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June 05 2005

Wholly unofficial Smile Time spinoff comic inspired by the fact Angel mentioned he'd probably have a couple more days as a puppet after the episode ended - so what did he get up to?

Includes a PG-rated swearword that would never get on the WB. :D

Now that is incredible work.
That is so cool!
"It's not like you to fall apart after a fight."

Brilliant work.
Yeah. That was so great. Wow!
Now, that is really wonderful! I love it. And this comes from a comics non-fan.
I think that's the one of the best pieces of fanfic I've ever read. Amazing stuff.
That is amazing work. Absolutely hysterical.
That was great!
Fan fic is usually misguided, forced, uninspired, totally amateurish...

THIS was as good as the best stuff in any episode of Angel. Unreal. Love it.
Wow, that is excellent work. Really captured the characters and made me laugh out loud. Thanks for that on an otherwise rainy and uninspiring Monday morning.
Kitten Poker has made all the way to LA (or maybe that's where it started, what's the word from canon-land?)

Cool, cool and more cool! Although, it just makes me realise how much I miss Captain Peroxide and Captain Forehead!
Awww, Angel is adorable! hee hee! I so miss our Blondie Bear.
Genius ! Wonderful artwork and dialogue.

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How can a static comic have great timing? Amazing how she slid into and was able to embody the characters so perfectly!

TheZeppo said:
Fan fic is usually misguided, forced, uninspired, totally amateurish...

You haven't been reading the right fanfics, my friend... :)

Fanfiction is as good as the writer. And yes, 80% of it is crap, but then, there's that 20% of wonderfulness, that is thousand upon thousands of stories that are often as good as, if not better than, the shows.

I know that's OT, but it was important for me to say. Keeping this OT: I've been following the progress of this brilliant comic strip for a while now, and i have nothing but praises to Astrid's talent. She rocks :)
I adore the bit where he squeezes the water out of his floppy felt arm. Heh!
Fantastic. Angel as a sponge! And the pursuit of the missing "dose." Loved it.
lol, that is genius. I was just laughing out loud - glad there's no-one else in my office at the moment.
Yeah. Can't agree more. Absolutely marvelous work!
Oh, man! That was just wonderful!

Joss, can we have an animated AtS? Can we, can we? Please please pretty please?

*standing ovation*
The nose bit was brilliant - such great quality artwork and story. Oh to be so talented ....
Ah yes, the nose. *Ahem*

Did it remind anyone else of not so removable male body part?

Stunned. That was incredible.
@Willowy - no it didn't, just what kind of guys have you been seeing ;)
Heh...well I guess it looked appropriately...puppet sized?
Dark Horse (or whomever) should put this in one of their anthologies! -mattro
"Followed my nose"!!!!

I'm not normally a fan of graphic novels, but this just bowled me over. Beautiful writing and artwork. Thanks for the link!
That was just fantastic, hope the upcoming official Angel comics are as good as this.
Holy moly, When he sneezed off his nose, I laughed out loud! Very well done. The entire thing rivals anything I've seen in the 'verse.
Which Witch, I knew that ALL the fan fic out there couldn't be horse puckey. Point me in the right direction!
Good story/dialogue -- great artwork!

Miles better then most 'professional' strips I've seen!

This work is an absolute 'must see'!
great work, better than some "official" adaptation out there. Though I did enjoy most of Chris Golden and Tom Sniegoski work on the old monthly Dark Horse title.
Loved it! I just saw Smile Time for the first time a week ago (today's treat is A Hole In The World). What a perfect timing for me, now I know exactly what must have happened between these episodes ;-)

Clibe faster!
That strip is bloody brilliant. Excellent staging and layout, spot-on characterisation. Jealous.

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