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June 05 2005

Summer Glau on 'The 4400' Season Premiere Tonight. 'The 4400' returns to USA Network tonight and it guest stars Summer Glau.

Summer Glau (River from 'Firefly/Serenity') will have a prominent role in season premier of the 'The 4400' tonight. To see what Summer looks like in the show have a look at the flash image at the top of the page as well as the season 2 theatrical trailer.

This series somehow slipped under my radar last summer. I see USA is replaying the first season; is it worth watching?
We've had a little thread on The 4400 over at the flickr annex.
I netflixed last season when I heard that Summer was going to make an appearance. It isn't bad. Quite a fun yarn with Peter Coyote who will be in Tim's The Inside premiering Wednesday.
I watched this series on Sky, hooked me in with it's simple premise of "good or bad"?

I'm glad it's got a second season and I'm interested to see where they take it. I'm also glad to see Summer there, however, I'm a little taken aback at how similar she seems to River!
Yeah, I was gonna say, will she play someone a little crazy with super powers? Who can say!
The *coughsplutterRisingStarscoughsplutter* 4400 is very watchable and Peter Coyote is easily the best thing in it. If the show could lose its turgid soap opera elements, it would be must see TV. Looking forward to seeing Summer in it.

Ummmm bugger Peter Coyote isn't going to be in it.

Although the show will be without Peter Coyote as the Home Sec bureau chief (Behr holds out hope for a late season appearance by the actor, who will appear in the new Fox series THE INSIDE), many familiar faces will buttress the show.

I enjoyed the show last summer and going to watch the marathon today to refresh my memory of the storyline. Coyote wasn't my fave part of the show. I loved the creepy little girl and the interracial couple. Good to see Summer again! Interesting how some of the BDH's are getting gigs on Univeral Studios owned tv shows(Jewel on SG:Atlantis being another one).
Summer herself recommended this show at the recent Serenity Con in London. She said she thought it is a show Firefly fans would enjoy. So color me interested.

She was actually supposed to be in the first season, but the schedule colflicted with her training for Serenity.

And yeah, Summer also mentioned how she is now being typecast for River-ish roles.
River-ish roles? Who would have though there would be enough characters out there that resemble a child prodigy driven made by corrupt government

rant over. that comment just struck me funny. Summer seems like such a versatile actress, it would be a shame to see her typecasted. I'll have to check this show out.
I just saw the Pilot yesterday, and immediately I loved it.
I will see the rest of the episodes to see the new ones as soon as possible.
I really enjoy this show. Can't wait to see Summer.
I read somewhere that she plays a character named Tess.

and on the official website she is shown on top (the flash thingy) on the "Behind the Scenes" section
Enjoyed the first series when it played through and looking forward tot he second. I'm a fan of Ira Behr's and they had some great stories. Sorry, not much with the words, out of it :)
Simon said:
The *coughsplutterRisingStarscoughsplutter* 4400 is very watchable...

Okay now I'm a little conflicted, 'cause I was gonna rent The 4400 eventually. Even though I'm pretty sure I've had my fill of non-space opera TV shows involving alien abductions/phenomenons (The X-Files, Taken, The Outer Limits, etc), at least for a while. But likening it to the comic book Rising Stars doesn't endear it to me at all, as I feel that's the worst thing J. Michael Straczynski has ever written (sure, it started out with promise...) So were you just comparing the stories (ie, alien phenomenon gives humans powers), or does The 4400 end up being as badly paced, at times convoluted, and mistaken in its continuity's details as Rising Stars?
Summer was great, and so was the episode of the show. We were hoping someone would be smart enough to show the "Serenity" trailer during a commercial break, but no such luck.
I really liked The 4400 when the first mini-series/season aired, it was a wonderful concept that wasn't quite matched in execution. It was good, but it could've been great. I'm hoping it can reach that greatness in this second season.

After the first episode, I think it's off to a promising start. But, I ALMOST (yes, I'm stressing that 'almost') hope Summer doesn't show up again. At the start of the episode, I was enjoying the reintroduction of all the characters (which was very well done)... and then Summer shows up. For the rest of the episode, I was just waiting for her to pop up again. I tried. I tried to focus on the rest of the story, but was less than successful.

The storyline with the baby did distract me momentarily though. Those were some spooky baby close-ups.
Well, I'm hooked.
And Summer channelled River a bit too well for my liking. I wanted to see another side of her but, she did a great job with the material she had.

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