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June 04 2005

Release dates for next Astonishing X-men issues drift further into the horizon. #11 and #12 have now been pushed back yet again. But if you're missing the adventures of your favorite superhero team, check out "House of M", you won't be disappointed.

Why is House of M relevant for this Whedonesque thread? Well....

New Avengers writer Brian Michael Bendis revealed more information about the much anticipated Marvel event, House of M. "It's just about the damn biggest thing I've ever written. All the Marvel writers are involved and writing the stories they want to write." Fans have been speculating for several months that House of M is going to pick up where the “Chaos” storyline in Avengers #503 left off, but Bendis said not to believe what you read online.

It's a very big story and at its basis, it starts with Astonishing X-Men and New Avengers, but grows to include the entire Marvel Universe. "When we're done at the end, we don't put it back together the way we found it." Joss Whedon is not directly writing any part of the crossover, but he did help in planning it. He teased, "The enemy of the X-Men and the enemy of the Avengers is now the same person...."

(Via Comic Con Pulse)

And here's some news about a mini-series that spins off from a key event in Astonishing X-Men. If you haven't read issue 4 of Astonishing X-men and beyond, don't click on the link.

Teasing? House Of M issue 1 is already out. Seems a little late for teasing...
Just read the 1st issue and it seems promising thus far, guess it'll keep me going until the next AXM, especailly since I'm bound to buy all the tie-ins.

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