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June 07 2005

A Very Negative Review of "The Crow: Wicked Prayer". A reviewer at aintitcool really hated this film (quite a bit of bad language).

I loved this review. I hope it's not true, but still thought it was a good read.
Dude, tell us what you really think.

Doesn't change my plan to check it out since it's only one opinion and I'd like to form my own, but I can appreciate the guy's honesty (harsh as it may be).
To be honest, whenever I heard that this film was going straight to DVD, I didn't expect very much, but I do think it is unfortunate for DB. Better luck next time.

I also agree that negative reviews can be just as valid as postitive ones provided the reviewer is objective and explains their reasoning. It's their opinion and if they justify it reasonably then that's fair enough. But when he says stuff like, "David Boreanaz is a fucking retard here," then I lose all respect for his opinion and I wouldn't bother wasting my time reading it.

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had someone explained to this guy that DB don't had writed the script, but only played it? how can him blame DB for the 666 number on himself? And the fact that he got trasformed in satan? Ehi someone should to say him that is fault of the scripwriter....
He actually seems to be blaming the director more than the actors. And he is blaming the script as well...His criticism of DB seems to be that someone should have reined him in - ie, the job of the director..he does say that DB does a good job on Buffy and Angel.

Of course, he does seem to blame the actors for not recognizing a crap script when they see one.

It actually was kind of amusing to read this review. I have no idea if this movie is any good or not or if I'll bother to watch it, but the review was kind of entertaining.
rua1412, please use capitals where needed and try to spell check your posts.
I'm sorry Caroline I'll do that in future
It sounds like it hits "so bad it's good" status. Should be good for a snicker whilst getting puzzled on some brews.
We don't all learn English as our first language, and judging others by native standards means they are running a race where they won't catch up with the winners. Language nuances are impossible to learn when you tackle language in an academic setting. Everyone here loves language and that's why we come, right? Windows grammar and spell check are only "right" a fraction of the time. Sorry, but I love language learners. There ain't no "correct" English.

I kind of liked the review too. It was nice that he seemed to support his arguments (except for the retard comment). It makes me want to watch it anyway... to see if I'd be as harsh. I'll take DB's body with 666s on it if that's what it takes to glimpse his flesh.
I love language learners too, am one myself, and I can certainly empathize with non-native English speakers/writers here. However, whether there may or may not be a theoretically "correct English," there is a correct spelling for well over 90% of words, and correct punctuation and grammar in most cases too. I think that asking folks to check their posts for spelling and punctuation is a boon to non-native English speakers (who have to read the submissions of others), not an obstruction.

And, personally, as a lover of language, I literally wince when I see it misused and abused. There is creative use, which as April suggests, is universally appreciated by Joss's fans. And there is incorrect and sloppy use. Which, while understandable and often forgiveable, should be appreciated by no one.
I wonder if there are any folks out there who have learned English from Buffy? Are there non-English-speaking tourists somewhere in the US saying "I mock you with my monkey pants" to pick up girls?
If you guys are talking about me, like I said before I'm sorry for the bad use of english. I learn it mostly on the web, so please let to be kind with me. If isn't possible and you want, I can stop to repost. It's up to you.
No rua1412, I was just being silly. Please keep posting - just remember to take a moment to make sure you've done the best you can do on grammar and spelling. I admire your ability to learn a new language! It's not something I've been able to manage. :-(
rua1412, of course you do not have to stop posting.
And there is no such thing as "bad" English. English is just different everywhere.
The mods here just ask you to check some spelling and punctuation first, so people from all over the world can read it easier.

gingeriffic, I've pondered away many hours thinking of ways to infiltrate my curricula with Whedonworks. Buffy is hard to incorporate, but I've noticed small projects I can do with a few Buffy items. Much easier to do with Firefly items. It's hard for me to recommend watching in Spanish or French... except to people looking for good viewing in their native languages. From the Spanish I've watched in Buffy, the translations lose so much of the creative language use the viewers aren't getting the full story. But I know at least one French speaker who still claimed it was great.

And I'm so off-topic I'll stop now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so pleased that you don't want me to stop repost. I love this site because here there are many clevers conversations and like I said I'm going to the best that I can in future

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