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June 07 2005

Screening in (well - very, *very* NEAR) LA! Entirely unconfirmed, but bears all the earmarks of a Serenity screening.

Fandango link

um... my very first link post, so if I've committed some ghastly faux pas, feel free to slap me on the wrist. Just thought everybody should know about this.

I bought my tickets last night, even though the theater couldn't confirm whether or not this "Special Advance Preview" is Serenity. Everybody cross your fingers.
Isn't it a bit risky to buy tickets for it if you don't know its for Serenity? It'd suck to lose your money.
You know eddy, if the tickets were hundreds of dollars, that may be true, but for roughly $20 bucks for two, it would suck more to miss out entirely waiting for confirmation that will more than likely come too late. Not everyone's opinion of course.
Someone called the theatre and was told it *is* Serenity. Of course the only confirmation that really counts will be on the versal board, but by then all the tix are bye-bye. :)

caveat emptor.
Some people on the official site boards are claiming to have gotten confirmation from the theater that it is, indeed, Serenity. Caveat emptor, and all that, but seems like a good risk.
>Some people on the official site boards are claiming to have gotten confirmation from the theater that it is, indeed, Serenity. Caveat emptor<

dude - get outta my head!

I also bought tickets last night. I would rather be out $20 then miss Serenity. It seems to be as confirmed as something can be without being "officially"(sp?) confirmed.
Yes, I had similar misgivings when I bought 5 tickets to an unspecified "special advance preview" in DC on May 26, but the thought of not getting tickets to it outweighed the potential loss of 50 should be okay.
There seems to be a feeling that an official announcement will come tomorrow or Thursday. Course that could be myself and others getting caught up in the spirit of things.
Now the question is are there going to be others in other cities?
Per some posts floating around - ALL SOLD OUT
just seconding the sold out bit. kudos to everyone who got tix!
I've been checking both and fandango for days in every theatre within 50 miles of here (near Philadelphia) and there have been no listings.
> there have been no listings<

don't despair -- only a few cities have (accidentally?) started selling tix. Just keep your eyes open over the next few days.
They may be trying to tone down the frenzy a bit. Seems to be working too.
We think, we hope, we pray that Toronto is getting one this time, which may mean that Vancouver does as well.
I love how the studio likes to keep us all in the loop when they are having showings.

Nice that they would rather have the publicity of "sold out before officially announced" then letting the fans in on it all.

I want to attend one of these, but by the time I know where the closest one is, it tends to be sold out.

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Of course, I finally get a chance to check Whedonesque and there's a screening an hour away and it's already sold out...just my luck!
> I love how the studio likes to keep us all in the loop when they are having showings. <

I think it's more an issue of the fans being far too diligent and clever about digging up info, than that the studios are holding out on us. Their only sin is horribly underestimating how much we LOVE THIS MOVIE. :)

Not only have they shown us the film, they've shown it *again*, and are continuing to add more cities.

We love you Universal!!!!
IT'S. NOT. FAIR. Why no Northeast pre-screening??
Ilana, there may end up being a Northeast pre-screening. No official list of cities has been released yet. Riverside wasn't on an unofficial list that's been circulating and that may have been the reason that it caught so many by surprise. The Riverside listing has been out on fandango since last night but few folks saw it because they weren't looking.
Just returned home from taking my kids to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. At the table next to us, an older couple (mid-50's) were sitting with two friends talking about "a tv series about a band of criminals in space, who weren't really bad, and the ship they traveled on was called Serenity..." GAHH!

I immediately got up, ignoring my baby girl's pleas to play with my cell phone. I asked the woman who had spoken "are you a Browncoat?" She looked at me baffled for a moment, then a realization hit her face. I said "Are you a Firefly fan?" EUREKA! You'd think I'd hit the jackpot. She STOOD UP and told her companions, "Yes! That's the name of the series! What happened to it?"

You can imagine the rest. I launched into all I knew of Firefly, the dvds, and the screenings of Serenity, etc... She was so happy! Grabbed my hand and started shaking it and patting my arm, so glad for news of this show that she and her husband had loved, and it had just disappeared! She didn't know of any of the websites or anywhere she could get information. I gave her the site names and told her of the upcoming Phoenix screening and she got all teary (teary!), and continued to thank me profusely.

Another Browncoat is born. Another dvd sale. Wow. That was the first time, for me, aside from a close friend or two, that I had actually made an important difference in a prospective Flan's enjoyment. That felt great.

You wanna know what else? They paid our dinner bill. I love Whedon fans.

We, all of us, ROCK.
Willowy, that is a phenomenal story. How lucky for that woman that you were sitting right there! Could this episode have been fated? What are the odds she'd be talking about a canceled TV show from a few years ago while you were there listening? Nah, Lady Fortuna definitely spun her wheel in Serenity's favor at Buffalo Wild Wings tonight. (Could that be the first time that sentence has ever been typed?) Wow, just wow.

Yeah, Whedon fans rock.
Hey, that story made me kind of teary, too :).
Aww, exactly! You guys get it! Gotta tell ya, all the way home my hands and toes were all tingly. Only other thing that I can liken it to is (pardon my bluntness), great sex! Same emotion, same reaction. How cool.

You're right, phleb, Fate must've been there in spades. That was some experience.

Awesome. Serenity kismet!
Great word, Rogue Slayer! Funny too, that my first instinct was to run home and tell you guys. Not the OB, not

I knew ya'll would understand. And be glad, too. Were I drunk I'd want to give you guys a room hug. ;)
Great story, Willowy. It always makes me so happy when I meet a fellow Whedon lover. Jossy goodness spreads!

I'll keep my eyes open for a Chicago screening. Yes, I've seen it once, but I'm seeing it again! I'm going to do an experiment and take my friend who knows nothing about Firefly. I'm curious to see her response.
Willowy, we all understand what you're feeling at the rawest gut level. (If I may be so bold as to speak for other whedonesquers.) Your reaction was perfect! Thanks so much again for sharing your story with us. I just love it.

I hope you and your proud new browncoat converts all get tickets to the Phoenix screening. I'll be rooting for you.

Rogue Slayer, great term - "Serenity kismet." Damn straight.
Oh, Willowy, what a fantastic story! I can't stop grinning through these slightly teary eyes. What did Joss say in the transcript to the pre-screening message? "...if you still call yourself a Browncoat, remember the millions of people who don't...who *might*".
And it came to pass. One down, millions more to go!

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