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June 07 2005

Adam Baldwin to appear at the London Film and Comic Con. June 25th and 26th at Earls Court in London, alongside of a rare appearance by Charisma Carpenter.

Would love to go, but sadly it's the same days as the Quor'Toth Angel con... thank Joss for the Flanvention!! Cuz choosing between Amy/Andy and Nathan/Adam is no fun ;P
He was going to Quor'toth but something happened (or didn't) - arrgghhh. LFACC have also advertised in the official BtVS Mag that they are trying to get Joss too, I feel a mad dash on the London Underground from Heathrow to Earls court if Joss does appear.....

Let's hope they can get to Serenity Squared in November.
I really would have liked to have gone to this, but as usual my lack of funds wont let me. Lets ignore that I did just go on a massive spending spree, buying DVD's here there and everywhere (I finally got Angel Season 2! My collection is complete! As well as Six Feet Under Season 3 and Team America: World Police (never loved a film more!))

If I just had some will power, and could save my money, I'd be able to go and see Adam Baldwin and Charisma Carpenter! But unfortunately I have to spend spend spend! Typical!

Excuse me while I go and whip myself in front of my Joss Altar...

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