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June 07 2005

Comic artist designs 'Joss Whedon Is My Master Now' t-shirt. Scott Kurtz, Browncoat and maker of PVP, has posted a new design for a shirt from this Firefly friendly strip (scroll to see design for t-shirt).

I don't know about you, but I'll be getting one.

Yeah, me too.

That's just so cool.
Definitely shiny, and on my must-have list.
All I see are comics ? Where's the shirt design..?
Try it now.
OH! MY! GOD! This is so great that I'm actually thinking about buying one. The geek factor is outrageous but I just can't help being drawn to it. :)
Couple of weeks? Oh no. I want one right now :)
any word on how much this baby will cost??
Hah! I knew he would do it! Cool shirt. That gag was one of the best gags on movie/SF culture I've read in the past year. Might have to get this one.
Cute shirt, but I would prefer an official "Whedonesque" shirt.
I heard people mention before you could go to some site and make your own shirts that didn't violate copyrights; does anyone know if you can make a shirt similar to this one on your own, or is this not allowed? I'd be just as happy to buy one.
April, you can make any shirt you want, copyrights be damned, as long as it isn't for sale and only for your own personal use. In other words, don't try to sell any shirts if copyrighted material is involved. Just create and buy one for yourself.

Nobody bats an eye.
Ooooh I want one!!!

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