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June 07 2005

Mixed reviews for 'The Inside'. Zap2it's TV Gal says "It's an intriguing premise.... But I will need to see some improvement before I recommend it.". And the SF Examiner TV critic doesn't hold back with her criticism "I expected more from the show's creators... Skip it.".

Hmm. Heard a couple things there that spark some worry. But, I'll be there with bells on to give this show every opportunity to grab me.
Well, I guess we know what to expect from Tim. I pray the network will give him a break and will allow this show to air. I will be heartbroken otherwise.
There will be a discussion thread for the premiere of 'The Inside' tomorrow night. Much in the same vein as we did for the Lost and Point Pleasant premieres.

I'm assuming Herc will do an article on the show, and we'll use that for the basis of the discussion. Further discussions of future episodes will be held over at our Flickr group. Though when Amber's episodes airs, we may do a front page discussion for that as well.
To quote Angela, hmm. It'd be nice to read something unequivocally positive. I'm curious to see what my hometown paper's Tom Shales will say about it. Yet the critics be damned, I will give this show more than a few episodes to capture me. It's Tim and Adam and Jane.
Her review wasn't that critical. It seemed more that it was not to her taste exactly. I do agree with her however, that having the woman be the victim all the time is a bad idea.
Okay, I get what these critics are saying, but having a show that is FANTASTIC like Wonderfalls did nothing but get it cancelled before it even got out of the gate. Is it not just as likely that the first maybe half season will be "dumbed down" a little, in order to get the largest audience possible? I am surprised that these critics are so narrow minded. Bit once, twice shy and all.
To quote Angela, hmm. It'd be nice to read something unequivocally positive.

Philly Inquirer says:

As gruesomely intriguing as 24 is violently exciting
each episode is a fascinating whodunit

But one thing's plain as day. The Inside adds a shock-o-licious chill to the hot nights of summer.

The stunning Rachel Nichols ... is at once ethereal and haunted.

"The Inside" (June 8, Fox): The last thing we need is a new cop show, but this tale of a special FBI unit that investigates serial crimes is full of wicked good twists and turns and great characters including Peter Coyote's amoral chief. Newcomer Rachel Nichols is excellent as a child-abduction victim who grows up to be an FBI profiler.

And there was a USA Today one in another post, somewhere.

I'm thinking it's a taste issue.
Creat excerpts, Allyson. Thanks. I agree; it does seem to be a taste issue.

Speaking of taste and reviews, let us all not forget that Firefly didn't get across the board great reviews when it premiered. Firefly reviews were decidedly mixed. How very wrong the negative reviewers were.
Well, some people don't like gore or extreme violence and darkness, so it's not going to be for everyone. It's good to see that Adam and Katie are getting good reviews.

And I just wonder if Fox hadn't insisted on keeping Rachel Nichols, would it have a better chance? A show like this is totally dependant on the lead. I'll reserve judgement when I see her.
I'm trusting TM to subvert FOX's reliance on the formulaic approach.

Easing into the meat of the series seems judicious after the way he got screwed before, and something this ick-focused isn't going to be everyone's cuppa. Presuming the underlying premise and execution are sound, I just hope this is the actual strategy, and that it works well enough to keep the show on until it can a) find its audience, b) work out any minor kinks, and c) get into the more substantial elements of the storyline.
What bothers me is that I always agree with the TV Gal on shows. I can deal with the gore though unlike her. Also TV Gal says that Rebecca gets kidnapped during each of the first 3 episodes, that bothers me. I will give it it a try but I dont like procedurals (hate CSI and Law & Orders)and I hate boring dramas. I really hope it becomes more character driven, as Adam and Kate are great actors. I will watch it every week regardless cause nothing else on.
ahh! I hope this show isn't bad. I have faith in Tim, but I had faith in Marti too. It really is so discouraging. *coughPOIINTPLEASANTcough*
I just read the beats for the 900lb cannibal episode. EWWWWWWW!!!!!!!

So good. I love this show.
Dammit. I hate that there is so little out there for anti-gore people like myself.

I'll give it the first episode, but if it's truly Blood and Bits 'R Us, I'm out of there.
WHat do you mean Daromaius? 7th heaven is still running. ;)

Forgive me but I don't get how anyone could've been into a Joss Whedon show and hate too much blood.

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...But I had faith in Marti too. It really is so discouraging... *coughPOINTPLEASANTcough*

I apologise now for going off topic, but am I the only person who thought 'Point Pleasant' was absolutely tremendous?
Judging from what little I saw of it (not good sadly) and the overwhelming opinion of the people I've spoken to, you are certainly in the minority dashboardprophet, I doubt it's a minority of one though ;)
dashboardprophet, I didn't think Point Pleasant was tremendous, but I didn't think it was as bad as people were saying. I thought it had promise, and I liked Christina and Boyd, I just thought they rushed into the "Oh, my god, she's the daughter of Satan and the whole town is tumbling into an Apocalypse!" way too fast. There should have been a slow build on that, where we get to know the characters and see their relationships develop more, before we got into the heavy stuff. It seemed like the show was trying to make up for the awkward first steps with the over-dramatic plotline. In other shows like Buffy and Angel, they start the first half of the season just setting the groundwork. Point Pleasant didn't seem to want to do that. That's really my one big complaint with the show.
"The crimes are horrifically violent and heinous. [...] The show is dark and moody and seems to cast everything in a shade of gray."

And this is bad... how? I love my Timmy (and my Jayne)!

Is it Wednesday yet?
Eddy - You don't have to understand. Different strokes for different folks, after all - but if you think Buffy was bloody compared to almost everything else out there, we weren't watching the same show. I don't mind kicking butt - I mind gratuitous, stomach-churning gore. CSI? Nip/Tuck? Any other medical thriller or cop drama*, which comprises pretty much half of the television industry right now? Not my cup of tea. Not even a little bit.

*In all fairness to The Shield, I haven't seen that yet.

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