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June 07 2005

First look at Diamond's Sunnydale High Library playset for its Buffy 6" action figures. The article has full details of the set contents. To view the picture alone, go here.

Wow, that's awesome! Now I want to start collecting.
Ha ha!! I love the bottom picture with Spike peaking through the window! I wish they made stuff like this for the 12" figures!
Look at the Bunny. What is Faith doing? I might have to get this.
Hah! Holy crap, this is great! They just need one of those little green "banker's lamps" on the table. bl, Spike peeking through the window is hi-larious! :D

Do I need this? Oh yes.

And only my first and second season figures will grace it. Is this a portend of dioramas to come? Will we see more? Buffy's kitchen? Giles' apartment? Dare I hope for The Bronze??

This beats that lame-ass Abraham Lincoln puppet Angel all to pieces. I know who's getting MY dollars.

An aside: Where's the love for a Sunday figure? And Lyle and Tector? What about Larry? Kendra? GIMME!

*edited to shill for minor character figures*

[ edited by Willowy on 2005-06-08 07:33 ]
I didn't notice Spike in the window. I did notice the bunny though. Does the bunny come with Anya? Is it a Tabula Rasa Anya?

Man, I want to start playing with dolls again!
Must have this, must have this.... I didn't notice Spike at the window at first LMAO, but I did see the bunny. Wonderful stuff - can we have the lobby of the Hyperion next, or maybe Angels old apartment.
That's making me feel very nostalgic. Must watch my first three seasons of Buffy DVDs again.
Woohoo that rocks, especailly since I have been rewatching the early seasons recently. May actually have to buy it, if only I had more room (and money)
They should definately make a Magic Box one, the Bronze, the Hyperion Hotel and maybe Angel's Wolfram and Hart office.

"An aside: Where's the love for a Sunday figure? And Lyle and Tector? What about Larry? Kendra? GIMME!"

I agree with you that it would be fantastic to have such a wide range of characters, but I would like to see figures for some of the major Big Bads before going into one episode villains. Characters like Adam and Glory would make fantastic action figures. I also don't see why we need so many variants of characters like Willow, Anya and Tara.

Sure, for Willow there should be normal Willow, Dark Willow, white Willow and black eyes Willow, but that seems like enough for one character, and I don't think they need any more Willow variants, at least until most other characters have been exhausted. Similarly, with Anya I think there should be a omral Anya, Bunny Anya and vengeance demon Anya, but I have also noticed like "season five version" which isn't necessary when there are so many other characters yet to receive action figures, like some Big Bads, or memorable characters like Dawn, Robin Wood, and Kendra.

I do find it really strange that there are so many Willow versions when there probably aren't even that number of Buffys.
Razor, I've heard repeated times now Willow and Spike are much more "popular" characters than Buffy. Don't know that I'd agree exactly, and of course these are just opinions.

I've pre-ordered all Serenity figures. For once I'll finally be on the bandwagon.
Future playsets depend on how well this one sells. If it does well, I wouldn't be too surprised to see The Magic Box next time...

Since we don't have figures of all the main cast yet, I rather doubt we'll see the likes of Kendra or Sunday any time soon (even though we did see two of the Gentlemen). Except, of course, as custom made figures.

(Even Sasha hasn't gotten around to Larry or the Gorches yet... hmm... I could probably make Larry from a WWE figure if I can find a head that works...)
I want this...That is all I have to say about that!

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