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June 03 2005

Breaking News : Amber Benson at Motor City Buffy this weekend. Saturday and Sunday in Detroit, MI. Amber Benson is appearing in the place of Michelle Kelly. Tickets are available at the door of the event.

This information was just announced today at the event.

I'm still sad that this is so close to home and I'm broker than broke.
I know how you feel, Rogue! I can’t afford the conference, but I did make it to James Marsters’ concert last night and was thrilled. Following a delayed flight, he struggled with a poor sound system in a conference room that was not acoustically friendly, but he still managed to delight the audience with a great selection of songs from “Civilized Man”, one from “Mad Brilliant” (Ghost of the Robot), and some new material he may record on his next CD. He’s as charismatic in person as he is on the screen, sweetly self-depreciating, friendly, and - of course - gorgeous! Sigh....
Did anyone here attend this? I'd be interested in hearing how it went. I also live not too far away, but don't have the cash to attend.

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