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June 05 2005

Katie Holmes is Rumored to be One of the Actresses Most Likely to Play Wonder Woman. An Australian news site is reporting that Katie Holmes is up for consideration to play the part of Wonder Woman in the upcoming Wonder Woman movie.

Whedon's hasn't even started writing the script, and according to him they won't choose a Wonder Woman until the script's written.

In any case...I really don't think Batman's new girlfriend would make a good Wonder Woman. She's too...sweet.
Holmes said if the script was good, she'd be "very interested" and would bring Cruise with her.

Does she know that Joss is writing the script? Apparently not. Second, I don't think I feel comfortable with the Joey from Dawson's Creek playing Wonder Woman. I just don't. I don't think I ever will.

also, you should put a spoiler warning for those who don't want to know the results of the mtv movie awards. I don't care, but some people might.
Who watches that to see the winners? Their awards don't mean anything.

Katie Holmes as Wonderwoman is laughable. Almost more than Halle Berry playing Catwoman, err. Good thing we have Joss on this project instead of one-word-named french guys.
I'm with Huntress. She can't pull off the "angry face" Eliza Dushku can do.
Besides, Tom Cruise as Steve Trevor? That should doom the movie right there.
Sounds to me more like she's posturing for the role. My gut feeling is they go with more of an unknown.
I love Katie Holmes, but I think she doesn't fit in the role.
Sounds to me more like she's posturing for the role.
I have to agree with IMMORTAL on this one. It's not like Ms. Holmes needs much more these days to keep her name in the news, what with her new beau and his recent...'performance' on Oprah and whatnot. This reminds me of all the name-dropping rumour will churnings in the run-up to casting Lois Lane; funny how the only name from those rumours that stand out to me is Amy Acker's. I guess that why I'm on this site!
More with the on-topic, I also don't see Katie Holmes as a good fit for the role. Casting will happen when it's time and that time is when the script is finished.
Any young actress in Hollywood whose name is NOT mentioned in connection with this role should fire their publicist.
Katie Holmes as Wonder Woman? Doesn't work for me. But she could probably pull off Donna Troy (Wonder Girl/Troia)
While the search for the actress to play WW goes on, I know exactly who should be her stunt double - Zoe Bell. She did all the work for Xena (Lucy Lawless) and Kill Bill (Uma). She's an amazing Kiwi with all the right attitude and skills. Go see the "Double Dare" documentary and you'll know what I mean... It would be really ironic too as her mentor Jeannie Epper was the TV stunt-double for Lynda Carter.

ps. please keep Katie Holmes and especially (the nutzy) Tom Cruise away from the WW project!
Sheesh. Joss has never needed big names - he MAKES names big...

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Standing next to Tom Cruise, Wonder Woman will look tall.
Duuude, standing next to Tom Cruise, Oompa Loompas seem tall.
This is just more hot air. It's far too early for any actress names to be attached to this project.

As for Tom Cruise being 'nutty' this is the first time I've ever seen him be anything other than stolid and boring. He shows a little emotion and people call him a freak. I'm no great fan of his work, and certainly don't wanna see him end up with the role of Steve Trevor, but I don't see any benefit in being cruel and insulting. Seems some talents in showbiz, the only reason people support them and lift them up, is so they have the opportunity to someday take them down. Pretty screwy.
[comments regarding the validity of Scientology voluntarily removed for being offtopic.]

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ringworm: Whedonesque is not an open forum for discussing religion. Please stay on topic.

Regarding the article, well it's a hell of a stretch from 'actress expresses interests in script' to 'actress rumoured for lead role'.
I like Katie Holmes, and just because she's 'cute' doesn't mean she cant be anything else. And haven't I heard she was first choice for Buffy?
Wouldn't she have been 14 at the time?

ETA: Nevermind. She is only a year younger than SMG.

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Wow. Can't imagine Katie as Buffy, as much as I do like her.

