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June 06 2005

Firefly already a "classic". Our favourite sci-fi-western show receives an 8 out of 10 verdict from Pixelsurgeon.

Good piece. I especially loved this line:

"By "politely ask", I mean of course, "punch in the face"."
This needs a SPOILER tag since it talks about River in the context of the BDM.
If this gets a spoiler tag, we might as well just put one on everything.
Okay, maybe I don't know what constitutes a spoiler. Even a minor one.
I also fail to see how this merits a spoiler tag.
This needs a SPOILER tag since it talks about River in the context of the BDM.

Well, it doesn't. So, no spoiler tag necessary. Any information about the plot, additional (non-Firefly) characters, gadgets, etc. that make up the events of Serenity, the movie, would be a spoiler. This review discusses Firefly, the series, only.
I guess it would be spoilerish for anyone who hasn't seen the series but wants to see the movie? But in regards to River being talked about in context of the BDM I just don't see it. Everything mentioned about River is something we knew about her from the series. I think anyone clicking on that link realizes that the series is going to be be talked about so if they haven't seen the series and want to remain unspoiled about certain plot and character developments don't read the article. If you've already seen Firefly there isn't anything in the article that gives away anything in the movie that wasn't already established on the series.
I was thinking about the "killing machine" comment for River, but...

I don't remember that "attribute" from the series, but maybe folks will just breeze right on by it...

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War Stories.
Yay! Cool photo, too.
Is anyone else a little apprehensive about River's antics in the trailer? I know it appears she has been given special powers because of her shooting in "War Stories" but that was more kind of psychic because she pinpointed where the men were without looking. But in the Serenity trailer, she's kicking bad guys rather like a certain vampire slayer we all know and love.

Personally I was hoping that Joss wouldn't go down the route of using a similar, physically strong girl like Buffy, because we get that in a lot of TV shows and films since Buffy, such as Sydney Bristow from Alias and Trinity from the Matrix. I think it would be more interesting for River to just use psychic power or something like that, instead of being your typical tough female action hero.

I could be wrong, perhaps Joss will execute it originally. Could anyone who has seen the film tell me their opinion without spoilers? Just if they thought it was different enough from Buffy?
I'm a little concerned about Razor's question. Pretty much any answer regarding the extent of River's abilities in Serenity is going to be spoilery.

If anyone wants to respond to Razor, PLEASE use invisible text, which you can find out how to do here.

(ETA: That said, I had a very similar concern re River in light of what the trailer showed us. Nevertheless, I'm just going to have to wait until September to find out how it all fits together . . . or doesn't.)
In response to Razor's question, all I can say is that you just have to watch the movie.
I see nothing wrong with people doing kung-fu fighting. I don't really object to the trailer in the way that a lot of people do.
I am shocked that people object to that at all. I think it is amazing. River is incredible.
Lets go back to the issue. 'Firefly was good material. Why was that? I'll throw that back to the room.
The tiger in the chicken answers.
Hey! They've upped the verdict! Now it's a whopping 9 out of 10!
Maybe all the hits made them change to nine; I noticed as well. I love these little nice reviews. Warm and fuzzy all over.

I think the networks actually dislike the fanatics. We do things like threaten to boycott advertisers.

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