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"I know you've heard colorful rumors about what an Active is. Robots, zombie slaves. They are, of course, quite the opposite. The Active is the truest soul among us."
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June 06 2005

Nathan Fillion joins the Flanvention. Nathan has been added to the ever increasing guest list for the Serenity Flanvention event in LA in December. You want free tickets then BE Shiny. BE Supportive. BE Mighty. BE Browncoats.

I'm so there. And SO excited :)
This is wonderful news! :)
YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!! no I am not excited at all about Nathan being added.........
YES!!!!! Happy! Is it December yet???
Just bought my ticket!
Your ticket? Who's buying my ticket?
Alright folks...who wants to fly me out and buy my ticket?

*bats eyelashes*
Yeah, what Rogue said. And a hotel room would be nice too. ;)
Excellent find, RavenU. Thank you.
LOL "Flanvention". Sounds like an intervention for people who insist on wearing flannel all the time.
(Yes I know where the word came from :-)
Or an enormous pot luck with a variety of pies!!

Flicking through a cookery magazine recently I came across an article on flan cases. It turned out to be about blind baking but my first, somewhat puzzled, thought was of Serenity. Perhaps the most enthusiastic flans are flancases as well as flanatics? (FF if youíre reading this Iíve always loved your username)

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