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June 06 2005

A Nathan Fillion interview for your perusal. Includes some lovely amusing tidbits such as "A fan said to me, 'Hey, Nathan, Nathan. You know that nude scene you did? You should do more.' And I said, 'That's really creepy sir.'".

Hey, he told that nude scene story at the May 5 screening in Austin. I think the whole audience collectively cried laughing. He delivered it perfectly.
That reminds me of a time when Joey DeMaio from the band Manowar was at a local guitar shop buying equipment. When he heard about it, a friend of mine ran to the store for an autograph. When he got there, all out of breath, he wanted to say "I love your music" but what he really said was... well, he said "I love you."

I wish I had been there to see the guitar player's reaction, but the mental picture of my friend walking up to a grown man and telling him that he loves him will have to do.
I love how Nathan comes across as so approachable in his interviews. This is a great little interview that just keeps us still-not-having-seen-Serenity people salivating for the movie of the year! Thanks for posting!
He's so baffled that people would want to see him naked more often. Isn't that sweet? ;)

Though his sense of humor is different than Joss's, it also seems very congruent -- dry, straightforward, with that same touch of self-deprecation, only he usually comes across as a little more earnest and a little less ironic than Joss in print (which, if he's like my friends, means he's probably the snarkier one in person...). I know they've gotten to be close, and for some reason I just imagine that they sit around making each other giggle -- in between talking about taking over the world, of course.

Should Serenity fail to take off at the box office this fall (though that's looking increasingly unlikely from where I'm sitting), I'd like to go on the record by saying that I'm totally okay with Joss continuing to give NF work in any of his forthcoming projects. Clothing optional, of course!
Wiseblood said "...talking about taking over the world...."

Luckily for us, unlike the Nerd Trio, Whedon and Fillion can and do more than just talk.
What episode was that in?
What episode was that in?

'Trash', which was the second one with Saffron/aka "Yo-Saf-Bridge". In the absence of that all-nekkid, all-gay Angel JW once promised, it looks like this FF ep will just have to do.

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