Lol. Come to think of it, couldn't ever imagine the first choice for the movie Buffy in that role either - Alyssa Milano.
I think that she's a pretty good choice actually. She's definately got the looks and built for it and she a very adaptive actress who can play pretty much everything. So if Katie Holmes is Wonder Woman in 2007 or whenever I wouldn't be disappointed. But it's still too early to tell, Joss got to actually write the script first before the casting can begin. Or atleast a major outline.
That's far too awkward. Katie in Batman was fine, but the notion of her playing WW is far out on left field. If the studios ever plan a Trinity between Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, seeing Katie play Rachel and Diana is a little too weird, and just wrong.
These rumours are all just pie in the sky. Quite clearly, Joss himself will be playing Wonder Woman, although whether he keeps the beard or not is open to debate.
Thanks dashboardprophet, I needed a laugh. I'll have a silly grin all morning.

Cheers to you!
buffbuff: There were rumours that she was "up for the role" of Buffy, but I think that meant that at best she had one audition. There's certainly no way that she was a first choice. Firstly, she certainly would have taken the role if she had been, and secondly, Joss and everyone else has been pretty clear about them auditioning everyone and the only person they really took to in the role was Sarah. Based on Joss' vision, she would have also been too tall, and I think she's the sort of brunette who would never pull off blonde hair. She also would have been pretty young when the auditions were taking place. 15 or 16.

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What I heard, for what it's worth, is that she was considered for Buffy but as she was under 18 at the time she would have not been able to work the hours, and at night, needed. There are legal ways around this so who knows. Maybe this is just PR for KH.

SMG was offered Cordelia and asked to be considered for Buffy and was then offered the part. She said after a dozen auditions and weeks of waiting.

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Unless Joss' vision of WW somehow specifically calls for her type, I sincerely doubt Katie Holmes will be on his list. Whether or not she is cute is hardly the point. Cute and pretty are a dime a dozen in Hollywood. This is Wonder Woman we're talking about. The 'cute little teenage coed'-type is about as far removed from 'amazonian goddess' as you can get.

What's next, Ashton Kutcher as Wolverine??
All Katie's done is been a young girl in highschool or a young girl in college so of course none of you think she looks the part. If she got in costume and make up maybe you'd think differently. You're not even giving her a chance. Who'd of thought a tiny blond girl would look the part for slaying vampires? Katie is tall 5'8 and she has dark hair and dark tan skin. if what is really irking you guys is her BOOB SIZE well first of all, she has some and second there are inserts than can make them look bigger if that will make you happy.
The role for Buffy called for a petite blonde girl. That was the point. This little blonde girl kicking the monsters in the alley. So no miscasts but Katie Holmes isn't exactly Wonderwoman-esque. Maybe wondergirl, but not Woman.
The reason I'm against any of the teensy (except in the bustline) pretty actresses whose names get tossed around for this role is that Wonder Woman is supposed to be an Amazonian Princess. She's all... Well, I just think she should be big and buff and beautiful. In the sense of not being twig-like.

Regardless, I'd be okay with Jewel Staite in the role. Or Amy Acker, but I just Need to see more of her.
I have to admit to being a little bit confused. If I understand this correctly, we don't want anyone "twig-like" but we'd be happy with Amy Acker.
Katie Holmes is currently on the cover of some magazine (Razor?) I seen recently. She looked so different and much older, she def. doesnt look like a coed. Based on the magazine pics she would make a good WW, looks wise that is. She looks like a woman and no longer a young girl.

However Joss is far from even considering anyone for WW. I believe it will be a unknown and not for another 6 months will we hear real casting rumors.
I don't see her as Wonder Woman... doubt Joss would either, really. She's just got too cherubic a look to her.

I would like to see Morena give it a go.
Am I taking crazy pills? I feel like Mugatu. She's so hot right now. Hopefully interest in her newfound love-life will wain and then she can go back to...the creek. (Was she on that? I never watched it! No offense to "crick" lovers!) I loved Dawson in J&B Strike Back! Anywhooo...She was decent in The Gift, oh wait that was her "assets." I promise to the goddesses, Holmes would cause me to wait for a HBO showing. As far as her being in a comic-based'll have to think on that one!
katie holmes would be a really bad choice for wonder woman. i meen can you imagine her in that role and...that...outfit....oh crap im drooling

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