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June 05 2005

Michelle Trachtenberg Discusses 'Mysterious Skin'. IGN Filmforce conducts a brief interview with the three young stars of the controversial independent film.

Thus far, the movie has been widely praised by critics as evidenced by the review tally at Rotten Tomatoes.

In terms of the Per Theater Charts, the film has also performed very strongly. i.e., even though it's only playing in a handful of theatres, the movie is generating a very high return for those theatres.

In fact, when the Star Wars juggernaut hit the movieplexes, Mysterious Skin was the only film to rise above a $10,000 per theatre average, as reported in this news item. All in all, things seem to be going well for the movie.

They quote Michelle,
I had been looking at independent scripts for a long time. I had been offered some really cool roles, but just nothing that I ever connected with.

I'm so pleased she's been making a serious effort to explore independent films and not just teeny-bopper "Ice Princess" stuff. I also really like the things she says about the long acting experience she and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have, and how that affected the shoot. I'm really looking forward to this film coming to town, maybe to an indie theatre like the Avon or the Cable Car (those audiences are always more appreciative than a Showcase/National Amusements audience).

Thanks for the link to the thing about the per theatre average -- that's a very good statistic and one that reviewers probably don't talk about enough.
I saw Mysterious Skin a couple of weeks ago and it was a decent film. Certainly not everyone's cup of tea, it's pretty harrowing in places and fairly descriptively graphic when it comes to paedophilia. Michelle was good in it, though doesn't have a great deal of screen time. Worth watching if not easily offended (or a fan of Gregg Araki at which point it goes without saying that you're not easily offended)
I caught a screening of Mysterious Skin at the SIFF last week and found it to be a very well made and outstandingly acted film. The subject matter is disturbing and some of the imagery will challenge you to look away. Kudos to Michelle Trachtenburg for having the guts to participate in a film like this. She may be the bravest member of the Mutant Enemy alumns. Be warned: Mysterious Skin is no Scooby Doo! -mattro
I loved Mysterious Skin when I went to see it and my friend and I decided to go back- but we're too late, it isn't showing in Glasgow any more! They only showed it for about two weeks! I'm completely gutted, it's not often that you get to see such a powerful film on so many levels.

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