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June 07 2005

Fox officially announce Angel "best of" DVDs (R2). Coming out August 8th, episodes all from the first 4 seasons.

I'm bummed. How come there's no "Room w/ a View" in Cordy's disk.
Not that I'm getting it, but just for my crazy fan reasons.
I'm getting seriously annoyed with these miniature sets. It's just a cheap way of trying to milk even more money from the fans. If you really wanna give us something real and useful, then give us some extended episodes DVD with all of the scenes that got cut away for time as far as contuinity allows it. That's something I'd definately buy!
The only things they need to add to make these sets worthwhile are commentaries by JW, DG, TM or any of the cast. Purely as episode collections, they're pointless.

And also extra special bonus points for using a pic of Gunn from S5 when none of the sets include anything beyond S4...
The Wesley pic is also an S5 pic and I'd wager the Fred one is also. Probably didn't think we'd notice. Don't underestimate the intelligence of your fans, Fox.
A "best of" without Smile Time? I think not.
I'm glad that there aren't any additional special features on the compilation discs. It seems unfair that someone like me, who has paid 40-60 for each Buffy/Angel boxset, should miss out on other features just because they already have all the episodes and don't want to pay for DVDs that only have a few special features.

I think they are a good idea to appeal to people who haven't seen much of the shows before, or to people who don't want to buy or can't afford to buy season boxsets, but for really enthusiastic fans, the season boxsets are the only way to go.
umm, is it possible to have a best of Cordelia without "Billy"? And where is the best of LORNE??

I can't really imagine someone who has never seen the show before to get one of these with 4 episodes from completely different times through out 4 years of television, mainly focused on one character. I would be extremely confused. Overall, these don't seem very practical.
Djungelurban -- I'm not sure why you're annoyed. These small "best of" sets seem to be aimed toward the casual or even new viewer. Hardcore fans already have the season-by-season box sets and have no reason to purchase the "best of" sets (since they don't contain any new extras -- which WOULD be an annoyance). All appears fair and good to me.

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