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June 03 2005

Serenity Action Figure Preorder. Online retailer Entertainment Earth has posted a page to preorder Serenity Series One action figures.

I sure hope they have more just Mal and Jayne.

Why does Jayne look like he's about to cry?
Maybe he just ripped tape off his belly?
And what's with the Mal with coat's pompadour? Did he blow dry his hair all pouffy before heading out for some crime? Maybe that's why Jayne's going to cry? In disgust?
Still hoping those are prototype molds. They still have another few months to fix them, re-mold and re-paint.

I wish they'd show us the "mystery" figure already, what's been labeled as a "villain".
Don't know, the first Mal figure at least has some likeness. Though the look seems to say "Oh no, I lost my ship, the only survivor is Jayne AND my security blanket is gone. Also, I think Jayne is about to start crying. Oh, please, no." Makes you feel all sad for these guys. Let's hope that whole prototype excuse is for real *praying*
Awfully steep price for figures that don't look much like the characters. Their clothes are good but as noted many times before by many posters here, the faces are awful.
I saw a clip of Wondercon where these were unveiled and it was clear than Nathan Fillion was not pleased with the lack of likeness. I can see it. You get an action figure, you sorta want it to look like you!
Where can you see the clip?

I remember SMG or someone commented on how there were action figures made of her, where they actually scanned her face, and they still didn't look remotely like her. There have been some good Buffy ones but also typical blonde Barbie style ones.

You'd think with the technology available that they can get good likenesses to the actors, and as there have been some excellent figures it is possible, so why can't they all be as good as some of the terrific Spike figures I have seen?

Kinda disappointed with these, hopefully they will be improved, and I think it would be better to release different characters rather than two versions of Mal and Jayne.
I really hope Sideshow does these too. I think the Sideshow likenesses are really good with a couple of exceptions (Faith & Willow). I also thought the price was really steep for these. Is it because it is an exclusive set or something? I'm pretty sure I saw these priced about $15 as individuals somewhere.
I think the price is for a case of 10 figures, which is still pretty steep. Also, I have to wonder why Jayne and Mal look so concerned, and why there are two versions of Mal and Jayne and no versions of any of the other characters.
I think the reason that sometimes some actors just can't seem to get good likenesses is that they really USE their faces when they act. I mean, how often do we see Willow just sitting there with no expression on her face? Scans or no, it's not really what she looks like.

Bring on the rest of the cast!! Or I'll pout...

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