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June 08 2005

What Happens After Serenity? - Joss Whedon responds. "It rests on a lot of factors that I can't control, and some that I'll try my damnedest to. God knows you guys are doing your part. I call it BIG DAMN SEQUEL." (reg req).

Here's what he said in full:

"What next? Interesting question. I see an epic Serenity adventure told in woodcuts, then a Jayne/Wesley crossover done in a series of haiku left in small wooden bowls to float down the Seine... Finally an interpretive dance (ya GOTTA have an interpretive dance!) about Mal's personal hygene that becomes an opera/ miniseries starring Sean Bean as "Odor".

That's just one man's vision.

But here's another. It rests on a lot of factors that I can't control, and some that I'll try my damnedest to. God knows you guys are doing your part. I call it BIG DAMN SEQUEL.

And THEN the interpretive dance.

We'll talk soon... -joss."

How cool is he to just do a random post over there? Seriously cool.

Now about those screenings...
More importantly, a Jayne/Wesley crossover? *drools* .... Seine-borne haiku bowls or not, it's nummy to contemplate even if it'll never* happen.

(*except in fanfic-land -- somebody get busy out there!)
*snorts* Joss never fails to bring a smile to my face. What is even better: we can expect more information. "We'll talk soon"? Wonder what we can never expect. Also, recalling Joss' "interpretive" dance as Numfar, I'm really keen to see this new one..
Loved Numfar's dance. But couldn't the "Jayne/Wesley crossover" have Wesley once again in tights and a g-string? Now *that* was interpretive dance. *Sigh.*

Sorry if I got off topic a bit....
oooh! And he's a Flanders and Swan fan! I knew I liked this guy!
I think it's safe to say that if Serenity performs well at the box-office then there's a very good chance of a sequel or two, depending on just how well it does. So it's all down to us to see the film loads of times, and make our friends and family see it, and tell everyone we know to see it. That way we could get a trilogy.
Cool beans. I wonder how well Serenity has to do for the suits to say it's sequel time.

oooh! And he's a Flanders and Swan fan! I knew I liked this guy!

Uh I'm, still not entirely awake but what in there is connected to Flanders or Ms Swan? (Btw if you don't mean Ms Swan from Mad TV or Ned Flanders from the Simpsons I'll probably go off, sit in the corner and feel really dumb)
I believe these two are who they are talking about Ed. No need to feel dumb though I only have the url because I had to look it up ;)
God, I love this guy. Mentioning an interpretive dance makes my heart swell.
The Flanders and Swann reference is this: "I don't eat people. I won't eat people. Eating people is wrong." -Flanders & Swann in a post from Elvis on the board just before Joss's post. They were a pair of British performers - a singer and a pianist, one of them in a wheelchair, who wrote some wonderfully funny and memorable songs, mostly in the 50s and early 60s. I'm glad Joss knows of them - their humour is an earlier version of his humour.
The reference/quote is from this song
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I've got a membership there of course, but won't log on due to the massive spoilery there as of late.

*smiling here too*
Does anyone know any medicine that cna make's us suddenly to start smiling and laughing every few minutes or so.

Cause people are starting to look strange at me for being happy...

As my friends like to play with english words in portuguese typos: "Naice!!"
See now Mal's hygene done as an opera THAT I would just love, and what better way to span out a really good Opera than by making it a mini series! Beautiful arias sung about his stinky pits, ahh bliss.
So I guess the shark's song in Finding Nemo was an homage to that song. Interesting. (The shark did have a song about not eating fish with a cadence something like that, didn't he? I am not making that up, am I?)

Thanks for the link to their music and thanks to Joss for mentioning them as well as the original poster who quoted them (and the person who invented the alphabet so we could write at all and...oh, never mind.) As someone who performed and did tech work for more than one Gilbert & Sullivan company back in the day, I really appreciated the D'Oly Cart song. I'll have to check out that site more fully when I get the chance.

Now if we could get some word on the June 23 screenings...
Ahhh, everyone agrees that the interpretive dance / Companion's Guild Kabuki episode was the highlight of Firefly season 4...

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