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June 06 2005

Wonderfalls coming to the UK. "Sky One. Thursdays. 8pm. From 23 June." As taken from the July issue of SFX. However the BBC Cult site says it starts Tuesday 5 July.

Please provide a link, rather than just post some news on the front page.

I've added a link to the relevant SFX issue.
I remembered hearing something about them buying it, but after Fox cancelled it after 4 episodes I didn't think they'd ever get round to airing it. Maybe Fox wanted to see how well it performed on British TV before considering a Region 2 DVD release.
Hang on, the BBC Cult site says it starts Tuesday 5th July.

I may have to re-arrange the subject line.
It's in my satellite guide for the 23rd (well, it said TBA for Sky One at 8, but there was a picture of the cast elsewhere on the page saying that Wonderfalls was on).

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Ooh excellent (though I already have the dvds :) )
Good exposure on Sky One is what this wonderfull (pun kind of intended) show deserves.
I just finished watching all of Wonderfalls on DVD and I have to say that canceling Wonderfalls has to FOX’s darkest hour, to me it even rivals there cancellation of Firefly. The only word that can describe what FOX's did to Wonderfalls is 'INSANE'. Like a network canceling The Simpsons or Seinfeld after only four episodes, 'FRAKING INSANE'! Yes Wonderfalls is that good.

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"Just a quick update -

Deadwood Season 2 begins on Sky One on Sunday 10th July at 10pm.

Also, when everybody gets their Sky Guide through the post soon for June please note that it will say that Sky One are showing Wonderfalls next month - ignore it, it's just another of the now common mistakes that get printed too early, Sky One do own the rights to Wonderfalls but they have cancelled their initial plans to air it in June (or for that matter July)."

This poster is accurate
Bah, that sucks. Getting our hopes up only to dash them right away :(

ETA: Hmm that post saying Sky aren't showing Wonderfalls is from 18th May whereas the bbc article is from today. Seems pretty careless of the bbc to announce something that's wrong weeks after an inside source (or whoever) has found out Sky have changed their minds. You'd think they'd ring someone at Sky to check their facts.

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I also just finished watching Wonderfalls on DVD. It pained me when watching the special features to hear what storylines they had planned for later seasons. And that they wanted to bring back characters used in those early episodes. Burn in hell Fox.

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