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January 16 2003

The Fate of Buffy Still Unknown (as of Monday :) Reporters grilled Marsters, Brendon and Noxon about the fate of "Buffy" and the potential of a new spin-off.

As a sideline, he voiced concern that his actual age (40) has been finding its way into news articles, which could be a turnoff for the young-girl demographic the show draws.

He's never really talked about his age but is it really that much of a concern? Alsyon is 28, Charisma is in her early 30s, most fans know the actors are older than the characters they play.

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I think a lot of younger Spike fans have no idea he's 40. I've read so many posts saying "HUH" over the last couple of years.
If I looked that good when I am 40, I would be going yippee.

This just reminds me of similar situations in the music industry where in the past pop stars / groups had to lie about their sexuality or maintain that they were single so it wouldn't put off fans. But these days, there's a growing awareness in the industry that younger fans aren't really that bothered.
most fans know the actors are older than the characters they play.

Even still, Marsters is a couple hundred years younger than Spike.

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