Toronto to Winnipeg (24 hours) a number of times, so I'm not scared of time in the car.
In Jewel's last post on her website she said all of these screenings would count towards first weekend box office. Shiny!
R.E. The UK screenings: That was me getting all excited about the rumours, unfortunately there has been no offical conformation yet :(

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