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June 03 2005

A new Jewel Staite fansite. This site just started 6/1/05, and has some nice pics of the lovely Jewel.

Nice site, or should I say, shiny site.
Oou that site's gorgeous!
i didn't know we could advertise fansites.
i didn't know we could advertise fansites.

As long as they're not your own, you can link to them.

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ah, okay.
Has anyone gone and taken a look at her wedding pictures? Is that Morena holding her dress? Sure seems like it to me.
I believe that most of the cast came to her wedding. She spoke of it in a podcast interview.
Nice site but it didn't work well for me in Opera. Too bad.
Am I the only one to think that Jewel is much more interesting, on photos, as "herself" (quite natural, not too much makeup) rather than in photoshoots (well, at least photoshoots where she has a great deal of make up on her - her black and white photoshoots are, on the other hand, *really* beautiful)?

I love Kaylee because I find that Jewel plays it very "natural" (Kaylee is not a character that tries to seduce, as Inara; she seduces by simply being Kaylee). The photoshoots, in this site, where Jewel has a "serious" attitude (like a model in a magazine) are not half as beautiful as the photos where she is more "natural" (even if she only *plays* natural).

I must confess that I quite rarely feels for a character as I do for Kaylee in Firefly (I had the idea to study medecine and then rescue my little sister from an evil government center, just in case I might stumble, in the process, on some Kaylee... one of the major problem in this plan is that I have no sister... and that I am not half seducing as Sean Maher!). So I may be harsh towards Jewel when she gets far from Kaylee. ;)
Le Comite, I have spent many evenings in graveyards shouting "Help! Vampire!" and not once has Buffy, or Faith, turned up to rescue me.

But I know what you mean about those pictures. Some girls need makeup to make them look good. Some girls just look great without makeup, or very little at least. The pics of Jewel on the main page looked nothing like Jewel. Michelle Trachtenberg is another one who frequently wears far too much stuff.
Genia, I believe Morena was her Maid of Honor.
I was refraining from comment because I didn't want it to be taken as a criticism of the site, but I really don't like the heavy makeup Jewel pics. She is so gorgeous as is that it seems a shame to cover her up with all that facade. /grins at Le Comite and zz9's posts above. Don't forget Nathan's decree, we must refer to Sean as Sean 'the Bod' Maher. Captain's orders :)

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