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June 03 2005

SCI-FI Brain, Firefly gets its own subpage on IGN. IGN has a relatively new(I think) genre specific format, and on the SCI-FI brain section, Firefly gets its own sub-page.

Other pages include, Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Dr. Who and more. Articles containing spoilers on the site seem to be marked.

I don't think this was posted yet, but if it was let me know.

I saw something that said "Spoiler Alert" and quickly scrolled back up so I don't know what it said but maybe this should be marked as a spoiler.
The Spoiler Alert text didn't give any spoilers, it just told you the link was to the AICN reviews. So you would have to click the link to get the spoiler, but sure I'll put it on.
Okay, thanks! Probably doesn't need the spoiler link then! Now I can go back and look at the page!
No problem, I was a little surprised to see Firefly there when looking over the list of sub-sections :) Seems to be mostly stuff we already know, but IGN does get a lot of traffic so it can only be good for the movie.
Yeah, I think it's good too! The movie is starting to get a lot of good buzz all over the place and that can only be good! I'm hoping that with all the Serenity mentions and them talking about how good the show was that more and more people will pick up the dvds and be hooked before the movie even comes out.

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